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Alive 2

 A couple of days ago this demo was advertised on DHS bbs so I decided to
 download it and have a closer look at this mysterious old sounding compil. It
 didn't take me long to be disappointed : first the *.zip file was turned into
 and msa and I needed to find a blank disk. Worse, when I finally rebooted my
 STe some really ugly stuff popped up on my screen !

 The mainmenu of this demo is actually very old looking and shows a moving
 background which is actually a distorting scroller, while the menu itself is
 nothing more than plain colored lines of text. Also the chip composed by 505
 really sounds odd and not so good to me :( Not a good start but maybe the
 compil will unveil unseen or unreleased screens.

 Not really if you consider that the followings intros can be found on that
 disk :

 * Centauri by tSCc which is reviewed in this issue
 * Massacre by DHS was released one or maybe two years ago
 * Eil2 St intro was reviewed in aLive1
 * Ym RockerZ was released 6 months ago
 * Tut was a late SV2000 demo released last summer
 * tSCc mod compil 7 intro is copyrighted 1994 !

 There is also a useless copy prog... From all the screens or intros mentioned
 above only the tSCc mod compil 7 was unknown to me (far too old :) and it was
 nice watching it but it means that only 70Kb out of 770Kb were worth seeing
 and that's really not much. Okay you can exit these screens and get back to
 the mainmenu without rebooting but it doesn't take the hype that far.

Bottom Line : interest is so close to zero that I don't see the use for such a 
compilation :( Today as we all have an Internet access, you'll find out that 
you already have theses screens either on floppy or on your HD. Naturally the 
compil won't work from HD while most screens listed above do (Centauri being 
the only exception ?). Besides the compil intro sucks :( Last but not least, 
there is absolutely no extra packing, ie you could have all these prgs on a 
simple floppy and it would make use for similar room. Do I need to say once 
again that I think this compilation shows absolutely nothing interesting ?

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Alive 2