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Alive 14
It makes me Shake
                              by the Spiceboys.

It's  nice to know that some fake crews are still out there,  even after the
Reservoir  Frogs have croaked their last,  and the Senior Dads have  slumped
back  in their pee-stained recliners for good.  It is with a hearty  Swedish
styled "HALLOOOO THERE!!"that we welcome back the Spice Boys for an overdue

The  truth  is perhaps a little more complicated than  a  simple  fake-group
revival.  As  it  turns out,  a certain Swedish coding god was  sufficiently
annoyed  by  Moredhelclaiming it was not possible for a  "total  fullscreen
with dual playfields and wiztom quality replay", to be coded by this Swedish
coding god on an STe.

So he made this little intro,  and bunged it under the Spiceboys label as it
was  not  meant  to  be a serious production,  and in fact was  meant  as  a
'tribute' to Moredhel.

What  you get is what you will mostly see in the upcoming screenshot.  There
are  some important points to remember.  The screengrab has been coaxed down
to the standard ST resolution of 320 x 200 pixels,  but in real life,  it is
using  overscan rather nicely to a resolution of 384 x 268 pixels,  which is
quite an improvement.  The other thing which you won't get any impression of
from  the screenshot,  is the fact that you are only seeing the top third of
the babe.  In the demo, she is a very large sprite which bounces up and down
the  screen.  In  fact there is quite a lot of movement all going on at  the
same time which you won't see in a static screengrab either.

So  we start with a plain credits screen with 'Asn'claiming  responsibility
for code and graphics,  further graphics from 'Mojangen',  and the tune from
'Kuckeliku'.  Dabbing a key starts the intro properly and a large and chunky
(but  nicely  shaded Spice Boys logo drifts from right to  left  across  the
screen using the STe hardscroll, a YM-generated crescendo of sound builds up
and fades down again.  and then we are into the main part of the demo.  Time
for that screengrab...

Let's  separate out the individual parts of this rather busy screen.  In the
background,  we  have  the  ULM-style dual playfield patterns  wobbling  and
distorting.  The rather nice 16 colour lady is moving up and down the screen
constantly,  in all her expensively scanty underthing-clad glory.  The lower
third of the screen is dominated by a bar going across the screen displaying
the  name of the makers of this intro,  and a shaded cube spinning around in
the  centre.  Immediately  below  that is a small  infotext  scroller  which
displays the usual greets and credits type stuff.

There  is  music.  The  'Wiztom  quality replay'refers to  a  short  sample
constantly replayed through the STe DMA hardware at 25khz,  in a manner very
similar to that used in the Brain-Damage demo, one would imagine.

For a release under a fake label, it is rather better than you would expect,
and  only  suffers  from  being  too  short  and  over  too  quickly.   Most
interestingly,  the  Swedish  coding  god discussed earlier in  the  article
reckons that there is still about 50% of the cpu time left unused! This adds
to  my  long-term  view that the STe hardware features,  out  of  the  whole
ST/Falcon family remain the least understood, exploited, and stretched.

In  fact  I'm left wondering if the next major release  from  some  deceased
hackers might be aimed at kicking the STe hardware in a manner not seen  for
a long time?!

Welcome return of old fake crew.
Pretty kick-ass in an enhanced oldschool style.
Looks like a proper STe screen.
And this is still only 50% of the STe!
Left wanting more..

Left wanting more.
But otherwise, nope..

                                                    CiH,for Alive Mag,April '07.
Alive 14