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Alive 14
Sweeping out the Attic
by Pulsion

        Pulsion eh? Just the thought of the name brings me happy
        memories. Although I haven't seen a lot of screens from them
        they have all been top notch. For example that fullscreen diago
        dist for the Ventura demo (which was called 'Sweeping out the
        yard' :) is really a piece of work! Took me a while to figure
        out how it's working (and I'm not 100% sure about my idea
        anyway). This, of course is a subject for a future article by
        itself, so let's concentrate on the intro at hand.

        First we are treated with a lovely fullscreen picture which is
        very typical of Pulsion stuff: high quality and fullscreen :)
        After pressing space, 3 big sprites with different sizes inform
        us of the group's name. These sprites scroll from right to left
        with different speeds, have different shades of gray, and are
        displayed in such a way that a parallax effect is achieved. Nice
        (and full).

        Pressing space once more gives us the final screen: The members'
        names of Pulsion scroll up and fill the screen, and a weird text
        writer displays the credits and some notes about the demo. Each
        line of text falls from the top of the screen and bounces when
        it hits the bottom or another line. The text informs us that
        this is calculated in realtime, which means that the fullscreen
        code is more advanced than the usual, as it allows the code to
        use multiplications, divisions, and whatever else is needed. So
        in the end we don't get yet another boring fullscreen effect.

        I totally enjoyed this little screen. It was unexpected, and it
        was of very good quiality. Pulsion is one of those crews I wish
        they could come back doing ST stuff, and this intro is testament
        of this.

                                                       GGN for Alive, 2006-12-19
Alive 14