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                          Source: Goat Store

The GOAT Store, an online store specializing in the support of classic
video games today announced the blockbuster line up of sponsors for this
year's Jagfest 2K1: Beyond Tempest event. The fifth annual event is being
held June 30, 2001, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"We are extremely pleased with the organizations that have decided to
support this year's Jagfest," stated Gary Heil of the GOAT Store. "These
organizations represent a large portion of the vast support that the
Jaguar system and its fans still receive. We are proud to be able to have
them working with us."

Many of the organizations involved with the sponsorship of Jagfest 2K1:
Beyond Tempest are also going to be sponsoring the events most intense
competitions. According to the GOAT Store, tournament plans have not been
finalized at this point, but prize contributions are already totaling over
$600 dollars worth of merchandise.

The following list of organizations (listed alphabetically) will be
sponsoring this year's event:

Atari Video Club
The Atari Video Club (AVC) has been a major supporter of every Jagfest to
date. Atari Video Club writes the annual Atari Jagfest Fanzine and is
currently working on the "Beyond Tempest" edition. The organizations
founder, Dan Iacovelli, will be attending this year's event to promote the
Fanzine. The organization will also be running its own competition at the
Atari Video Club's Web site may be found at

Good Deal Games
Good Deal Games is the host of a Web site featuring video game music,
cartoons, audio interviews, trivia, classic video game advertisements and
more. Good Deal Games has also recently released two Sega CD games: "Bug
Blasters: The Exterminators" and "Star Strike". The company is headed up
by a group of individuals so devoted to gaming that every cent of profit
that Good Deal Games has earned is used to make the company grow.
Good Deal Games Web site may be found at

Jeff Minter singlehanded masterminded the games "Tempest 2000," "Defender
2000" and the recently released "Tempest 3000." He single-handedly made
the Jaguar into a force by creating "Tempest 2000," following it up with
another game that gave a nod to the video games of old, "Defender 2000."
While "Defender 2000" wasn't as well received as "Tempest 2000," they are
both considered some of the best games for the Jaguar. "Tempest 3000" was
recently released by Llamasoft for NUON Enhanced DVD players.
The Llamasoft Web site may be found at

Protom Multimedia
Protom Multimedia are the creators of new and exciting online and off-line
multimedia programs. Currently, the company is directing their focus
toward business oriented programs. The company is run by gaming
enthusiasts with an avid interest in the Atari Jaguar, and they felt it
would be an honor to help Jagfest 2K1: Beyond Tempest grow.
Protom Multimedia's Web site may be found at

ScatoLOGIC is the company behind the release of "Battlesphere" for the
Jaguar. Since Battlesphere's release, it has become the most sought after
Jaguar game. Hidden inside Battlesphere is the key to the Jaguar
Unmodified Game Server (JUGS). The Jaguar Unmodified Game Server is a way
to play exciting new Jaguar games on your Jaguar without having to convert
your existing system.
The ScatoLOGIC Web site may be found at

Songbird Productions
Songbird Productions, the most prolific Atari Jaguar developer in recent
years, will be on hand at Jagfest 2K1: Beyond Tempest. Carl Forhan
established Songbird Productions a few years ago as an outlet to publish
the Lynx games he wrote. Who could have known that soon thereafter
Songbird Productions would have published four impressive Jaguar titles as
well as countless quality Lynx games?
The Songbird Productions Web site may be found at

The first company that refused to give up on the Jaguar released six
titles for the system after Atari had pulled the plug. Those games, "Zero
5," "Breakout 2000," "Iron Soldier 2," "World Tour Racing," "Towers 2" and
"WORMS" are known among Jaguar fans as many of the best titles for the
system. Telegames also released "Brutal Sports Football," which has become
a cult classic on the Jaguar, and "International Sensible Soccer," as well
as countless games for other classic video game systems.
The Telegames Web site may be found at

For general information regarding Jagfest 2K1, ticket information and
contact information please visit the Official Jagfest 2K1: Beyond Tempest
Web site at the GOAT Store ( Dan Loosen can be
reached at and Gary Heil can be reached at for additional information.

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