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Alive 2

 As this second - and largely delayed - issue of aLiVe comes to an acceptable
 state of completion, let's have a look at the now usual boring statistics.
 First, I suggest you read the greetings article so that you'll know who to
 blame for the extreme fatness of this issue :) By the way as I write this, I
 still don't know what articles will be removed. Removed ? Well, it seems like
 we have more articles than a fully formated DD can handle. Anyway all removed
 articles will be used in the next issue of aLiVe!

Note that these figures refer to unpack data. I just cannot pack them all now, 
so you'll have to guess later about the size of compressed data :)

Gfx : including cover pic, shell gfx and many snapshots we reach the
 incredible number of 53 PI1 files reaching 1.7 Mb of uncompressed data ! As I
 write this I sincerely hope we can squeeze them all to a respectable size.

Articles : 91 textfiles for a total amount of 824 Kb. Some articles are
 still missing and surely some will be removed afterwards.

Msx : the smallest part with three chippies and a module, overall amounting to
 270 Kb (uncompressed data as usual).

Last figures : as said before this issue isn't completed yet and the final 
account should be different from this one esp as I have no choice but already 
you can do the maths and realize that this second issue represents more than 
2.7 Mb of uncompressed data which is quite honorable I think.

  Update :) Well I finally decided to split this issue and bring you a more
  Eil2 related one later this week. Only 25 pictures are left, 60 textfiles and
  of course three chippies and a module, still amounting to more than 1Mb
  packed this time :)


Alive 2