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Alive 14
                   -= Realtime Article for Alive Magazine =-


2006-12-01 (16:59)

It seems the realtime article machine is set up ok now, just need to get a
monitor to complete the setup. I will fetch that from the cellar later today...

2006-12-01 (21:55)

This f***ing machine is finally running, I have to admit that it has some
troubles loading the editor from disk and you need to continue disk-errors a lot
of times, but with a bit disk-lifting and patience I got it to boot ok :)
Let's hope the disk drive will not break down while the text is still not saved,
but anyway: no risk, no fun. :)

Ok folks feel free to type whatever comes to your mind...

2006-12-01 (22:02) 

loddek stylee on the keys and wow its the first time since ages that I write
something to a realtime article.

2006-12-01 (22:06)

Simon Sunnyboy on the keys - I really made it early to the party. I was the
third or forth to get in. Already had nice chats with various ppl.
GGN is abusing my F030 for hacking. I'm looking forward to more D-Bug stuff
with F030 compatibility.

2006-12-01 (22:07)

ggn - Hey, at last a realtime article dedicated machine! I guess me and Rana
got here first (about 5 pm), and we're both REALLY tired (god I love German
kezboards ;). Food time is upon us now, so I guess I'll go and try some pizza

2006-12-01 (22:44)

Hmmm ... what shall I write here? Dunno. Anyway, its fun to be here. Who am
I? Doesn't matter ;-)

2006-12-01 (23:17)

SSB again - completed the missing patches for Nuclear Waste Dump. The Mega STE
crash is now fixed by simply disallowing jagpad access on the Mega STE and the
medrez bug is fixed as well. It makes a difference if you push a LONG or a WORD
afterall. Nobody is perfect! Thanks to GGN for pointing me at that fault! :)

2006-12-01 (23:22)

TOBE - Well, I think I must write something smart here, but maybe I'll try
later... Of course the software tried to fool me with it's German language.


2006-12-02  (00:49:28)

Just repaired kRadD's Falcon 060... keyboard didn't work anymore. It was
the same bug as with my Falcon: the +5V pin of the keyboard connector was
too weak. Plugged the corresponding cable to another +5V power supply and
now it seems to work again. Of course kRadD is lost again somewhere in
space (Taunus) so I can't test the final result, but hey, it's his Falcon,
not mine ;-)  - Thothy

2006-12-02 (01:04)

lotek style is the first one to give up and seeks some sleep.

2006-12-02 (02:05) cxt

Defjam is running around and looking for an internet machine... Horray the 1st
Paracon with Internet access... It's getting better and better :)

Tobe has just left to catch some sleep, grisu is playing "Chu Chu Rocket" on my
Falcon and I am really tired now...

2006-12-02 (02:28)

Well, more have gone to bed right now, but I stayed a bit later than I
planned because me, Rana and No had a very large conversation about life,
the Universe, and everything ;). I any case me and Rana are both going to
bed right now (an hour more and we would be awake for 24 hours straight!)

2006-12-02 (02:46) cxt

I guess I will go to sleep as well, hopefully I will find some time to work on
next alive tomorrow, seems to be a good time-window for that, the snoring has
faded away :) Good night for now...

2006-12-02 (03:04) 

uriel5000 on the keys.. just to add a few words to this high quality realtime
article ...  what to say?  . hello to all friends - you know who you are !

2006-12-02 (4:44) kA1z0r cH33kz

hmmm, just turned up at Paracon to find everybody snoring, only one blonde
guy with glasses is still awake. What can I say? You call this a party?
I better drive home now, there is more action in my fridge than here.

Btw, uriel5000: We certainly know who we are, but who are you?

2006-12-02 (05:06) grisu

Seems the last ones went to sleep, so I'm leaving now ... probably won't be here
tomorrow, so bye all. It was fun and interesting, have fun for the rest
of the party

2006-12-02 (06:14)

SSB here - "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and
wise." I wasn't the first one to go up but I'm definitely the first to be awake
again. Defjam went up the stairs about 25 minutes ago and I'm already ready
for action, I'll probably start coding right away. Hopefully I won't disturb
anyone :)

2006-12-02 (07.55)) Defjam 

just stood just up.. took a piss... maybe back to sleep?

2006-12-02 (08:29) ggn 

I woke up at about 7-something but I forgot to write something there because
I was dragged in to do some lame h4xx0r stuff.
This is life :P

2006-12-02 (08:58) Tobe

Need coffee...

2006-12-02 (09:03) 

Defjam has now dropped Anafranil since 2 days. I think it's better because
I am not depressed at the moment and don't need that strong anti-depressiva..
What a crap you wonder... What the heck? ;)
Life's just great since 2-3 weeks! :)

2006-12-02 (09:06) 

Finally got some coffee. First version of the font I was ordered to do
is finished. Hatari runs many Falcon games/demos. Still no sound but
quite impressive anyway. ZWF

2006-12-02 (09:39) SSB

waiting for the breakfast - I AM HUNGRY! :D

2006-12-02 (9:50) cxt

Just woke up from the smell of fresh coffee, breakfast is about to be served
in a few minutes, great. Let's visit the bathroom in the meantime...

2006-12-02 (11:34) RA/pdx

This weekend I coded again a little bit for the STE - I haven't done this
since January - that was too long. The first hours yesterday it was really
hard, but now it's getting better and makes me happy.

2006-12-02 (12:26) cxt

Had to power down the realtime article machine since kRadD pulled the power
chord from the wall to leave for some CPC event elsewhere. He is currently
loading his stuff into his car...

I guess I don't have to mention that I had the same loading troubles as before,
anyway the machine is up and running now, so who cares...

I demonstrated the classic EtherNec I made for ggn to some people and it
seems the board I soldered is even faster than the original one made by
Stimpy, probably due to a different network card used. Can't think of any
other reason, it's the same design...

Lotek is cursing about the missing cable length because now he has to rearrange
his whole setup to get it connected to the mains supply again...

Now I am going to buy some food, to get prepared for coding :)

2006-12-02 (12:58) cxt

Defjam just came back from a visit to the Selters spring and a visit to the
headquarters of the "Zeugen Jehovas", they gave him a "Wachturm" and some
advertisements since he told them lots of crap :) Oh, dear...

2006-12-02 (13:17) SSB

Defjam offered me a drink of original Selters water. Tastes almost like
blood - way too much iron in for my taste.

I actually coded 1/3 to 1/2 of a small intro by now. In contrast to last
time Paracon will be somewhat productive for me :)

2006-12-02 (13:36) uriel5000 sagt:

ww rockt!! Mit weniger als einem halben Gramm bin ich jetzt schon -positiv-
!druff uriel5000 - and it's much much less dangerous than the stuff I got
and ate meadow !!!
Thanks to all the nice people here at Paracon!

2006-12-02 (13:45) defjam

interessant. Aber sei vorsichtig!

2006-12-02 (13:50) 

ww? what's that supposed to be? Weinerliche Weiber? Da komm
ich nicht gut drauf mit. Wichsende Waldmeister? Buargh... Weisse Weihnacht?
Hoer mir auf! Weisse Witwe? Hmmm, jau macht Sinn in dem Kontext, altes Kiffer-

Seems paracon is a meeting point for drug addicts, damn and I always thought
that's what outline was held for...

2006-12-02 (14:10) ggn

going out for shopping, so if we don't get frozen to death maybe I'll write
more about that later....

2006-12-02 (14:15) xBore

Just came by to meet with some Atarians, when a shivering guy babbeling strange
stuff passed me. Must be this ggn from the message above. Frozen to death?
Temperature is way above zero, dude are you a girl or what?
Too bad I missed the breakfast, I am starving...

2006-12-02 (16:21) Tobe

Found a Thai massage near the place :)

2006-12-02 (16:37) 

Wow Baby... Hatari runs BEAMS perfectly to the end (ok without sound but
still very impressive) lo-happy-tek style :)

2006-12-02 (16:41) xBore

What Beams without sound????? That's a complete NO GO!!!

2006-12-02 (16:46) (automatically saved) 

Wow! I fixed my laptop now so it doesn't thermal shutdown anymore (it must
have done this at least 20 times from yesterday). On one hand I feel sad
because I fixed a crappy PC, but on the other hand I'm happy because I can
continue doing Atari stuff with it and completely ignore work stuff :P.
Also, helped Cyclone a bit gathering info for the NVRAM/RTC for his program
that will hopefully be released with Alive... (ggn)

2006-12-02 (17:00) cxt

I am currently searching for the reason why the system clock of a Falcon
with a dead RTC battery is always reset to those odd values (31-15-07).

I have already downloaded the datasheets for the DS1227 and wrote a small
program to set the clock. Strange enough it seems the setting of the clock is
only temporary and will be reset to these odd values whenever a program is
terminated, hmmm I guess we should examine this on an emulator with some
surveillance activated. Thoty is currently hacking the Hatari source to
log all access to the RTC hardware addresses.

2006-12-02 (19:00)

Defjam bought some very hot pepperoni - and I was crazy enough to try one.
It's burning like hell on the tongue! And I had to discover that you can't
neutralize the burning by eating Lebkuchen :-( Well, I finally went to the
kitchen and got some old bread from the breakfast, that helped at least a
little bit. ... after all, I have to say that Lebkuchen with Pepperoni
is really a funny experience - try it if you dare! - Thothy

(Sorry, I don't know what's Lebkuchen in english)
(cxt: lebkuchen = gingerbread)

2006-12-02 (20:07)

Now I remember... Humans need to drink water to survive. Tired, a little
bit drunk but still coding :) One line every five minutes...

Vever, cremeu, felx, ma glokynette et floopaie vous me manquez, sniff,
where's mon chaton in luv with ?


2006-12-02 (20:21) 

Well, we had a long & nice chat with Thothy (and just exchanged a joke
with Tobe here that would be censored by the editor if I were to type it
:P) about Hatari (automatic save). We actually found a clean way of making
a cygwin build of it (I think mingw and cygwin developers must be at war ;).
Also we squished a very very very weird bug that would baffle everyone on
the planet (don't do this at home kids, we're trained professionals here :).
Yay! Also he told me some starting pointers for using gdb! Double yay!
Anyway, pizza's ordered now and.... erm... dunno what's the point of this
sentence, other than to make this text bigger so the Alive editors will be
happier because they would need to write less crap for the diskzine. So...
I guess it did have a point (even if it's stupid)


2006-12-02 (21:02)

fooood. the humanoids must not escape!

2006-12-02 (21:15) 

Talked with Defjam, he told me alcohol was killing brain cells, so I'm a
bit afraid of my beer now. Tobe

2006-12-02 (21:17) 

Main problem of the evening has been solved: the pizza was found to be
dead and eaten :) SSB

2006-12-02 (21:18) 

I really believe brain cells are dying by themselves, so I'm going to
finish my beers. T“b‰

Brain cells are bitches!

2006-12-02 (21:49) defjam

currently we are listening to DJ Neophyte in his earlier years - courtesy
of Paranoid !  Greetings to Paranoid to burn me some delicious CDs and to
#gabber !
Baaaahhh... now it's crappy .. wait.. it changed again some 303 ... bla...

2006-12-02 (22:01) 

Stop writing about w4r3z here, this is an official document :P

2oo6-12-02 (argh...)

poing poing poing poing poiggn poign ponig poing poignp™ngp”ng.. !one !1

Tackermucke pur - OMG!

This music kills ass cells.

Certainly as all remaining brain cells have been annihilated already!

2006-12-02 (22:27)

We've found an interesting bug in the Falcon TOS. When your RTC/NVRAM
battery is dead, the XBIOS function #23 returns a -1. But stupid TOS does
not check for this return value and interprets the -1 as a valid date...
... so the date shows up as 31-15-07 or something like that in XCONTROL.ACC.
I guess nobody expected dead batteries 10 years ago when TOS was written.
Well, CXT now tries to write a replacement for the XBIOS function, let's
hope that this will help to work around the TOS bug!  - Thothy


2006-12-03 (00:51) 

Teeth feel cleaner now, will head to bed in a bit (I saw my eyes in the
mirror an they turned a lovely shade of red).

Gut night alles.... (or sth) (ggn)

2006-12-03 (02:46) cxt

Only a few brave Atarians are still awake, No and Charon are discussing some
non Atari related stuff while most of the others are already snoring. It has
been a nice and successful party so far and even the realtime article machine
worked fine despite some initial problems. Many thanks to stratagem for his
replacement keyboard, without it, typing would have much more troublesome :)
(Some keys on the original keyboard were almost dead while others didn't work
at all :)

I will pack some gear back into my car and go to sleep afterwards.

2006-12-03 (03:12)

Just woke up again... somebody is snoring like hell upstairs... well, the
usual stuff, but this time it is too loud to continue sleeping :-(
 - Thothy

2006-12-03 (04:04) defjam

just woke up after 4 hours with fine sleep ..
gonna smoke some fine Vanilla Ziggy now.

2006-12-03 (04:14) Pim F.

buy online the best stuff

2006-12-03 (06:18) SSB

Good morning! What a nice and cold December the 3rd!
I think this must be the coldest of all the 3 days. Will code a bit now -
decided to make a multipart instead of the intro. No NWD compo yet and
I don't know if we will do one later.

2006-12-03 (08:46)

Good morning. What? December the 3rd? Mmmhh, where am I?
People are talking a unknown language... Oh yes I remember, it's Paracon and
it's fucking cool to be here :) To.

2006-12-03 (08:52) ggn

Woke up about 1hr ago and I (again!) never had the chance to write that here
immediately (so I'm an awful blogger, so sue me :P). Talked to SSB about what
I do to make games run on the Falcon and he found it disgusting! (noone said
it would be pretty ;) BTW I totally relate with what Tobe wrote above...

2006-12-03 (09:42) ggn (again)

So, breakfast today was even richer in variety than yesterday (even this or
I got breakfast late yesterday). This reminded me of an article in last issue
of alive from a legendary hungry member of the boring crew (iirc) and the
adventures he had trying not to starve to death during a party....

(hey, I make less typing errors on this German Kezboard as time goes by...)

2006-12-03 (09:52) SSB

Breakfast rocked as always! :)

2006-12-03 (10:09)

... up and running again ... Paracon breakfast rocks as always! Big thanks
to the organizers. - Thothy

2006-12-03 (sin(x))

The friendly invasion of big penised dinosaurs has been thrown back by
huge breasted women and I was asleep! What a pity...

bye bye realtime article!!! (ggn)

2006-12-03 (10:36)

Probably the last few bits for this Article are done by cxt, the car is almost
completely loaded and everybody is watching the Paracon video on the big screen
it seems people like to watch themselves on "TV" :)
Again it was a nice party and I guess you can download the video from the web
soon. So bye bye Paracon, cu all next year?

Alive 14