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Alive 2
        Two Classic Games In One
    By Greg George,

Title: Super Asteroids & Super Missile Command
By: Atari
For: Lynx
Type: Action

Remember the golden age of arcades? Everywhere you look there would be
Asteroids, Missile Command, Joust, or Defender machines being enjoyed (or
kicked) by players. The nostalgia factor has yet to wear off and continues
with Super Asteroids & Missile Command for the Atari Lynx.

While a mildly fun game, Super Asteroids just seems to be missing the
intensity of the original Asteroids. Perhaps it is the missing "heartbeat"
sound effect. Or maybe it's because the asteroids don't often break into
smaller pieces. Or maybe it's because the shield is automatic now. For all
of these reasons, Super Asteroids is ok, but nothing to get excited about.

Super Missile Command, on the other hand, is a wonderful update to the
original. Not only has the graphics been updated, (I love the multicolored
missile trails) but the weapons too! Yes friends, it looks like Atari
followed Nintendo's lead and created a game with powerups. Super Asteroids
has powerups as well, but they are totally random and don't have much
bearing on the game. However, in SMC, if you don't buy the right upgrades,
you won't survive the enemy onslaught. The most interesting of the
powerups is the shield. If you fire this into the battlefield, a plasma
shield will appear destroying any missile that touches it. My only wish is
that they lasted longer.

SMC also offers different terrains to protect, so you won't get bored with
the graphics. Super Asteroids is nice too, but the variety is minimal
(read: non-existent). If this were just Super Asteroids, the graphics
would definitely take scoring tumble.

While the title screen music is nice, in-game music is no where to be
seen. My only explanation for this is that Atari must feel that the games
are too slow with music running. Or maybe they just felt a video game
shouldn't have any in-game music. I personally tend to turn off the music
in my games anyway because they are too much of a distraction.

SA&SMC has some nice explosion sound effects that are shared with both
games. There's a cool "delay" effect when your cities are blown to
smithereens as well as a beautifully animated mushroom cloud. The only
real annoying sound effect is from Super Asteroids. Your blaster sounds
really lame and I would have preferred the actual Asteroids sound effect

If you're planning to buy this game, be sure you get it for the right
reason. Super Missile Command is the real showstopper of this pair as
Super Asteroids get boring fast. You won't be disappointed.

Graphics: 75%
Sound/ Music: 55%
Gameplay: 80%
Overall: 80%

Alive 2