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Alive 14
In good Company
When writing this editorial I couldn't avoid thinking about all 
the delayed products and the fading activity of the Atari scene. 
Being delayed is nothing special. Some Atari productions have 
been delayed for more than 10 years. Also some games, which have 
been shown as previews some years ago haven't surfaced yet. For 
example there is still no release of Chuck's puzzler, the 
Reservoir Gods seems to be on halt indefinitely. Concerning 
demos, we lack major productions. Real demos have become rare, 
only some bootsectors and a jukebox were released at this years 
Outline. Even t.S.C.c. wonderboy ray appears to be in 
hibernation mode. To make it short: Delays have been become 
normal and the audience gets more and more used to them.

According to Paranoid it's even worse and the Atari scene is 
already dead. Perhaps he is right, but I am not ready to give in 

In Germany we have a saying "Gut Ding will Weile haben" and I 
guess that's also true for the scene. Some say there is no point 
in releasing unfinished productions. That's certainly right, 
when it comes to demos. However diskmags are a different story, 
since the articles age and become out of date quite fast. Alive 
14 has been delayed for almost 8 month now and some of the stuff 
has even been written more than 12 month ago. So ready or not, 
release is overdue. At Evoke Felice and me decided to remove all 
the unfinished articles and try to accomplish a party release 
despite the fact that Stu's tune is only a preview and that a 
few pictures were left at home. (Sorry ssb)

What will happen in the future? I am still not sure if I should 
continue working on Alive since it seems I am not only having 
less and less time for the scene but I am also slowly drifting 
away from it. Real life is getting more important each day and 
perhaps it's time to finally make a clean cut and bury the past. 
Several members of the Alive Team have recently signalled that 
they had similar thoughts.

The bottom line is: Diskmags have outlived themselves. Since the 
rise of the WWW, zero day news, review sites and demoscene-
centered-database-driven-sites like pouet have removed the base 
for diskmags. In addition the so called "Web 2.0" with it's 
questionable and mostly useless BLOGs epidemic spreads like a 
Virus and is adding more and more junk each day. Especially
since it has become so easy to create them. Considering the 
amount of work we need to put into a diskmag with its platform 
specific restrictions and a bugged shell, the question arises 
if it wouldn't be better to quit or at least switch the format. 

However if we close now, who will carry on? Young sceners are  
rare, especially on Atari, so it seems more or less certain that
the Atari scene will die with us. Perhaps documenting it might 
help to create small side note in computer history which might 
outlive us. But even that is most doubtful... 

                                   Cyclone for Alive, 2007-08-11

Alive 14