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Alive 2


    It's been a few months since Maggie actually grew 10 and as promised CiH
managed to bring the anniversary issue out to the light tho it was - again -
mainly a one man job. Still you'll see that in many things this issue has a
little something special that will surely appeal to long time Atarians.

    On a more usual ground, we run the Maggie prg and reach the usual not so
good looking interface on ST. I heard there was a FUN intro in the Falcon
version of the magazine but i'm really too short on time now to download it and
review it any further. Anyway ugly colors are still here with a nice tho too
fast looping msx, well it's all about Maggie :) Anyway it's not the main thing
here. A closer look at the table of contents will find you reading the usual
articles like news, demos and games reviews, bonus stories and so on. Even
though I had already read similar reviews in aLiVe I always like to have a
second opinion, so I naturally enjoyed reading these articles. As far as this
part of Maggie is concerned there isn't much new.

    What I call the second part of Maggie is dedicated to the celebration of
this one decade old anniversary. We are offered small stories about the
evolution of Maggie, testimonies and so on. I really enjoyed this part which is
of course the high point in this very issue : funnily enough you read about
former Atarians who are amazed at our still going activities. Some of them grow
nostalgic too and give us nice bedtime stories. That's really my favourite part
and it's always odd sounding to hear about these guys working for big companies
and/or leaving in the USA. Luckily many people accepted to play it by the rules
(and this issue being released at the STNICCC, the place and time were just

Well not much to add. I really liked this issue tho I still hate the shell 
used on ST. Anyway the content matters much more than the shape it takes and 
CiH did a great job collecting testimonies here and there and managing to bring 
Maggie to a full decade of good and loyal services. Dunno if there will be 
another issue but I still believe that many magazines are much better than a 
single surviving one. Happy birthday again ! Maybe I'll get back to Toxic Mag 
someday and celebrate its tenth birthday too... but before I'll have to try and 
guess how old it already is :)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- STS

Alive 2