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Alive 2

----------------------- by Avena :) --------------------- 

    Earlier this month, topic on #atariscne was changed to "Avena releases
Binliner !". Damm, really ? Well I soon grew suspicious, remembering the date
was April 1st... it actually proved to be an April Fool production brought to
us by allmighty Spice Boys !

    It all starts with a raytraced AVENA logo that furioulsy moves around, soon
replaced by strange coloured letters of poor quality unveiling the cheat. Sound
is a guitar filled MP2 with Swedish lyrics. An awful text page is displayed
while a colorful, tho too small, dot object sets in the middle of the screen
and keeps rotating. Not much to follow but the usual credits and greetings
rudely painted directly with the mouse and that's it.

    I wonder how many people really thought BINLINER was out :) I saw the trap
thanks to the release date and once you've seen this funny joke, there's no
reason to keep it on your harddrive. The Spice Boys struck again.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- sts

Alive 2