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Alive 2

Sponsored by: ST-Computer +++ Paskud +++ AtariFan +++ Therapy Seriouz 
Software +++ DurSoft +++ Patrick Eickhoff +++ Triple A Mag +++ Woller 
systems +++ Didier Mequignon +++ RGF Software +++ Application Systems 
Heidelberg +++ Mario Becroft +++ Matthias Jaap +++ MyAtari +++ Elmar 
Hilgart +++ Prof. Herbert Walz +++ Martin Elsässer +++ More to come!


1.    Introduction 
2.    Big ports, little helpers, a new look 
1.    Big Ports 
2.    Little helpers 
3.    New look 
3.    Little big sponsors 
4.    Registration and Support 
5.    Rules 
6.    Deadline 
7.    The Team


1 .: Introduction

Following the enormous success of last years MagiC Game Contest,  MagiC
Online  and  the Place2be are proud to present  their  next  generation
competition,  that  will  once again unite the existing  community  and
breathe new life into the Atari platform.  This year the organizers are
able  to  provide not just one contest,  but three.  Besides two coding
contests, the "Little Big Competition" also features a special graphics
contest in cooperation with the Atari Icon Library.

Dedication, Skill and Creativity. The Atari 3 In One.


2 .: Big ports, little helpers and a new look

We have decided to split this years contest into three categories.

...  big  ports The aim of this contest is to create the best  possible
software  port  to the Atari platform.  There is an abundant amount  of
quality software packages available,  complete with sources, waiting to
be  ported  to our platform.  Why not take the challenge to create  the
best possible Atari version?

*    see rules for the exact requirements of the port
*    see suggestions page or this page for possible ports to the Atari

... little helpers

The  aim of this contest is to create a (relatively) small  and  useful
tool  or  utility;  a  program  which simplifies  everyday  use  and/or
increases   overall  productivity.   Interested  entrants  may  examine
features  from other platforms,  deciding to merge the best features of
these systems with the elegance of the Atari environment. More Creative
participants may choose to implement their own innovations; innovations
that  will dramatically increase the ease of use and/or  efficiency  of
certain  tasks.  Will  you  be  the one who  revolutionizes  the  Atari

*    see rules for the exact requirements of the tool/utility
*    see suggestions page for a possible little helper

... a new look

Every  user  is  not a skilled programmer;  but every user  is  equally
important to the survival of our platform. This contest celebrates this
fact by encouraging the use of artistic and aesthetic skill:  to create
a  modern new look for the "Atari Desktop 2001".  For a long time,  the
Atari  desktop  has been an eclectic mixture of Icon  Sets,  background
pictures, and winframes which were mainly adapted from other platforms.
Our  aim is to create a new coherent and original looking  desktop.  So
here's the plan: -

1.    icon  set:  Originally,  the  Milan II had planned on introducing
Glow Icons to the Atari platform, but now it's up to us. The first part
of the Atari Desktop 2001 competition is to create the best looking set
of  glow  icons.  If  you  are not familiar with this  style,  you  are
encouraged   to  view  the  following  sample  images  of  some   Amiga
conversions. (Courtesy of Joachim Fornallaz)

1.    background  pictures:  Create the best looking background picture
for use in our favorite Atari desktops.

2.    winframes: N.AES 2 and MagiC 6 both introduced the possibility to
change the appearance of the window elements by using winframes. So the
aim is to create the best looking winframe.

*    see rules for the new look contest for the exact requirements

Any  individual  who wants to take part can contribute to  one  of  the
subcontests  mentioned  above.  You don't have to create an  icon  set,
background  picture(s) and winframe(s).  At the end of the contest  the
Atari Community will separately vote for the best icon set, picture and
winframe.  After  that  we  will  compile a package  out  of  the  best
contributions  (and  possibly  fill in some  Amiga  glow  icons,  which
otherwise might be missing) into the "Atari Desktop 2001" package.  All
icon sets will be added to the Atari Icon Library.


3 .: little big sponsors

Our  contest  would  not  be possible without  the  kind  help  of  our
sponsors. Here is the place to say thank you and introduce:


st-Computer is the largest Atari computer magazine in circulation. With
a  full-color  layout,  professional staff,  and a generous spirit;  st-
Computer is truly a winner.


Grzegorz  Pancher is a popular musician who has utilized  the  powerful
elegance  of  the  ST in a Studio-setup to produce  some  very  popular
polish  CD's.  He shares his passion for Atari computers with others by
producing and selling several products, (including an IDE interface for
the  ST and Falcon RAM cards) and servicing Atari  computers.  "Paskud"
has generously sponsored (5) of his ST IDE interfaces (for HDD and  CD-


AtariFan is the premiere Polish magazine that has already established a
proud name for itself,  even in its infancy. They are kindly sponsoring
a free subscription of AtariFan for the year 2001 with a free CD

Therapy Seriouz Software

Therapy  Seriouz  Software  are the developers of  Smurf,  the  graphic
manipulation program that blows away its counterparts in both functions
and speed. They are kindly sponsoring one full copy of Smurf.


DurSoft  Developments has made it possible for all Atari  computers  to
take  advantage and utilize Digital Cameras.  By packing features  into
PhotoTip, DurSoft has provided all of us with the definition of quality
software. DurSoft is supporting us with one full copy of PhotoTip

Patrick Eickhoff

Patrick  Eickhoff  is  the  developer  of  the  great  multimedia  tool
FunMedia. It has been in development for some years now and proves that
you do not have to stray away from the Atari platform to have access to
innovative multimedia tools. Patrick is kindly sponsoring one full copy
of FunMedia (on CD)

Triple A Mag

Triple A Mag,  the once Atari-only magazine,  has recently expanded its
horizons and now covers the Amiga,  Atari,  and Acorn platforms.  Their
attention  to  detail  and support is outstanding,  and  so  are  their
contributions  to this competition.  Triple A is supporting us with 100
DM in prize money and 3 full subscriptions

RGF Software

Richard  Gordon Faika is one of the most active Shareware  authors  for
the  Atari platform.  Tools like Arthur or the outstanding editor  Luna
are in daily use by many Atarians. Richard sponsors two "Moon"-Packages
which  include Arthur 2000 (+ all libraries),  the latest Luna  version
and the latest release of the Luna Text Compiler. Worth 174 DM

Woller systems

Woller  systems  is  a  well respected Atari  dealer  as  well  as  the
initiator of many new products for our platform. Some of their products
are:  N.AES,  GEM-TV  Milan,  Milanblaster.  Like  last  year woller is
generously sponsoring 3 copies of N.AES.

Application Systems Heidelberg    Information Pending

Mario Becroft

Mario  is  the  well  known  hardware  (and  software)  developer  that
continues  to release must-have products at affordable prices.  Whether
it's  connecting  a PC keyboard to your ST or adding  some  extra  Midi
ports, Mario has just what you need. Mario kindly supports us this year
with one Atari and Amiga serial mouse interface.

MyAtari Magazine

Mathew Bacon, the father of Cadenza software, and now the President and
CEO of the funky new online magazine,, has decided to show
his  continued  support  by  donating  (3)  electronic  copies  of  the
excellent Web.Wizard and (1) copy of the respected Enchant!

Matthias Jaap

Matthias  is one of the most dedicated and productive Atari users  left
in  our  community.  When not coding famous programs like the  HomePage
Penguin,  Matthias is hard at work developing crucial webpages,  namely
the Atari up-to-date list and the Atari magazine archive page. Matthias
is kindly supporting us with (3) limited edition CD's,  each containing
HPP and all of Matthias' other programs!

Elmar Hilgart

Elmar Hilgart is the developer of various very useful hardware  add-ons
for  all  Atari computers.  He recently released the ROM-Port  ethernet
adapter  which allows for the first time to connect every Atari  to  an
ethernet  network.  Elmar  is supporting our contest with (1)  ethernet
adapter and (1) YAMI PC-mouse interface.  If there are no more ethernet
adapters available he will sponsor (2) YAMIs.

Prof. Herbert Walz

Prof.  Herbert  Walz already took part in last years MagiC Game Contest
and  this time he supports us as a sponsor.  He sponsors (3) copies  of
his excellent notation software MusicEdit.

Martin Elsässer

Martin Elsässer is the developer of the Application Construction System
ACSpro.  ACSpro  is  a modern tool,  which eases up the creation of GEM
applications dramatically.  Some of our contestants will be able to see
for themselfs because Martin is supporting us with (3) ACSpro copies.

Didier Mequignon

Didier  is  an extremely gifted programmer who  constantly  pushes  our
platform  to the edge,  as is evident with his many essential programs.
AniPlayer,  his main project,  has introduced many users to the joys of
multimedia movies and digital sound. Didier is showing his support with
(3) registrations to Aniplayer.

We have not yet decided which prizes will be given to what contest. But
we  will  keep  you  informed.  If  you would like  to  support  us  by
sponsoring our contest then feel free to contact us!


4 .: registration and support

If  you want to take part in one or more of the contests,  then  please
register  by  filling  out the form below.  This is  needed  to  decide
whether  to  skip one of the contests or not.  You have no  obligations
after registering,  it is just for information purposes.  It also helps
to verify that no one works on the same port.

It is also possible to register for the contest as a team of people (to
be  able to finish bigger projects).  Just enter the names of all  team
members  separated by a comma into the registration form.  Although you
won't  receive  any help from us when it comes to deciding  which  team
member  gets what prize.;-) Any individual can contribute with  several
productions  to all three contests.  It is possible to work for one  or
more teams and on one-man productions. Whatever, just be productive.;-)

If  you register you also have the option to receive  free  newsletters
from  us,  which  keep you informed about the latest contest news  (new
sponsors etc.).

This  year we are also able to offer a free translation service to  all
our  contestants (kindly provided by TransAction and DDP).  This way we
can  assure that the user interface (probably even the manual)  of  all
contributions is available in all major languages.

If  you need beta-testers (with a certain system  configuration),  feel
free to contact us and we will see what we can do.


5.: Rules..

big ports and little helpers

*    All  programs must state that they were "Produced for the  "Little
     Big Competition" both in the readme's and Info Box!

*    Programs may be shareware but may not be crippled in any way.

*    Programs have to work under both MagiC and N.AES (2).  TOS support
     is optional.

*    using extended MagiC objects is allowed as N.AES 2 supports them.

*    Programs  can make full use of system extensions which are  freely
     available.  We  even  encourage you to  make  your  contributions
     support modern features like BubbleGEM, OLGA etc.

*    Programs may make full use of NVDI 5's extended VDI calls

*    Programs which need network/internet support of some kind may  use
     every  TCP/IP  stack  available  for  the  Atari  (STiK/STinG  or
     MiNT/MagiCNet preferred).

*    Porting a software may also include reprogramming a software  (big

*    A port should either feature a GEM-interface or shell  (exception:
     e.g.  games running in fullscreen mode - VDI output still required
     of course). Contact us if you are unsure. (big ports)

*    system  requirements  can be set freely (minimum  processor,  RAM,
     resolution etc.).  Note:  People who can't use your software won't
     be  able to rate it.  On the other hand people who  see  software
     pushing their 060 to the limit might be very happy and give  high
     rates to your software.

*    Adding hardware specific parts (e.g. direct screen access) is only
     allowed  as an optional feature to speed things  up  on  original
     Atari hardware.

New Look

*    the icon set needs at least 12 entries

*    icon sets must offer 2, 16 and 256 colour versions of their icons

*    16 and 256 colour versions have to glow

*    other animated features are optional

*    icons have to be your original artwork (no conversions from other

*    background pictures can have any of the following standard  sizes:
     640*480,  800*608,  1024*768  (supporting several resolutions  is

*    colour depth can range between 1-16 Bit (supporting several colour
     depths is welcomed)

*    pictures have to be your original artwork (scanning is allowed)

*    you have to create the winframe(s) for both MagiC and N.AES (2)

*    see the example archive which contains a MagiC and N.AES winframe

*    winframes must support all colour depths

*    NVDI 5 palette has to be used

*    winframes  have to be your original artwork (no  conversions  from
     other platforms!)

*    Instead of making a standard MagiC winframe you can also make an
     enhanced NatFrame winframe as NatFrame is free.


1.    An  exact description and rules for the voting procedure will  be
included to the vote forms.


6 .: deadline

Deadline for all contributions is May 12th 2001.  No contributions will
be accepted after this date.

Contributions  should  not be released before the  deadline,  otherwise
we'll have to disqualify this entry.

Absolutely no contributions that are publicly released prior to the May
12th deadline will be accepted. This includes public "alpha" and "beta"
releases. The aim of this competition is to spark the creation of /new/
software and "themes" for our platform, therefor, no existing programs,
icons,  winframes, or Background images may be updated and entered into
this  competition.  Failure  to comply with this rule  will  ultimately
result  in disqualification.

Entries  may not be released prior to the deadline to  ensure  equality
and  fairness  to  everyone involved.  All entries will have  the  same
timeframe to be tested and voted upon.  Furthermore, until the official
closing of the competition and judging,

ALL  programs/sets  will  ONLY  be  available  in  a  single   archive.
Individual  downloads  will  be made available  after  this  time.

All contributions will be available for download on May 13th from  this


7 .: the team behind this years contest

This years contest has dramatically grown in size and we are glad  that
some  loyal Atarians offered us their support and help.  So here is the
place to introduce:

Bengy  Collins
Co-Organizer  Bengy Collins runs one of the the largest English  portal
sites, Bengy also has a monthly column in the German
ST-Computer magazine. Co-Organizer of last years MGC 99.

Jan Daldrup
Co-Organizer  Jan Daldrup runs the largest International  portal  site,  Jan  works  for  the  German  st-computer  magazine.  Co-
Organizer of last years MGC 99.

Joakim Högberg
Co-Organizer  of the " look" subcontest,  Joakim is the Father  of
the "Atari Icon Library" and continues to prove beneficial to the Atari
community  by his continued work on essential utilities.  Currently Co-
authoring aICQ with Dan Ackerman.

Rafal Kawecki
Rafal is the webmaster of a popular Polish news page and will represent
our contest in Poland. He translated the contest pages, kindly provided
us with sponsors and manages the contact with Polish authors.

Thomas Raukamp
Thomas  Raukamp,  current  editor in chief of the largest  paper  based
Atari  magazine,  gives  us  the opportunity to constantly  inform  all
readers  of st-computer about the contest.  Thus we are able to reach a
far bigger number of Atarians including those without Internet  access.
ST-computer is also generously sponsoring the contest.

TransAction and DDP are crews of people who support the Atari Community
by  providing  high quality translations of recent  software  releases.
This  year  they  also  kindly  help  all  contestants  of  the  coding
competition by freely offering their translation service to them.

TransAction and DDP are crews of people who support the Atari Community
by  providing  high quality translations of recent  software  releases.
This  year  they  also  kindly  help  all  contestants  of  the  coding
competition by freely offering their translation service to them.

Joachim Fornallaz
Joachim  Fornallaz,  the  respected author of essential  utilities  and
Milan  Webmaster,  has  kindly volunteered to create a custom  GEMSetup
Installation  routine.  The  custom  GSU will ship with the  final  LBC
archive and will allow for easy and uniform installation.

Alive 2