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Alive 2

 CiH : I'll be honest, without Chris help and support this issue would surely
 still be lying on my harddrive ! Not only did he write more than his share he
 also motivated me to bring you a decent ATARI related diskmagazine and even if
 Moondog reactivated UCM I still believe WE are the ones who still defend the
 whole ATARI community. You stop me whenever you feel I'm telling crap.

 Paranoid : yeah as usual Oliver is another reliable collaborator, the kind
 that makes you want to continue with the sometimes boring job of main editor.
 Surely he's not aware of it but really Oliver is someone you can trust anytime
 and for any kind of article as long as it needs writting. Thanks a lot my
 friend !

 Exocet is also a great surprise ! He keeps painting as if no one could stop
 him and who would like to stop him ? Not me :) He also wrote some articles I
 am deeply grateful for not to mention the good time spent together in Germany
 with Frost !

 Frost : thanks a lot for driving us to Dresden while my car was stuck at home
 with a broken rear windshield ! Without your 206 I guess the fun would have
 been completely spoiled.

 Marss : the guy sent me 34 zipped files, most of them being only grabbed from
 the internet okay but still nice to read. However I had to remove some of them
 because of a lack of space (and also because other articles were damm boring).

 Tao naturally sent me the cool tune you must be listening you and I'm sure he
 will bring us another great chip for aLiVe three ! Thanks Frank and keep it

 Edo, Ggn, Felice, Evil, MC Laser also wrote an article, maybe not a lot but
 still aLiVe! wouldn't be the same without these small and yet _essential_
 contributions !

 Escape/Checkpoint : they deserve huge thanks for organizing the best party I
 have ever attended. Error In Line 2 was as friendly as possible and I know
 they put a lot of themselves into it. Escape also highly contributed to the
 compos with small screens and also their asskicking HMM Falcon demo which will
 be my favourite Falcon demo of all times (yep even before SONO!). Also thanks
 a lot to Nils aka 505 for his module and friendship !

 Sector One : your ODD STUFF demo really made me gooseflesh ! The best ST demo
 for years ! It's so long, greatly designed and technical. All at once and
 still xmas is over, where's the trick ? :) Hi to Zerkman, Frost, ST Ghost and
 Kor for being nice fellows at Eil2 (as long as they don't play lame Mp3s :)

All the nice people who attended Eil2 surely deserve handful of thanks since 
without them our community wouldn't be the same. Here come a few of them in no 
special order : Grey, Sqward, Havoc, Baggio, Evil, Deez, Paranoid, Marcstar, 
505, Joe (really!) Cool, Spion, No (I guess the nice red haired girl is your 
girlfriend), the other EIL2 organizers (sorry I don't know your names but 
you all were so cool !), Reservoir Gods, CiH, Felice, Modmate, MC Laser, 
Moondog, Dforce, Sygne (right spelling ?) and everone other attendant ! 


Alive 2