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Alive 3
          B & C ComputerVisions
Jaguar "Space War 2000" Unfinished Prototype!
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If You were there? Thank You for making this  the Best CGE  we have ever
had. The show was great! We introduced the unfinished test proto copy of
Jaguar "Space War 2000" with rave  reviews. Even though this game is not
completed  and  sometimes locks  up, does not  come in  a case  or  with
instructions, we sold every copy we brought to the show and have lots of
orders to  fill. This  is  a fully  encrypted game  and works  on any US
Jaguar(Sorry I do not know if it works internationally).

We are selling them at this time for $60. + S&H. The only complaint people had
was that we did not bring  more copies and that  we were sold  out by the time
they heard about  Jaguar "Space War 2000". We  sold out of many other items at
the show also. From Bruce & Cathy at B & C ComputerVisions, Thank You.

If you want to be on the waiting list  for Space War 2000  Unfinished ProtoTest
cart then  Pay-pal  your  payment  now to $60. + $6 (USA) or
$18(UK/Canada/Germany). I may stop taking orders soon due to lack of parts from
Atari to make these. Orders paid by Aug. 14, 2001 5PM West Coast time should be
shipped this week. Orders placed  after that will be  delayed for parts. I have
used up all of the  parts that  came with the  Atari Master  Encryption Systems
that I bought  from Atari. These are the  actual parts and  computers that John
Skruch at Atari used to encrypt  all of the Jaguar  cartridge games. I have not
hooked up his CDROM encryption computer yet but expect more goodies to come. If
I only had more time.


Alive 3