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Alive 2


Code : Strider
Gfx :Strider
Music : Iso/Sentry
Released at Iradium Party 2 (11-13 february 2001, France)

First of all, the intro length is only11 kilobytes, and was coded in pure GFA
Basic, so don't expect to see too much stuff in it...

Senseless is a little intro in the "cracktro" style, containing only one
screen, which is as follow :
- in the top of the screen, there is a text "What is a demo ? It's just
something SENSELESS", with a nice font for the last word.
- in the middle, a very smooth mega-scroller (64 pixels high, I guess), with a
  moving raster inside the letters, thus looking very colorful.
- in the bottom of the screen, a little text box with a supremacy logo using a
  handwritten font and the text "the most active French Atari crew in 2001"...
  well that's probably true, considering Supremacy/Typhoon released two
  productions this year (this one and the Japemo - DragonBall part), but
  that's not *that* hard ;)
  The sides of the box also use raster to display many colors.

The few graphics present in the intro are okay and the layout of the screen is
clear, with nice colors...

The chiptune is an old one by Iso/Sentry, as in lots of French intros :) This
one sounds really good anyway !

The scrolltext deals about the usual stuff in intros : credits, greetings and
so on.

Bottom line : Nothing revolutionary here, but a pleasant intro with a good


Alive 2