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Alive 3


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* *   conducted by Marss, with adjustment and additionnal questions by Sts   * *
We know him as one of these terrifying Vikings who - like  Evil - go to parties 
just to make you feel small and weak :) This friendly (and lazy? :) pizza eater 
is Baggio. Their last demo was TUT!  on the  ST, a nice  one tho clearly not as 
polished as it  could  have  been with  just a  bit of  motivation. Now  what's 
hovering in Baggio's mind ? Get  ready for a travel that will be as adventurous 
as the journey of a pizza slice into a Swedish stomach :)

Hi ! How do you feel today ?
Good, it's friday. (Beer!)

How did you choose your nickname (what is the story about it) ?
To make a long story short, it's taken from the famous soccerplayer Roberto
Baggio. (read more about it in the nicknames stories article)

Your friends say you are a sex machine, so describe yourself ...
:-) Well, 115kg, 186cm says it all i think :) Who said that btw, Evil ? :)

How long have you been in the computer world ? tell us about your first 
experience with a computer ... 
I've been a computer owner since 1990. The first machine I ever fiddled with
was a friends c-64. The first computer i got was a 520stfm

What is your current Atari set-up ?
Falcon 030, 14mb ram, 540mb scsi, screenblaster.
Atari Mega STe, 46mb hdd, 4mb ram.
Atari STe, 4mb ram.

How do you use your machine ? We know you as a coder and more recently as a 
musician, anything more ?
I tend to focus mainly on music these days, coding just isn't as fun as it used to
be. I occasionally do a little graphics, have a look at some of Wildfires
older stuff.

Please remind us what's your latest release. Any projects for this year ?
Tut!, an st-demo. We're working on an invitro for the alternative party
(, it should be released sometime this fall.

Talking of coding parties, we know you were at Eil2 (so was I :). How did you 
like it ? What's your opinion about the current status of the scene ?
Error in line 2 was a great party, surely as great as the first one.
The scene is a bit slow nowadays, and it suits me. I work fulltime and don't
have as much freetime to spend on doing things i like unfortunately.

Let's say you win plenty of money, which accelerating cards or new machine 
would you choose and why ?
CT060, if/when it becomes available. The reason is obvious :)

Your fave demos, games ... on our systems ?
Porn-demo by DHS, Oh crickey what a scorcher by TLB,
Froggies over the fence by Various groups.
Favourite games must be Dungeon Master and Obsession.

Are you a player ? (video systems, fave games, worst ones ...)
I play alot of games on alot of consoles :) I simply have too many favourite

What kind of game do you prefer then ? Since there are few sex games you must 
name another gender please :) What makes a console a good machine according to 
you ?
I prefer really good Rpg's and arcade-style shoot'em ups. A good console should
have decent hardware but above all, good games.

Infogrames bought ATARI, is it a good move ? Can they do better than JTS or 
HASBRO ? Do you have any favor to ask them ? 
I don't know if it's a good move or not, i really don't care.
Favor ? Yes, stay away from!

Do you have any hobbies ?
Listening to music, collecting videogames, fishing and watching sci-fi movies.

Some people say that computer freaks don't have a social life. Any reactions ?
It's true, atleast for me. I try to be as asocial as possible except when
i'm among friends.

Do you want to shout out anything to people who say that you are an ATARI 
lamer ?  
No, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Do you have any message to deliver to our readers ?
Keep up the good work!

Are you able to sum up your life in a word ?

Heres comes another kind of brainstorming :) try to fill in the blanks

B : Big
A : Asocial
G : Great
G : Greater
I : Irrational
O : Oversized

W : Wierd
I : Intelligent
L : Lazy
D : Demo
F : Freaks
I : Immortal
R : Ripping
E : Ego

Thanks for having answered and keep on the good work.

Alive 3