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Alive 14
FOG Intro Review

      FOG? What the f... is a FOG? To answer this question, here's a
      quote from its coder taken right from pouet. Argonaut: "This is
      an intro for the Falcon Owners Group that I did in 1996 I think.
      Never released until now. I tried it on my Falcon recently and
      it didn't really seem in sync and the music sounded bad. Then it
      ended suddenly. Still, something for the Falcon :-)"

      Unfortunately I had never seen, read or heard anything about
      FOG, because I didn't had a Falcon back then, and besides I
      wasn't in contact with any Atarian at all. Fortunately I got a
      falcon in the meantime, and as well as the Internet for
      contacting other people, so let's go!

      This intro seems to dislike my monitor, so time to connect the
      old RF to the TV. Ouch! Lots of snow there, it must be
      influenced by the season :) Hey, it has an option to kill the
      internal speaker, that's handy!

      Well, the intro consists of the following effects, in this
      sequence more or less:

      - An averaging effect which is used to "smoothen" the FOG logo.

      - A screen blender which uses an RGB-splitter spline-waves going
        from top to bottom in true colour. This effect is used several
        times during the demo to switch between screens and it looks
        really nice.

      - A 3-D flat shaded routine on top of a true colour picture,
        which is abused to show lots of small objects. This part if
        far too long and boring for my taste.

      - A text display routine, which uses "sprites" to let the
        letters fly in from the right border. The font looks quite
        nice but I have that feeling I have seen it before.

      - The DSP is utilised for module playing, which is nothing
        special but at least it is used at all.

      Everything's running smooth, no complaints about that. However
      apart from the screen blender it still looks a lot like an ST
      intro in true colour. So my recommendation would be run it once,
      let it crash (it does on my machine) and then focus on more
      decent demos.

      (cxt: I never saw it crash on my machine, but I used VGA mode
      and not RGB.)

      I tried to run the "FOG intro" on hatari 0.91 CVS just to see it
      crashing while showing the first effect. It seems even more work
      is required on the DSP emulation!

                               GGN for Alive, 2006-12-31 (I'm still not joking!)
Alive 14