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Alive 2

Preserving the sexy side of the C64!

Grey isn't the only person who knows where to find a good Commodore 64
artwork site, as here's some news of another one! Only this one is a
little bit different from the norm.

Girls of 64! is set up as a general resource, for those people in
possession of either a real Commodore 64, or more likely, an emulator of
said computer. The material that is concentrated on this site
looks closely at a particular genre, that is, the sort of material which
might lead to strange stirrings in the loins of the male scener!

This site is in fact an unbeatable resource for the huge amount of
"erotic" material which was produced on the Commodore 64. Those naughty
demo sceners are suspected!

The first contact with the site is a sort of 'adult-check' which asks if
you are 'mature' enough to enter the site (and "admire 8-bit nudity"!)
Clicking on the rather Austin Powers styled "Yeah Baby!" selector takes
you onto the main menu. From there, a choice of several destinations
awaits, as you are invited to choose from downloadable 'erotic' games, a
huge selection of slideshow demos, assorted animations, and more!

The presentation of the site has a pleasant retro feel, and features a
cheesy moustachioed lothario, ripped from some ancient C64 strip poker
game, as the guide to the site! He crops up in various places where a
comment might just be needed ("Britney's never looked that good!")

The majority of the site is really of interest to those people with a
C64 or emulator, the downloadable files are C64 executables, and not a
lot of use to anyone else. However, what makes this site of interest to
all comers, even without a C64, is the huge range of picture material on
the site as well.

All the games and slideshows come with high-quality screenshots, which
give you a good idea of what you would be missing. But in my opinion,
the best is definitely to be seen in the Demo pictures section.

There, screenshots of a "I can't believe this is really the C64!"
repose. Dozens of them! The collection isn't complete as yet, but what
is there is plentiful enough for now. There is a varied selection of
material, with a strong bias to fantasy artwork, but you also get a
sprinkling of Manga too. It is a shame that the picture displayer in
Alive! can only cope with two pictures at a time!

Fancy another one? Here you go then!

It is a well-featured site, as there is also a guestbook, and some kind
of facility to send naughty postcards as well. The site is frequently
updated, and well worth checking out frequently, even if only for the
heaps of gorgeous C64 eye-candy!

You'll want to know where it is?

Well, surf on to:-

Okay, go off, and log that net!

CiH for Alive! March '01

Alive 2