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Alive 2

What does "The Ataris" mean, and how do I correctly pronounce it?

Kris Roe once owned a massive Atari gaming system collection. Unfortunately,
the collection was lost in a house fire. To pronounce the name CORRECTLY,
say A-TAR-EES, or UH-TAR-EES. Say it just like the video game system, but
with a "s" at the end. It is NOT The A-TAR-ISS, UH-TAR-ISSS, Uh-Terrace, or
any other form of the word.

According to PunkMunkey (RJ), there are 3 definitions of the word "atari":
Atari (uh-tar-ee): 1. A computer software and hardware company that flourished
in the early to mid 80's, renown for bringing "arcade style" video games into
the home. 2. An individual member of a kick ass pop-punk band (The Ataris)
from Santa Barbara, California that's flourishing in the mid to late 90's and
beyond, renown for bringing "punk rock style" music and emotional, heartfelt,
intelligent lyrics to their fans everywhere. 3. Loose Japanese translation
of "prepare to be attacked."

What label are The Ataris currently on? Kung Fu Records? Or Fat Wreck Chords ?

Kung Fu Records. However, "Look Forward To Failure" is an EP on Fat Wreck
Chords. "End Is Forever" (due October 2000), will be the final record The
Ataris will have on Kung Fu Records, so where they will go from there is up
in the air currently.

When are the Ataris coming to my town?

Check the tour dates section of the site. Or if you want to do some DIY punk,
contact (Dan Garcia (telephone # 1.510.795.2788) to book
them yourself!

Why does Kris play the guitar upside-down?

He just does. Actually, Kris had first learned to play the guitar upside
down. Go figure.

Why does "Anywhere But Here" and "Blue Skies..." have different band members ?
Where's Pat Riley?

The "Anywhere But Here "and "Blue Skies... "line ups differ because Derrick
had a drug problem and left the band; Jasin left for family reasons (he has
a new band Project Bottlecap). Pat Riley ("LFTF") left the band in the Spring
of 1999 to further his education. Pat is now in a pretty good baned, called
Five and Dime, they are pretty good pop-punk.

What is it with The * Ataris and their obsession with stars?

Kris feels that there is something special about the ability for everyone
in the world to look up and see the same stars, no matter where in the world
you are located.

Here is a complete discography?

"Kristine's A Punk," "Everything's Fucked Up," "Elvis Was A Skinhead"
- Square Root Records
"Anywhere But Here... "(April 29, 1997 - Kung Fu Records)
"Look Forward To Failure EP "(November 10, 1998 - Fat Wreck Chords)
"Blue Skies, Broken Hearts... Next 12 Exits "(April 13, 1999 - Kung Fu
"Let It Burn" (Split CD with Useless ID / April 4, 2000 - Kung Fu Records)

"Metal Rules "("On With The Show" / February 24, 1998 - Unity Records)
"Hey Brother, Vol. 4 "("Alone In Santa Cruz" / January 19, 1999 - Vegas
"Life In The Fat Lane, Vol. 4 "("San Dimas High School Football Rules" /
April 6, 1999 - Fat Wreck Chords)
"Short Music For Short People "("The Radio Still Sucks" / June 1, 1999 -
Fat Wreck Chords)
"Punk You "("San Dimas High School Football Rules" / August 1999 -
[label unknown. OZ Comp.])
"No Stars, Just Talent" ("Your Boyfriend Sucks," "Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...
Next 12 Exits," "Bite My Tongue" / September 14, 1999 - Kung Fu Records)
"Happy Meals, Vol. 2 "("How I Spent My Summer Vacation" / 1998 - My Records)
"Expose Yourself "("Take Me Back" / Go Kart - Black Rat Recordings)
"Floyd Thought... "("San Dimas High School Football Rules" / 1999
- Fat Wreck Chords)
"Coast to Coast" ("Between You And Me" / Therapy Records)

On "Your Boyfriend Sucks," what's movie is that sound clip from, and What
is he saying?

The sound clip is from the movie, "A Bronx Tale, "said by Chaz Palmenteri's
character. "All right, listen to me. You pull up right where she is, right ?
You go get out of the car and you lock both doors. Then get out of the car,
and you walk over to her, and bring her over to the car.
Take out the key, put in the lock, open the door for her, and you let her
get in. And you close the door for her. You walk around the back of the car,
and you look through the rear window. If she doesn't reach over and lift up
that button so you could get in, dump her. Just like that ? Listen to me kid,
if she doesn't reach over and life up that button, so you could get in, that
means she's a selfish broad, and all you've seen is the tip of the iceberg.
You dump her, and you dump her fast."

Where's San Dimas High School ? And how is their Football Team ?

San Dimas High School is from the "Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure"
movies. There is also a "San Dimas High School" located in Southern
California, and the recent reports indicate that their football team doesn't
exactly "rule".

What's the significance of the date 1/15/96? And what about all of these
other girl names in the songs?

January 15th, 1996 is the birth date of Kris' daughter, Starla. The other
names are just names of girls that Kris knows.

Is "The Last Song I Will Ever Write About A Girl" really the last song Kris
will write about a girl?

"The Last Song..." was originally going to be the last track on
"Blue Skies..."," "and the first on the next Ataris album was to be called
"So I Lied."

What song of "Look Forward To Failure" did Mark from Blink-182 sing on ?

"That Special Girl."

What are the lyrics to "The Radio Still Sucks ?"

"I'm really fucking sick of Beck and 311 and Marilyn Manson. I wish someone
would break his fucking neck. And what about Bush? And lame-ass Oasis, and
talk about pretentious, why don't they just blow England off the map? Every
now and then, I turn it on again, but it's plain to see that the radio still
sucks (x2)."

Where can I get some Ataris tabs ?

Kris has been known to say that if you cannot figure out the song for your
self, then maybe you shouldn't play the guitar. Anyway, if you STILL need
help with those tabs, try the

What's the deal with the Message Board ? Are there any rules ?

Please refrain from talking about the band's lives. Like any other human
being, the band members deserve their privacy and respect. No useless banter !
(Or at least keep it to a minimum !) Post your thoughts in the CORRECT
FORUM. BE NICE TO EACH OTHER! The golden rule.

How many posts until I get a status under my name ?

I don't know. And please, no useless posts crying "I want my status !".

Alive 2