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Alive 3

Mission Statement

The pounding  continues. An  endless  game  of attack  and  defense. Two sides
crouching. Waiting for a mistake that leaves the opponent stumbling. Our enemy
is vicious and we are outnumbered. We live in poverty, sickness and obscurity.
The world ignores our cause. However, we believe we  will be victorious in the
end. We must believe or be left with nothing.

Our  organisation  works  day  and  night  to  fight  oppression by  any means
available. To march for the diversity of mankind  and the individual rights of
every person. For a freedom which does not only exist on paper but also in our
minds and being.

We plead assistance from anyone listening. The mainstream shall topple.


The previous events organised by us were hugely satisfying. A genuine spirit of
rebellion with a collection of hardware and machines which  were truely unique,
ranging from a portable C64, to UNIX workstations and on to the legendary M6800
Evaluation Kit II. A celebration of looking at things from a kewed perspective.

Once again, we are expanding on that spirit and looking at new ways to raise
the consciousness of the alternative scene -- whether it's music, computers,
art or something completely different.


If you wish to take part in discussions and hear the newest announcements, join
the Alternative Party mailing list. mailto :

Body : subscribe altparty [address]

If you are only interested in announcements, use  subscribe altparty-announce
[address] instead. Note that all announcements will be posted to the altparty
list as well.


For more information about the party, contact Setok  at

Date and location

The date: 11th-13th January 2002. (Doors open at 12 on Friday and close at 18
hours on Sunday.)

The venue : Kulttuuriareena Gloria <> (Pieni
Robertinkatu 12-14), Helsinki, Finland.

Gloria has great facilities for a party. Not just the Alt Party but any kind of
party. It is  an  old  cinema which  is now  converted into  a stylish  concert
hall/club. It is basically a  big round, dark room with special lights, a stage
and an overlooking balcony area. Some features of the place :

   > Capacity for 300-400 people.
   > Cafeteria
   > Showers(!)
   > "Sufficient" PA system
   > Video projector
   > No windows at all in the main hall
   > Internal TV system
   > Network connection
   > Possible to stream broadcasts
   > About a million restaurants and pubs in a radius of 200 m


The Alt-Machine Demo Competition You can  participate with any computer except
PC's with a CPU better than a 386.  You must bring your computer with you!  If
you are going to bring a Cray supercomputer or something similar, please bring
your own portable power plant.

 Overhead Projector Competition

 We provide the overhead  projector, you  provide to show. Some slides  will be
 available at the party  place but we recommend that  you finish (and practice)
 your presentation beforehand.  You  have 5 minutes to  show anything you wish.
 Art, slides, animation, lights, puppets etc.  If  you wish  to  have  sound in
 your presentation, bring us a cd or generate the sound by yourself (a narrator
 or live band, perhaps?).  You are not  allowed to use liquids or anything that
 could damage the projector.

 Realtime Music Competition With No Samples

 During the party you can use  some of the Amiga 500's we  provide. You have at
 least an hour to make your song and  more if no one  wants to use the machine.
 You  will  be  given  an  auto-booting  disk  containing  the  ProTracker 2.2a
 executable and some documentation. You are to save your  work on this disk (as
 standard PT MOD) and hand it to the organisers.  You're not allowed to use any
 sample  disks or  insert any  other disks in  the machine's disk drive! If you
 think you need samples, you can  use the executable or the docs as sample data
 and  modify it  to suit your needs.  Maximum  playing time of the song is five

 More competitions are to be announced.                                  Setok

Alive 3