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Alive 14
We dreme of Atari
                                 by Dildo Fatwa

      Dildo Fatwa still holds the  fake  demo  crew  flag high and proud. Only
      threatened by both TBCs (The Beasts Crew who later became The Bits Club,
      and "The Boring Crew" also known  as  "The  bare Cochones") by the shear
      amount of releases from them, DF is still the king of fake demos.

      What TBC does wrong then? Well, they  care for more advanced stuff, such
      as rasters, scrollers, sprites... DF has none of these! ASCII art is the
      way to go for them,  along  with  some  hi-tech (for them) pictures, and
      some things that might be classified as "music" by some people!

      So what's on offer today? The  same  recipe, served Outline style! No, I
      don't have any bright ideas  on  how  to  describe  the demo at all. Mr.
      Spowart in hypno-vision, chunky  ASCII  art "animations", distorting Sam
      Tramiel. Completely incomprehensible  humour,  some  effects and samples
      here and there.... that about sums it up.

      So, up to their usual standards then. I just wish they could do a normal
      demo, then it would be a real fake demo from them (geddit?) ;)

      I tried "We dreme of Atari" on  hatari  0.91 cvs version, it ran all the
      way through, however it even works  on  STEem if you raise the cpu-speed
      high enough.

                                GGN for Alive, 2006-12-31 (yes, I'm not joking!)
Alive 14