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Alive 14
Fiskeboda Coding

Konvention invite

                          by Dead Hackers Society

      Well, it was an instant joke: The Swedes want to name their
      parties using the word "fuck" in every language! Alas, the party 
      itself got cancelled (for reasons unknown to me), so what we are 
      left with is the invitro itself.

      Upon starting the intro we get blasted by a Crazy Q tune. What 
      can I say? He has never let me down in the audio department :) 
      The party's logo starts swinging up and down and after a short 
      while a pattern involving filled circles is dropped in the
      background, doing a weird animation.

      Shortly after that, the colours fade to white. Some vertical
      bars get distorted as to give depth, making a cool looking 
      effect. But one colour only? That is rectified quickly. First we 
      get 2 different colours, and then we get 15 col bars on screen!

      ...and then it's over (almost). The screen goes black and the 
      bottom half is used to display the invite text, while the upper 
      half is filled with an aesthetically pleasing effect: Some
      graphics are interlaced with an effect that reminds the 
      beginning of their Outline 06 invitro. Of course this is done in 
      DHS style, that is half the pixels are displayed each frame, so 
      you get some flickering, but it's not that bad, and the effect & 
      graphics make up for it.

      So there you have it: a small intro done quickly by the looks of
      it, but still nice. If I hadn't booked tickets for Paracon 8, 
      I'd certainly would consider going there instead. Although, if 
      the party had been cancelled it would have been a big disappointment
      for me. All things considered, I'm sorry that it 
      was cancelled.

                                                       GGN for Alive, 2006-12-19

Alive 14