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Alive 2
    The Worst Computers of All Time
By Megan Morrone and the TechTV viewers

A few weeks ago we asked you to tell us about your crappiest computer.
Within hours, our inboxes were overflowing with tales of PC nightmares.
Using highly scientific vote-counting methods that rival those of Palm
Beach, Florida, we examined both dangling and pregnant chads and finally
compiled the list of the worst computers of all time.

Before we get to the losers (or are they winners?), I want to quote Robert
Swyter and Carl Cabe who made the following reflective comments about
crappy computers:

Robert writes, "There's one thing most people are forgetting. Even the
crappiest computer at one time was the best and fastest -- just because
now the speed can be blown away by your digital watch doesn't mean the
computer didn't have its merits, or its day in the sun."

Carl takes the capitalist approach. "My crappiest computer is the one I
now own," he writes, "soon to be replaced by my next computer, which will
then become my crappiest, thus justifying my next purchase."

Truer words were never spoken, Robert and Carl. Now, let's get to the

The 10 worst computers of all time

  1. Compaq Presario
  2. Tandy Sensation or Tandy TRS-80
  3. Gateway
  4. IBM Aptiva
  5. Packard Bell (a.k.a. Packard Hell and Smacker Bell)
  6. Apple (specifically the Apple II & the IMac)
  7. Atari
  8. Commodore 64
  9. Texas Instruments
 10. Micron

Alive 2