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Alive 3

By Facundo <> on 2001-10-04
Atari community goes international with new organization to promote Atari

October 4, 2001 -- A group of users and programmers from  around the world have
collected their skills  and resources to create  Atari International, a global,
Internet based organization dedicated to supporting the users and developers of
Atari hardware and software, as well as to promote the platform.

The new organization seeks to  show the world that  its perception of the Atari
as "The  bygone  days  of" or  as "outdated"  or  "retro", is a  misconception.
Thousands of people across the globe  regularly use Atari  machines, emulators,
or modernized clones for everyday computer  uses, and even some  business ones.
They  see  that, while  most  of  the  hardware  may  be  outdated  by  today's
specifications, Atari machines where built so well, and the programs written so
efficiently, that you  don't  need today's  super-powerful  machines to get the
same work done.

Atari International (A.I.) exists to  serve several needs. One is that existing
Atari users are frequently at a loss when it came to getting answers, parts, or
programs for their  Atari computers  or game  systems. Another is that computer
companies  like  Milan  Computers and Medusa do  not  make it easy  for  people
outside their  respective countries (Germany and  Switzerland) to  obtain their
Atari related products, which  is of  concern to Atari  users everywhere  since
these companies make the  most advanced  Atari-clone computers available today.

The third need, and possibly the  most important, is Atari's public image. Most
people see the Atari world as being nothing more than some fond memories of Pac
Man or Pong. In truth, not only  do people use  these computers for modern uses
(Internet, business, etc), but  that  there are  also companies (like  the ones
previously mentioned) that are continuing to develop the Atari architecture and
operating systems, or clones   thereof. The  members of A.I. believe  that with
sufficient support, these  companies  could  produce exceptional  machines that
could satisfy most if not all the  needs of most home  computer users, and many
business ones as well.

A.I. seeks to perform  many tasks to  these ends. They will provide informative
articles  directed at the  common computer user telling  them about the current
state of Atari computer systems, what they are capable of, and how to get them.
There will be information connecting existing Atari users to the resources they
require to use and  update their  systems. Also, dialogues  will be established
with Atari related companies (including  the  current  owner of the Atari name,
Infogrammes), encouraging  them  to  continue to  develop   and  support  their
products, and to broaden their  marketing to outside  their native counties, if
that appears to be  a  problem  with them. There  will  also be  workshops  and
tutorials for those wishing to learn  how use Atari computers, or even  program
for them.

The primary contact point for Atari International is their web page:

They can be reached via e-mail at

"Atari International is a non-profit organization working to educate the public
about the Atari platform as a feasible alternative for  many computer needs, as
well  as be a  resource for  those  interested  in  acquiring  Atari  hardware,
software, and support."


Alive 3