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Alive 3
Guildford, Surrey - September 2001. The Reservoir Gods announce the imminent 
release of "Chu  Chu Rocket"; an  arcade puzzle  game for the  Atari STe and 

"Chu Chu Rocket" originally appeared on the 128-bit Sega Dreamcast console and
immediately gained critical acclaim for its innovative and addictive gameplay.

"Chu Chu Rocket" is  a game for 1 to 4  players. It  incorporates a number of
different modes of play including a four player battles, single player puzzle
levels and co-operative challenge stages.


The base machine for the game is the Atari Ste, it was felt that this was the
minimum requirement to achieve a comparable gaming  experience to the 128-bit
original. The  extra  hardware features  of this  machine are  used to  their
fullest  extent, including the  blitter, extended palettes, jaguarpad support
and stereo sampled sound.

The game features graphics by "shTHREE" and new Reservoir Gods member "neo". It
also has  an unprecedented 14  pieces of exclusive new Sid-Sound music composed
by the award winning "MSG".

All the original sound effects from the DreamCast version have been sampled for
this version, including all the sampled speech.

The game features 100 levels of puzzles across 4 different worlds, 25 levels of
multiplayer gaming and 25  challenge  stages. There are  extra  secret features
which get unlocked on completing sections of the game.

Reservoir Gods were formed in 1994 as a  software team developing products for
Atari computers. There releases to date include the games "Double Bobble 2000",
"Tautology 2", "SkyFall", "Static" and "Bunion Canyon". They have also created
the art  package "GodPaint", GameBoy  emulator "GodBoy", Nintendo NES emulator
"GodleNES" and have been responsible for the disk magazine "Maggie".

After a period of inactivity, they are now hard at work creating new products
for the  Atari platform, ably  supported by  new members "neo" and  technical
specialist "Griff" (former of "Inner Circle").

"Chu Chu Rocket" is set to ship in October 2001.

Further information available at

Alive 3