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Alive 2
XMAS 2000

----------------------- by Paranoia ----------------------------

 Here comes a new intro by Paranoid which is actually a one year late intro to
 the Xmas intro compo organized by DHS. Better late  than never. The nice chip
 was made by Luebke while Paranoid handled coding.

 It all starts with a Paranoia logo lightened by a fake lens flare, well it's a
 copycat of paranoid's first 4Ktro. Looks nice tho we know it's nothing more
 than a sprite thing. Next comes a nice picture by paranoid showing a cute
 santa claus of the opposite sex. A bit sad that the vertical bar background
 spoils it :( Then what ? An antique looking parallax screen with a one plane
 PARANOIA plus two scrolling backgrounds. The blue and red colors are not the
 best chosen...

 A greyscaled scanned photo of Luebke is shown with a one plan text. Next is a
 blue scaled photo of full crew Paranoia of poor quality. A dot wave moves
 lazily on the blue picture while at the bottom a neverending horizontal one
 plan scroller (of a killing red) goes with a massive greetings list... That's
 the end now.

 All in one a small 54Kb intro of very average quality, bad chosen colors and a
 boring scroller, still full of best wishes for the new year. I hope to see
 solid stuff from Paranoia this year !

----------------------------------------------------------------------- STS

Alive 2