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Alive 2

STNICCC 10th Anniversary Realtime starts right here!!

(Friday 15th December, 2000)

Here it is, merry Crimble, ten years after the original STNICCC,
the tenth anniversary returns, for the rematch of the revenge.
At this point in time, it is CiH of Maggie, also of Alive! Diskmag,
on the keys, and desperately trying to make things work.

We got here late yesterday, or very early this morning. A quick
overnight stop at the residence of the Karsmakers later, and we are fit
and ready for two and a half days of non-stop partying!!

We managed a visit to Amsterdam, city of heavy rain showers stepping
smartly in at ten minute intervals, and funny little shops with
drug-related memorabilia. We ended up at a microminaturised Dutch bar,
which seats about a dozen people, and a few drinkies later, I am warmly
glowing inside. Not horribly smashed you understand, just comfortable.

The rules, if any for this realtime, are as follows. Fingers are good
for text-inputting, excellent, in fact. A time stamp, would be good,
such as the one I've forgotten up to now, which is...

18.50 hrs, but I think this watch is a minute or so slow.

Also, this machine should be left absolutely alone, apart from the
purposes of realtime writing.

Apart from that, happy text entering!!

CiH at 18.53 hrs..

Ok, I'm the first Synergy member in, and, I hate to say, I probably will
be the last one. Nevertheless, I'm already feeling the fibes.... Ah
yeah, let's have a bear.... Rapido signing off....

It's 07:30pm, we just arrived Furyo, Dim,Yoko, Benoit and me,(MrBee)...
We meet some french guys...
Let's start with some foods... (Nice english isn't it? :()

John Hayward 19:36

Had a interesting wander around Amsterdam today, visiting all kinds of
shops including the obvious ones we expected to find :o)  As Chris
mentioned earlier we relaxed for a while in a small but pleasant back
street traditional Dutch bar.  Horrified at the cost at parking (some
distance away from Amsterdam) which necessitated a train ride into the
city centre.

Back now at the venue, and its comfortable and warm in this IT training
centre, plus we get free use of some PCs with permenantly plumbed in
ADSL connection to the net. :o)

Only a small number of people here, but things are warming up. :o)  /|\

Hotmailer 19:43

Well, finally...I've made it to Sassenheim...after 2,5 hours by car from
Tilburg....stupid traffic jams...

Enough about's good to see (almost) everyone back
again...a lot has changed since the 1st STNICCC, but the people still
look just the same. LOL  I hope this event can compete with the original
STNICCC......Hotmailer signing off....

Alex Holland 19:50

Well I was the first here, and its just starting to take off. There are
quite a few people here who speak english... Wow I feel like an idiot as
I can only speak English.

Got to go for some more Free coca cola.

CiH - 19:58

I've eaten, it's more food in a bun style, but weirdness rules in the
restaurant, as they insert the fillings, before they put the butter in?
Overlanders scattered all around, set up in the next room. All the
better to keep an eye on this lot!!

Mysteria 20:15

OK, this takes some getting used. I am talking about this spongy Atari
ST keyboard. Though I have been using it for many years, I am now used
to PC keyboards... I saw a demo from 10 years ago. That brought back
some memories. It's fun to meet people I haven't seen for a while, which
is what I am going to be doing again now.

Mysteria 20:21
I just read the whole text (up to this point) and Rapido is wrong.
Synergy is now represented by two people!

CiH - 20:32

Damn.. got to go, someone else wants this..

Yeah and we want it now,

mighty Mad Butscher / Foundation Two just arrive.

20:37 Yes, Yes, Yes, we finally arrived at STNICCC. And i just see lame
 PCs . Mr.XY - GoreMaster of the GoreZone


It's been ages, literally (I am afraid) that I have touched an ST, or
written anything in a real-time article, that kind of thing. Thankfully
there is a regular ST here instead of the ST Book that I entering some,
um, enterings in during summer of 1999's FUN-organised thing in

I have to say it feels really good to meet all these old friends as well
as some of the new people that are still redefining borders on ST and

No doubt I will write quite a few more times, so for now I'll stop.


Und nun ist die deutsche Elite wieder DA !!!!! Naja, ein aus England
ausgewiesener Schwabe ist auch dabei, das heisst Daryl of TEX, Chris of
TGE and Sammy Joe of The Lost Boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sammy Joe

21:01 I like this keyboard. It has a warm feeling of nostalgia *sigh*.
So we finally arrived here, ran into people out of the old days. Great
coffee btw.

tIn/absence./The Independent

21:08 Well, nice start this time... We`ll see what`s going on here...
see you all...

mr.coke/absence(atari)/smash designs(PC)


This watch is slow, or there has been a time-slippage effect in STNICCC?!

Seeing all these old people gives me a warm runny feeling, or should I
make an effort to find the toilets by now?

They seem to be all busy......  Web Browsing????

But seriously, Sammy Joe is here, less hair, which has been shaved off
and used to make a small replica of himself. Or if he is to be believed,
the normal biological processes that make a proud father!?! Scary
thought, all these coding-literate babies running around the shambling
decrepit wrecks of their famous fathers at the 20th anniversary STNICCC



The first (probably?) from Delta Force is there.... Chaos, Inc. is
penetrating the keyboard again.... Will just look around to meet some
guys and come back tomorrow morning. Lots of people here! Hang on!



No idea if some folks from ULM have already written something here. So
well, I can tell you that me and The Fate have arrived some hours ago.
And also Chris is now here. Great to see people again after so long time.


Around 10 o clock, Perceval / Zuul

1st of all Richard did not learn from his mistake of 10 years ago and
the keyboard is still an godamned qwerty one. What are we, us poor
French,supposed to do?

Being one of the original of ten years ago, I gotta admit I didn t
recognize anyone when coming here (except Richard, that goes without

The ambiance is a bit cold, but it will warm up within the next
48 hrs. I have no idea what us, non computer freaks, are gonna do but I
guess we will just have to find out. Holland has plenty of things to
other to chill out!

Travelling from France was hell as our rental car broke. Not so sure we
are gonna make it back to the hotel tonight!!!!

Wait and see. Stay tuned on STNICCC for further developments!

A tad later... Would probably mean 21:32...

(Perceval is definitely out of his time.)

I won't rant about the qwerty keyboard... I got used to loving it. But
the feel ! Spongy ! Would you believe we could actually *do* something
typing on small inanimate sea animals !

Well, so far we've had a pretty eventful day :
1 Lost his passport before leaving
1 Forgot his bag at his hotel
The second 1 had inadvertently taken first 1's passport
The car we rented has finally decided to die on us...

Nice checklist for a begining !

As to the rest, feels nice meeting back all people I haven't seen in
ages ! Yet, it is true the ambience feels a little cool for now...
Hopefully it won't stay that way long. It's the re-aquainting period of
the STNICCC's 10th Anniversary Edition

Fury signing off...


More people arriving, some of them with hardware other than PC's. Seems
to be the odd 8-Bit in the building too. Very odd 8-Bits, these run hard
drives... Not sure what is happening in the weird world of the
competition entries yet, Tinker is roaming around the building, fingers
champing aimlessly at empty air in search of a spare machine?

Not a lot now, more later...



Well we just arrived at the lanalyst place and will only be for some
hours here, but we've been there and that's the most important thing.
Oke signing off for now, just walk a little around and see what's

Wingleader / Bonus

You know, that old feeling is starting to come back again. That real
Atari feeling I mean. Good old times, but I am starting to sound like
an old man (and I am). So lets talk to some other people, maybe later
type something more...

Bonus / Wingleader


Activity report. Looks like Overlanders are doing something hardcore
coding related at the back of their room. Also DBug of NeXT is in the
building, he has brought his Oric Atmos with him!!!

Falcon emulator in Oric???



Finally I made it to find some time to spread some thoughts about the
wonderfull "bathroom" we`re having here throughout the world... *fg*
well, in reality you would call it: a 2man toilett... but nevertheless
it seems that we are havin` lotsa fun here, not to forget Amsterdam is
really near ;-) I hope the frenchies like Fabrice will not to intend to
behave here, remembering the mighty party in Marseille also nearly 10
Years ago... enough for now. CHRIS of ULM   *let me be your partyguide*


What, no-one in all this time?

Saw DBug ripping the piss wickedly with his Oric Atmos stuff, and a
revisit of the Atari 8-bit demos too. Everyone else realises they are
lazy f*ckers by comparison!?



People playing music in this room now ...

Done a bit of driving today down to Amsterdam with CiH and John, parked
the car at the airport and got the train down to 'Dam itself. It was a
bit rainy there some of the time today, nevertheless we certainly saw
some eye-openers and were even offered some drugs by an Asian guy there
too. We also walked past (maybe go in on Monday or sometime) 'Dams'
infamous sexmuseum .... should be a laugh, particularly if it's anything
like that sex shop we also toddled into this afternoon. Loads of copies
of Teenage Sex available to look at (no buying this time) but compared
to the sealed copies on sale at Harmony in London it's cool :)

Party is getting cooler by the minute, finally saw Bonus and Wingie
again after I dunno how long ...


  well, finally arrived ... fucking long trip to Holland,
      12hours and 30 minutes!


Alcohol fumes are building in this room, will float away before too

Havoc, Defjam and mOdmate are in the building. Havoc completes graphics
to deadline shock, as the Maggie Intro stuff is ready. Just need Earx
and a few last minute bits to complete it now.


(Saturday 16th December!)


A new day, a new face... New? Not really... TNS in da houze! RADICAAAL!!
No, I haven't changed that much, it just the exuberance of being here
that inspires me to write the dance to which my synapses are moving down
into this electronic mega-brain, called... eeh... 520ST... Doh!

Anyways, It's cool to be here, it's nice to see friends and long-lost
acquaintances, like the above-writing Felice!!! Hello, hello whereever
you are...


the only official STNICCC2000 forum!




Let's time warp !

It's 21:32... forget about it being cool... It's getting swell !
Everything is coming back, the why the how, the reason for all we did !



Unwarping fo emit... it's 00:18

12:05 tSCc has arrived! a world class wreckin cru! L ;-)

Fury / Legacy


 I don't really know what happened to me, but ever since about an hour
 I've been feeling really peaceful and resigned. I've installed all the
 rooms that need to be installed, and people seem to be finding their place
 here, settling in with ST systems, Falcons, old Atari XLs, and of course a
 couple of PC's.

 It's just like the old days, only with different people. And quite a few
 of the old people have already arrived as well. You can see them being
 amazed at the fact that there are still people doing seriously hard coding
 on Atari!

 Richard (Cronos)


Damn, the Nemesis Falcy is suffering from heatstroke, and is taking a
little lie-down right now. I think my decision to get the difficult
scrungy bits of Maggie done before STNICC is paying off. I'll have to
leave it switched off for a while before attempting the final archiving
and copying.

Never mind that, here's a little distraction.

Let's play...


(Fast forward to the final crucial question, for that one million Lire

Host - "And for the million lire question... How many legs does an
antelope have?"

"Is it, one, two, two and a half, or four?"

"Now, contestant, take your time please!"

Contestant - "Erm, I think I'll have to go for the 50-50.."

(Answer board dissolves two of the four answers.)

Contestant - "Now, a choice between two and a half, and four.. I'll go
for.... Two and a half!"

Host - "Are you REALLY sure that's your final answer!?"

Contestant (Crossly) - "Yes of course I am!"

Host (Slumped in his chair with the look of a man who has caved in
totally to the manyfold pressures of life) - "Okay, let's see what it
is.. (sigh)"

"Well, Mrs Figgis, You're not going home with half a million lire, but
NOTHING AT ALL! It was four legs, you stupid no-brained tart!"

Contestant - "Suits me fine, the prize money was shit anyway!!"

Okay, that took us to 00.47, so let's leave it for now,..


 1:06 am

 Host: "You are the weakest link ! Goodbye ..."

 Contestant walks off in a huff ....




 It seems like people are getting a little more quiet now. There's chip
 music playing all over the place, there might be some demo coding going
 on somewhere...
 Signing off for the moment is...

 Richard (I mean Cronos, obviously)


 Looks real nice overhere, taken a place among the crowd. Trying to
 install some stuff.

 D-Force / FUN


 Took my Mega STe from the attic yesterday. After more than 6 years of
 inactivity the time and date settings were still ok! They don't make
 backup batteries like that anymore! Nostalgia galore from the moment I
 switched it on ...

 Homeboy from DDC.


It's oh so quiet in here. All the mad Germans are out of the room, out
on the town, and out of their tiny little brains by now. The other
Germans, tSCc, are at the back of our room, and seem to be up to...
Something? The Overlanders have abandoned their posts, presumably the
better to compete with the Schussler mob in old Amsterdam?

Havoc - Big air pumps rule!

This realtime is a little under seven hours old. Not breaking any
textually based land speed records, but limping along quite well.


3.10.  I've just seen an video from the past. STINICCC 10 years ago.
What fun!!! All the guys where there. Richard was doing his abstract
thingy and he was fab!. I didn't grasp it then and I don't really dig it
now: it's great!.
Today, I met Ziggy Stardust personally, and I've alway wanted to. He's was my
inspiration to do 3D. Although Nick from the Carebears was the promised
hero, Ziggy from the Overlanders had my vote!
If you l you can see what Ziggy (and Mcode and Mr. Bee) did way back at
STINCCC 1990 - is very.... Great !!! I just copied it.....
OVerlanders rulez..... They still do... In my humble opinion,
I want to  say 'thank you' to Richard because he made it happen. Ten years
ago and now...... Thanx Richard, I'm having a great  time because you
did all the hard work!


And there the extract ends? Who was that man, who was he talking to, how
much laughing juice had he consumed beforehand?


Time to sleep now. It is harder and harder to stay alive ! R.V.


We just had a lucky escape, somewhere, Ghost virus had got onto the
realtime disks! Now, they've been cleaned up, and we've restarted the



  I  am not just tired at all.  Saying that,  I reckon,  is probably the
surest sign of denial. Well what the heck.

  The number of competition entries is beginning to worry me  somewhat.
The way it looks now,  every single entry,  no matter how totally crap,
will win the main prize! That's not what these competitions are for, is

 I might have to do a lot more promotion for this stuff.  Just imagine,
having to actually go through trouble to get rid of yer prizes!

  Right  now the party is definitely settling down.  I have  discovered
that  there  is a certain universality about parties like  this.  First
there's  a lot of intense fun,  people going "hi" and "haven't seen you
in  a while",  then firing up their computers accompanied by the  blip-
blop sounds we all know and love.  There's a lot of laughter,  and then
after  a  while (sortof closer to 2 AM) things start to be a  bit  more
silent.  One or two people start to talk a lot,  thick-tongued, and the
rest  do one of several things:  a) go back home if they happen to live
close enough to find their own bed quickly, b) go and find a relatively
silent spot to sleep,  c) sit down with some more determination and try
to get rid of that last little bug or two.

 My eyes are getting heavy,  too,  but I won't be beaten so easily, not
by father time anyway.

  I do hear my thin foamy mattress calling like the very sirens of  the
seas, though. Might check out my pillow up close soon.

 I guess I'm not quite as strong-willed as I thought!


04:15 the real-time article is much too far away from the entrance,
where all the ppl can see and write to it. So we can't take it serious.
Lets move it move it move it ...

04:39 Bloody hell, it's d*mn late (or early?!?!). We didn't get younger
the last ten years, so it's time to get to sleep. Almost for me.



Might be time for bed, don't really feel that tired, but I'll regret it
later for sure, if I don't make a pretence of getting some sleep.



Hoi ladies & gentlemen !
This place is really special, just like the party itself. Maybe the
STNICCC 2010 will happen in a submarine, or a spaceship. Who knows.
I just really like it.

Zerkman^Sector One

05:08 am

Whaouuu, already the morning !
I've to find a location for sleepling :)
(Hum, forget to say that the STNICCC rules)


5:39 I was that guy that was giving the Overlanders the credits they
I won't do it again. Still having a great time though. If you didn't guess
already, I'm Rapido from Synergy. I'm trying to beat my record of being
alive (not sleeping) for 58 hours, which happens to be my record at
Fried Bits I. Still feel bad that I can't attend Fried Bits III.
I met a lot of new Dutch groups which are really into ST/Falcon. I wish
I could still have that mindset but I'm to narrow minded now....
OK, I think everyone is having a good time.... sleeping!!!!!
See ya later,


CiH back again. Out for an hour, not proper sleep. I can see an Alt
party situation coming up, where I start 'browning out' during the day.
The realtime is running in a darkened and very quiet room. Let's go play
Mr Axe Murderer in the dark for now!

6:15 am

Hi there! Well we, eg. chris of ULM and Mike, just came back from our
trip to Amsterdam. Funny and even more funny stuff happend... ;-) Hm,
maybe you should visit this town at least once in your life!

6:39 am

Hmm, it's quite quiet around the place now, most die hards are coding,
making music or something alike, some are actualy sleeping under their
computer tables :-) (u know who you are!) i'm gonna visit sectorone as
soon as i know where they are :P damn this building is massive... great
party place :) credits go to cronos for making it posible, and i greet
all who have come... NUT - Fun Industries (one of the newer sceners)

7:42 am

wow... its already in the morning and Im still not tired... hmmmm...
must be the excitement ;-) Anyway I still miss some people here...
MC Laser/The Sirius Cybernetics Corp.


Hit my knee on the table leg, owww! Fuck!!
Off to learn to walk again....


It seems I've forgotten to get some sleep... I'm getting unable to think
to anything else than a bed, what could it mean ??? There has been some
strange YMCA vibes in the party place, I don't know where it came from
but Zerkman was in that area it seems... ;)


Hmm, i think i'm not the only one that isn't getting any sleep here ;)
Still having a great time and trying to finish some tunes



Breakfast rules! - I think we gatecrashed the wrong party, the quality
of the catering is fantastic! Bacon butties made from hot fresh bread
rolls rules even more! I'm waiting for someone to come along and throw
us out, as this is really a conference for "Whither the future of the
WAP phone?" - attended by various dull sods in suits!

Time for another digression...

Some Polish television people were cleaning out their cupboards of old
communist era material, and guess what, they found the pilot episode of

Bear with me, it's early, and I'm still trying to get this one together

Host - "What famous song, did the Polish Punk band, the Copulating
Howitzers write in 1977?"

"Was it 'Anarchy in the UK?' or 'Monarchy in the Ukraine', or 'The
proletariat march firmly behind our glorious president, or 'Anchovy in
the U-bend?'"

Contestant - "Ermm, was it Anchovy in the U-bend?"

Host - "Now what made you go for that answer?"

Contestant - "I wrote the song myself, it's a tale of one man's trauma
at losing his pet fish down the toilet, a heartbreaking ballad of love,
loss, and gurgling watery noises, as Annie, the anchovy, disappears for

Host - "You are right, but wrong at the same time. You will be adjusted
until the correct answer is forthcoming!"

Contestant - "But don't I get to be a Zloty millionaire, and be able to
purchase the family automobile, made out of cardboard, with the
spluttery two-stroke engine??"

Host - "Regrettably no, you lose some, then you lose some more!"

 - End transmission -

By the beard of Jake Mulgrew, that was rubbish, wasn't it!


[ 10:11 ] PM
Hi... damn I still haven't found an ST to do some work on. I wonder if I
can secretly nick this 520 STE I'm typing on atm. Naaah, I'm a true
supporter of the real-time artice, so no worries, all who are yet to add
to this precious piece of literature.

Oh yes and breakfast was great! Donuts, eggs, croissants. hmmmm... beer...

Phenomenon ^ Teenage

Hello people, I just wanted to shout a big "Hi!" to all people that
made it to the STNICCC. You keep the spirit alive! mOdmate/CPt


Hello! Mr Carbon has made it all the way from Manchester. I said I would
be here, and I kept my promise. Hey! Where is everyone going? Don't


Stefan arrived just now, and that means the actual stuff is really
beginning. It's not quite a cool convention if the original organiser
isn't there...and now he is!



Wow I haven't typed anything on a ST for many years. This is Stefan, I
arrived last night from Vancouver and just drove out here from my
parent's house in Den Bosch. My flight was overbooked so they put me in
business class so | had a nice and comfy flight.
Hhm I also can't get over the fact how small this SM125 monitor really
I am going to wander around the place a bit to see who is here.


11:36 last i'm awake!!......just after a couple of hours
sleep..that certainly brings back memories! ;-)  It's pretty funny to
see that so many people still can work with the good ol' ST...



This is not me. This cannot be me. I have not typed enough in this
real-time article. I should overtake EVERYONE by typing the most inane
stupidity in here... Well, I can tell you what I did last night. Sleep
was certainly not one of them.

I starte dout by (finally) registering my own vanity-domain:
(Crouzen being my surname). It took long enough for the DNS servers to
propagate my domain, but it has been 'alive' since around 8 'o clock
this morning.

Also, I got this brilliant idea for an open-source project: A very special
jukebox. If you're a bit familiar with open source, and you want to help
out, maybe you can find it on shortly. I submitted my
plan, and it should come through within the timespan of the convention.
It will be called 'OfficePlay' and I'm also thinking about getting
either or - I will update when I have more

I will be back soon!



  You know,  I actually slept pretty well,  and woke up just in time to
get  some breakfast inserted in the particular bits of me that seem  to
want stuff that like that occasionally. Breakfast was better than I had
expected,  I feel more rested that I had expected, the weather is worse
than  I had expected.  All in all,  it's a pretty eventful day with all
kinds of things happening that I hadn't expected.

  Yesterday's  cycle (lots of talking,  lots of blip-blop) has  started
anew. I like this.


Stick - Ripped-Off
Wiz & I arrived here at the excellent MInd-IT facilities about 2 hours
ago. We actually arrived in Amsterdam at 9am yesterday (Friday), but due
to chain of events beyond our control, we arrived at the excellent
Sassenheim Hotel (about 5mins walk from the event) at 9am last night.
By the time we'd had a shoer & a few beers it was sleep time.....

I've already met up with a few people that I knew or had met on the ST
scene - Although everyone is now 10 years older, you can still recognise
most people!

I've realised how bad the ST keyboard was...

Anyway, I hope to keep my typings here more sensible than those I made
at Delta Force's #ICC2.

Bye fer now.

It seems my long hair is causing people not to recognise me. I get long
stares followed by those typical facial expressions someone goes through
during the process of slow memory retrieval. "aaahhh Stefan!" they
finally enthuse and shake my hand.

Yep it's me.

Someone is playing some very strange music. I am also getting back into
the old ST keyboard again since I have no trouble typing anymore.
So much nostalgia here!

Stefan (Digital Insanity of ST NEWS and The Lost Boys)


Earx has arrived in the building, intro for Maggie to follow. At least
as soon as he has reacquainted himself with the joys of working with a
low memory (4mb) Falcon!?

Shouldn't be too long now. Lunch in a couple of minutes..


13:56 Here is Slimer typing his last entry in an realtime article. I
have been here for an hour or so and are about to depart again. The party is
rather dull(for me at least)and I have no entention to hang about.
I give my regards to the Maggie team(CiH and Felice), Richard K.,
Energizer(Laser), Havoc and people I forgot.
This must be shortest visit to a party ever!

Oh, well maybe I have changed too much. Maybe it is my age or it is the
timeframe I am in. God knows(I think).

Bye bye,



earx on this keyboard.. arrived about an hour ago. Must say, a fantastic
location, certainly one of the beST I've seen!
Phew. Just managed to get the last bits done for the maggie 29 intro.
Now of give that to CiH. cya!

Time is unknown...
With that, I do not mean what it says, but just that I do not know what
time it is. Mysteria here, returning from... Sleep. Yeah, I had a rough
week and needed to get some sleep. 10 years ago, it was fun fun fun, now
I actually have a job... and responsibility... How did it come to this? I
may never know. I just read a leaflet from EA Canada. It does sound
interesting, and programming games has always been fun. Perhaps I will
go do something in that area... Now back to RL.


Well some clever bast removed the control panel from view, so how would
you be able to get an inkling of the time!

Anyway, the Maggie 10th Anniversary issue, is finished, finito, all
done, as far as the limits of paranoia and archiving allow. At the
moment, Felice is trying to DCC to a waiting outside world. Could take a
while, even with a high-speed connection, so no breath-holding, y'hear!

Even the Nemesis bodge-box dodgy keyboard Falcon behaved itself at this
crucial time.

Providing it all doesn't stuff at this last hurdle, then time to really

(Collapsing with relief sound effects...)



I'm getting sleepy. 9 hour time difference makes me want to sleep.




Utterly scandalous!
Where is the beer?
We have about 4 PC per person but no beer?
Why do you think we drove all the way to Holland for?
Stop coding and get a life, damnit!!!!!!!!!!
If at least they where some Sts with games running...

Nostalgia SUCKS

Perceval / Season of Mist / Zuul / etc etc. Are you really reading this


New day... New car... A cursing snake in my back...
Shiver !
Have to give up the keys fast or else die in the attempt !

Some more old heads have shown up... There have been some major changes
on some of them since last beheld by my eyes... Stefan with *long* hair
! He can now headbang without the need of his faithful headbanging
towel !!!

What more is there to be ?



AEnigmatica grows! Yes! Forsooth! Not only do I, The Nutty Snake, defend
the honour and glory of the olden days, but I have been joined by Crush,
ZoKathRa and even Relayer. I looked around, saw the Genesy 82-track
remix, and decided that it was good... Forsooth!



Bunch of old scene blokes crowded around a blazing scrolltext. All work
comes to a stop in the Overlanders room. Listen to that soundchip, hug
yourself with glee at each new scrolly pixel. Okay, it wasn't too bad at
all. My favourite screen from Genesys was the 'singing heads' screen.

Just spent the preceding half-hour totally horribly brain-crashed
shit-faced shagged. Post-Maggie collapse, I think. Now trying to get
back to some sort of normal.

Incidentally, Maggie 10th Anniversary now available for download at - Thanks to the nice people at Dead Hackers. Surf there right
away to get your copy!



Great to have that party feeling back again. Best enjoyed without having
to code ofcourse =;))) Damn, wish I could stay a while longer. In an
hour or two I'll be gone. Shame really... ATARI rules!!

BTW issue 29 of maggie turned ou to be really good. Also nice to read
something by mrpink again. Cheers mate!



I am probably going to leave soon. I need sleeeeep.

Just had a look at the 'oh crickey wot a scorcher' demo. Wow that is
some seriously old stuff. Brings back memory of a humid summer in Trier
and crashing display cases full of Swatch watches. That Zonk screen's
music is still etched in my brain.
Someone asked me about the screen I did and | found I couldn't speak
proper Dutch anymore.

Goodbye everyone, this is probably the last time in my life I actually
work on a ST. A 520STe that is.



Milhouse finally made it to the "STNICCC OFFICIAL REALTIME ARTICLE".
Really nice location and free food, free drinks. I may also announce
that the public transport to the location worked out well, except
the usual Deutsche Bahn delay. Anyway, more time to enjoy the luxury
ICE toillets, the bistro etc.;-)


Oh boy, this really is a time travelling experience. I am sitting down
writing on this old 520STe, with its crappy keyboard (no offense to
Jack T. and Shiraz S.) and bloody screen with huge borders (no offense
to the two aforementioned people - I wonder why nobody ever tried to do a
fullscreen on an SM124/125 monitor by the way, but then, I am not a
programmer and never was). I guess my memory is failing me, but I
remembered my monochrome monitor as state-of-the-art in terms of quality
and size. Well, it probably was at the time, but things have moved quite a
bit since the 80's!

Anyway, it's a pleasure being here, although I have nothing to do with
IT in any way in my current life. 10 years have passed since the first
edition of the STNICCC and my aspirations and ambitions have changed. I
now work for the largest consumer packaged goods company in the world
(turnover bigger than Nestle and Coca-Cola combined), in charge of four
Duty Free markets in Northern Europe. I live in Stockholm, Sweden (does
it sound weird to you? Well keep in mind that although STCNX was based
in France, it was the most international group of the whole ST scene:
one half-brazilian, one US citizen, one Dane, one Brit, one German...
actually, Frenchies were a minority!). But it's so great to meet all these
people from "the past". Some have changed, some not too much, some are
still 100% involved in IT, some not anymore (eg. Sammy Joe and myself).

It's probably been mentioned before, but on behalf of the three STCNX guys
present here, I want to express our gratitude to Richard for putting
all these efforts in organizing this. I am currently TRYING to organize
a "13 years after" highschool reunion, so I know what kind of effort is
needed. Well done.

Finally, one big piece of news: STCNX, the one and only crew that nearly
never managed to finish its demos because of lazy programmers and, to be
fair, demanding studies, actually put something together for this event.
Krazy Rex (currently working in Brazil for the biggest South American TV
network) did an amazing 27-second animation specially for the
STNICCC2000, Richard has already told me that it's going to be put on
the after-convention web-site, so keep your eyes open and tell us what
you think. Pity that Patrick couldn't come today, but we are chatting
with him courtesy of ULM's chat site.

Signing off for now...

Klaus Berg aka. Vantage / ST Connexion


Time for the next hourly update (grin!)

As I predicted, the increasing tiredness is catching up with me. I've
lately been experiencing all states of consciousness and
semi-consciousness, including understanding Dutch!

Hopefully getting over that one by now?



I`m the king of collectors! Mr.XY you lamer, it took me one and a half
day to realiye, that I could get something for my collection, but I was
the first!!!!

Mad Butscher / Foundation Two


The new issue of Maggie was released today, been browsing thru it. John
and Carbon have been playing about with the WavHounds Fart Machine - to
amusing effect, particularly from Rich Karsmakers - who couldn't stop
laughing ! He's been given the URL now of that site, so he'll be
visiting fairly often :)



I'm very excited at the moment. I have spotted the most talented
musician I have heard, Mr Jochen Hippel!!

And could someone explain why the Frenchies are hiding downstairs?



Spoke to many of the old guys... Unfortunately there seems to be no
entry for the c64 compettion. Should have made the Super-Sprint
Java-Client/Server game... Too bad, no PS2.

Steffen, If you ever read this: we should meet with all the "old" guys
and speak about good old times. Take care!

Till (aka Chaos, Inc of Delta Force, member of the UNION)


Quote of the party: Tinker/Teenage

            "I like Bottom"


Carbon, the Frenchies are downstairs, and in the furthest corner of the
building to get away from you?



Hourly update, buggerall happened on this RTA from anyone else. We're
mainly relaxing and playing with peverted double meanings for a certain
cult 1970's preschool children's television programme! UK'ers will know
of the programme called 'Rainbow'!



Another time travelling exercise for me, but this time even further
back, to the beginning of the 80's in fact, with the Atari 800 XL. The
Atari 800 XL was my first computer, I got it in June 84, and reluctantly
sold it in October 86, to buy my Atari ST. I have just seen some
software (hard drive utilities, demos, etc) developed during the 90s for
it, talk about hacking!

Klaus Berg


We've got to do something about people looking at their watches and using
their own time, instead of the official 'STNICCC time' on the screen!

A chill wind blows in, as we settle in for an amiable pleasant night of
arsing about...


(Sunday 17th December!)


STCNX is off now, back to Amsterdam for some bar hopping. Thank you all
for making this possible and see you in 2010 somewhere in the land of
Gouda and tulips.


(And of course Thierry and Fabien).



no one seems to have much idea what time it is.  I ended up going to bed
at 4am and waking up at 2pm.  Weird. :o)

Theres no more tea or coke, so trying out weird fruity teas which is a
strange experience.

Currently playing around with various ST emus.  It certainly nice to
have the ultra fast net connection here to grab lots and lots of MP3s.

John H


Just received an email from Peter Kunath, author of DeliPlayer.
DeliPlayer can now play SID synthesis! Well, sounds funny, but it's a
start. for people who didn't know.#



I get a feeling of deja-vu, as in the fact I've been here last night.
Came across a bum-burningly funny spoof 'Rainbow' site (as in 'Rainbow',
the 1970's children's tele program)

Sample strip - "What's long, yellow and brown, and slippery?"

"Oh dear Zippy, is that a snake, I don't like snakes."

"No you fool, it's a puddle of poo and wee!"

Okay, this might be enough for me for tonight?



Whoaaa....I'm getting a bit tired....hey Richard, you thought about
everything, except for some Red Bull or Jolt.. LOL  Well, at last I saw
a lot of people doing some real nice shit....hope the competition will
be a succes...

Well, gotta go....




Stick - Ripped-Off
Had a nice time. met lots of old ST buddies!
Time for sleep.....zzzzzz.


Dma-Sc writing on ... I hope that our demo will be finish until 11:00
(deadline for st demo compo) ... i really hope ! ;)
Lots of "old" and mytic sceners here, that's great.
By the way, the frenchies aren't hiding at all, but as we're a pretty
big crew (also are Mic & Chuck from Dune with us) and have to prepare a
demo, it was the only big and calm room we could found for our coders to
concentrate (and believe me, they need to !).
But everyone is invited to visite our hideout !! ;)

Chuck / Dune zrite on it ... So hqppy to be here and very glad to give a
bif thanks to Richard to have done this two days of perfect paradise,
thanks at all to have take the time to come amd to give at all nez
freaks to meet you ... Happy christ;as and swedish new year ...

04:55 Lo there, Tyrem just told me he was in the netherlands today ;)
 Via the Internet ;)

04:56 hehe, what time is it? No idea, got woken by someone so decided to
get-up anyway.


What a late time! My ghod! I need artificial caffeine and sustenance
supplies! Coffee and 'Gevulde Koek'! Munch munch! yum!



Awake, but only just, consciousness resumed literally one minute ago. Got
to stop seeing two of everything and get some breakfast!



Erm, breakfast not quite yet :)

This has been the first sleep since friday morning, about 4-5 hours worth,
keep this short, as I'm still  flirting with those weird Dutch
understanding states of semi-consciousness, I described about twelve
hours earlier. Not to mentin (ha bloody haa!) the billions of typos per
line that crtop up!



And another thing. It seems a lot of www stuff is down at the minute, as
Internet Explorer can't get onto its default home page, or has Moneysoft
finally gone bust??



I must say that a certain ashamedness (or is it just shame?) takes hold
of me, wrestles my pride to the ground viciously. I, He who is known as
the Writer Of Much Text, have so far written preciously little in this
Hallowed Article. Which is a disgrace worthy of an epic in itself (my
lack of written burblings, not this Article).



I was disturbed in my sprouting forth of demi-Holy Script by Leonard and
Mon of Oxygene coming in, who appear to have arrived somewhere during
the night (I must confess I was away from 23:30 to 8:00 to go home for a
bit, I know, it's terrible, but there is a certain age a Man reaches and
after that, well, his acheing bones, um, ache for a good and possibly
pre-warmed mattress and a long hot shower, and that was way too long a
sentence especially within brackets). I think it's great that the
Godfather of YM Sound (on the PC, anyway), and let's not forget his
Nostalgia project for which he brought a new special edition here, is
here! I seem to recall that he also did a "Doom" kind of thing for the
Falcon but in fact that may have been a completely different person

It's what age does to ya.

The competition deadline, relocated to 11:00 AM, is crawling closer
surreptitiously. Downstairs, the silence and gloom of room 1.06 ("The
Dune and Sector One Haunt") is crescendoing. We still don't have too
many competition entries, but it's no disgrace at least. We have over a
dozen entries now.

I have to get the prizes downstairs now, Prepare My Thing as it were.



Good bye, Atari. It was a good time, but I think it's over now. I'll
never forget you and all the other guys...!


Logging off the realtime for a while, as we need to use this machine for
viewing the competition entries..

Time is 11.01.

Back later..


Big gap where competition entries were viewed on a big screen, and judgements
pronounced. Also, from the point of one of the judging panel, myself, CiH, 
lunch was missed too, which was a real tragedy!
(Sometime later...)

Realtime Returns.........

It is 14.13 hrs

After I was roped into the jury, and this machine was roped into the
competition viewings, we've been away for a fair bit.

The demo competitions were entered in greater numbers than I initially
thought. Something like 6-7 full-sized entries, plus a couple of smaller

The winner was a fantastic STe 3-D entry from Oxygene, which was an
exapnded version of the brilliant beginning of the Nostalgic-O demo.
Also had the music from the Amiga demo 'Desert Dreams' in there. It
could have been beaten by a totally awesome combined production from
Dune and Sector One, only the latter just wasn't finished in time. This
also went against the tSCc intro, where not-quite-finishing counted
against it, when going up against DBug's crazy Oric demo.

A lot of other stuff happened, including a 3-D engine in a bootsector,
from the Overlanders, and the Ultimate Music Demo, of course! There was
also a Sonic-type game engine, which bears a resemblance to something
Tony Greenwood of Stosser Soft did? Probably just a surface resemblance?

It looked like there was even going to be an entry from Checkpoint, but
they declined in the end, due to unfinishedness and bugginess claimed by

I hope that the two unfinished demos in particular, follow shortly.
STNICCC has managed to successfully live down its "PC-Dad" image, that it
got with some people on the current scene.



Time to be going... Sun's up and shiny, Amsterdam calls !

It's been swell seeing you all guys, hope we'll actually keep in touch
this time !!!

Fury -

It is over!!! let s hit Amsterdam!!!
perceval / Zuul / Season of Mist...........


after tree lovely days and two even more nights *fg* in Amsterdam we are
leaving now....  thanx to all, especially to Richard!!! Looking foreward
to the next convention in 2015.... (*-*)

chris of UlM


Even for the old garde it's time to leave. Six hours to drive. Tschuess
von Kimmi (Tyrem/Respectables), sagt der Michael (Daryl/TEX).


ULM is leaving now too. Bye, bye.


Some clumsy git left their final calling card on the realtime, as
whoever opened the window nearby, managed to knock the plug out and
disconnect the realtime.

I don't suppose we've lost too much though, at the rate things are going
down here.

DHS are onto the situation quickly, as the Oxygene demo is already
downloadable. I've helped myself, as a 54kbyte/second transfer rate,
WHICH IS FREE OF CHARGE, pisses all over a 4kbyte/second rate, which
costs money! Let's see what else turns up!

CiH - Mind the door, yes you!

15:47 The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation is going to leave planet
      STNICCC. Rockerz from Sirius! No Promises! No demands!
      Keep your eyes open for "CENTAURI".

      MC Laser & Llama / .tSCc.

16:08 Going home! See you next time...



Well, it's nearly the end. Most people already have packed, but it's
still cool to talk with organization team :)
Basicaly, this party rocks !
Great organisation, great food, lots of freely available hardware for
those who needs it, multiple rooms to allow sleeping and preparation
of demoes, and great prizes too :)))
It's a kind of funny that I win the PS2 after having bashed this
machine all the day long...

   See you for STNICCC #3

   Dbug/NeXT ( )


Oh damnit!...the show is almost over...well. what can I's been
a great time with ya'll and Richard, thanx very much for bringing back
the memories and for the great organisation!! You certainly keep the
spirit of Atari alive!!
So long everyone and thanx for the great time!!

Hope to see ya'll somewhere, sometime......but for now, Hotmailer is
packing up and will be leaving in an hour or something...

And last but definitly not least a big hug and kiss to Melanie! I'm
sorry I couldn't be with you, but as you may have know, I really looked
forward to this party for a long while and I really enjoyed it.


   Hotmailer  ( )

P.S. CIA, where were you man????? ;-)

17:46 Well, most people are gone now (and missed the great catering this
evenning), so do we. Had a great time. Typed the first 680xx-Code in
years. Richard did a very great job organizing this event. It was (if
that is possible) even better than the first STNICCC. I'm looking
forward to the next one. See you all in ten (or fifteen?) years. Or at K2k.

    tIn (


 If I say that the Convention is just about over that's really  covered
it.  Most of the guys have left,  indeed most of them left prior to the
rather  exquisite  Chinese  meal (which was  actually  adorned  by  two
genuine palm trees, would you believe it, I saw them lugging them in!).
Thankfully  we managed to tell the caterer that there'd be less  people
than  the original 100+ we'd expected.  There were about 15 or 20 left,
in fact.  The rest had planes to catch,  places to see, people to meet,
ferries to board, things like that.

  I am really glad that every attendant seems to be pretty  happy  with
the way things went.  I liked the way the Convention suddenly seemed to
run from its own energy, how people spontaneously started to distribute
the demo screens and stuff on IRC and the DHS board,  without me having
to ask them to!


18:45 this party was so great ! It's only the second time I go to a coding
party but I consider it as the "century" ST coding party. I was really amazed
to see all the famous people who were there. I could speak to everyone I knew
the name when I was watching hours and hours ST demos for years ;-) and I think
it's really cool !

Sometimes I felt like an "alien" amongst all those famous people (I'll
call them ST stars :-)

I'm really glad I could come. It was a real pleasure to talk
with them, even sometimes I couldn't understand all because of the
technical speaking ;-) The organization was perfect. Already I found the
entry fee cheap, but I didn't know the food and beverage were free ! I
think Richard Karsmakers found really good sponsors. And to thanks the
sponsors, I'm ready to work for them if they want to (just kidding:)

The location was just great, very easy to find, and confortable. Richard
was very professional and helpfull. I can still hear him : "If you have
any questions, just ask !" :)

What a pleasure !

ALDN aka Alain Derpin, ST demos and musics collector


CiH on the keys, possibly for the final time, depending on whether the
cleaning lady lets this realtime continue living until the last possible

The party is in its final stages of closing downedness. A few FUN
people, and the odd Frenchie are still around, but these are only a few.
Felice and John H. have gone into town, Amsterdam city, that is, and are
expected back before 20.00hrs? That, or they'll have to leave Felice's
PC gear behind??

I might be back later, but we'll have to see?



Okay, this looks like it is going to be the end for now..

It was a great party, responsible for a lot of things, all of them
wonderful! But a detailed report will have to wait just a little while

Bye for now, until the 25th Anniversary of STNICCC!?!!?


         ~~End of Party Realtime~~

Alive 2