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Alive 2


This  little platformer turned up towards the end of last year.  It is a
classic  old style 'jump and run' platform game,  familiar to  countless
people  who grew up with these,  many years ago.  The person responsible
for the deed,  is one of the crazy Polski's,  Adamsky, who seems to have
been motivated to get stuck in to his GFA Basic to bring us this.

The presentation is straightforward.  A title screen, 'adapted' from the
ZX Spectrum game, 'Indiana Jones' (Thank you for the english readme file
Grey!) immediately warns you to expect a heavy nostalgia trip, soaked in

First  impressions  are proven correct by the  ingame  graphics  itself.
These  look more like they owe their inspiration to the heady days  when
Commodore was 64,  but Atari was 800.  The screenshot below, gives you a
very good idea.

The playability seems to have been very well realised,  as the character
movements  are very smooth,  especially where you might have expected  a
little  jerkiness.  The  game is very simple,  with one man,  the player,
pitted against hostile caverns and a decreasing energy bar. No other bad
guys to hand,  but plenty of locked doors,  pitfalls, traps, and colour-
coded keys. Oh yes, there is a neat teleport feature too.

Mission objectives are simple,  grab all the objects you can find,  make
use  of  them.  Keep  eating to keep your energy levels  up.  Food  only
fractionally improves your status, so it is a good idea to eat often, if
you can.  Also,  don't fall into those nasty spiky pits,  otherwise that
means an instant 'game over'.

The  requirements for this trip back to yesteryear are simple,  an Atari
STe  upwards,  with  1MB  of memory upwards.  All controls are  via  the
keyboard,  so  even joystick shy TT owning types can apparently join in.
Falcons are good as well, but you can have too much of a good thing with
heavily accelerated machines,  and I've got a feeling it isn't that NVDI
friendly either?

Overall,  a fairly simplistic game, but not without a certain appeal, to
keep on looking and seeing what is on the next screen!

I leave the last word to Grey,  taken from the English readme.txt, which
gives  you an idea where to look for any more information about  Adamsky
and his works.

Take it away Grey!

If  you  are interested to see other products from this  lonely   polish 
coder - then take a look at his official www-site!

...or write him a mail if you enjoy THE NEW ADVENTURES OF GILBERT!


 CiH - For Alive! magazine - Jan 2001.

Alive 2