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Alive 2

         Some wild guesswork from CiH as to the active people at EIL!

DISCLAIMER! All of the predictions described below have no connection 
with the objective truth, and what actually might well happen. These are 
based on the author's (sketchy) knowledge of events, and people's stated 
intentions. You might read this back after the Error in Line Party and 
have a good laugh at how much I actually got wrong!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Very simply, this is my attempt to try and guess which people are going 
to be bringing forth some sort of production at Error in Line. Some of 
these are going to be more likely than others, but there will be some 
attempt at analysis, where proper hard news hasn't been forthcoming for 
a while. Here goes... - CiH, March 18th 2001.


TOYS has been active again, Peylow going as far as stating that they were
planning on releasing a major Falcon demo at EIL this year! This is
apparently going to be written with accelerated Falcy's in mind. Such
novel ideas, as setting a timetable, and keeping to targets, seem to be
helping here! One very much to look forward to, from a crew which hasn't
released a lot lately.


Concentrating efforts on the Falcon for EIL. Not ruling out 'something'
for the ST either. This should be a major release of a similar calibre
to the T.O.Y.S effort. Preview screens sighted by this author at SV2000
last year. Another one we're looking forward to!


These have been going through a productive spell recently, releasing
three demos or intros in the last year. Some sort of demo or intro is
planned by Deez for EIL, this will be Falcon-based.


Have had a Falcon demo in the works since last year. Largely based
around existing Amiga effects? These tend to keep quiet, and release
late. You may remember their ST Error in Line '99 demo came out a year

According to a respected source, there are up to four Swedish crews
preparing demos for EIL this year. This does not take into account, the
likes of NOCREW, who surprised everyone with a last-minute entry at the
original 1999 Error in Line. We may see something of what NEW BEAT are
working on? I'm looking forward to a first proper look at 'Ace', the
Falcon based softsynth, for one! To round up a strong Swedish presence,
the NATURE brothers are going as well. Will we see at least one of their
game projects come to completion here?


The other strong contenders to produce something really special for the
Falcon at EIL, are these Polish kings of cool. Grey seems to be
downplaying expectations on the one hand, but also suggesting, without
going into too much detail, that something nice should turn up at EIL.
There may also be a first sighting of their .XM soundtracker as well?

We might well wonder if COBRA are going to put in an appearance, after
their wonderful looking but very slow 'Revert' demo shown at the
original EIL. There is still an unfinished ST demo due from them?


Another outfit which has been keeping very quiet lately. It is known
that Earx has coded some promising demo effects. I would like to see
them produce something for this year, as I enjoyed their last EIL demo
very much!


Were working on stuff at STNICCC in December. Not giving a lot away
currently. Looking to these, along with tSCc to produce something
special for the ST?


After a long period of inactivity, they seem to be operating again.
Produced a 'remindtro' for the Falcon, may have more to come at the
party itself? Interestingly, they seem to have spare effects which
others consider to be very nice, which they are discarding as old
stuff!? Wonder if there is going to be any new versions of Whip!, the
awesome sound to light software?


We've just seen their STNICCC intro, a very high quality production
for the ST. We are promised the release of the 'Fading Twilight' CD
music collection from MC Laser. Apart from that, nothing definite. But
they have TWO new coders now, I hear you cry!


Realistically, not a lot of hope, but we can dream, can't we? I wouldn't
expect too much, but equally, I wouldn't be surprised if Candyman
suddenly remotivated himself at the party!? And what about individual
graphical and sonic entries from the likes of Tao and Agent T?


At least a couple of TNB people are on the invite list. Last time they
surprised us with a whole new ST demo. Will they have a surprise for us
of a similar magnitude for this time?


If we don't see if before, then EIL looks like a good place to release
their heavily overdue Wings of Death styled game for the Falcon called
'Painium Disaster'.


Some kind of demo or intro is very likely from Oliver and co. Hopefully
something of a game project as well?


The big news is that they are working on a new game intended for EIL
release! This is an STe and Falcon conversion of the console hit 'Chu
Chu Rocket'! Mr Pink has been hard at it since before Xmas. It will
feature music from MSG, and graphics from Sh3, and another graphist too?
The rest of the Atari scene is praying hard that there will not be another
128 byte competition! Mr Pink, MSG, AND Sh3 are down to attend EIL!


Well, me actually (hem hem!) Working hard on a release of the
'ASCII-Nation' ASCII-strip cartoon project. This is 75-80% finished, as
of the 18th March. Also, if Alive! mag is to be counted on as an EIL
release, co-editing this with ST SURVIVOR. We're also likely to be hosting
the official EIL realtime article text.


If not before the party, then releasing Alive! Issue 2 there. Individual
graphics compo entry and a selection of interesting tattoos?


They've been keeping very quiet lately. A new version of Falcamp perhaps?


At least one person blurted out that the BOMBAY POETS would return on the
EIL bulletin board? I wouldn't be too surprised to see the SPICE BOYS here,
and possibly NUN too? We haven't had that many fake demos lately?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is not a one hundred percent exhaustive listing, by any means. I
remember FIRESOFT from the last EIL. (Whatever happened to them?) and of
course, there are people like YESCREW and the MAD BUTCHER who may well
be doing their own thing too?

Ok, I'm off, time to get something to eat!

CiH - for Alive! Mag, March '01

Alive 2