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Alive 14
Fantasy Party 06
Or last year's releases put into a slightly fictional alternative historical
context for the hell of it!

With yet another set of idle moments passing by in the delayed wait for this
issue and any other Atariscene activity, this leads me to contemplating some
'what if' speculation.  For example,  how about if we put all of last year's
releases into one big party instead of them appearing all over the place  as
actually  happened.  I  went  a bit further to imagine some  other  in-party
happenings.  Nothing  described here varies too far from what took place  in

For my choice of imaginary party '06,  I'll go for an Easter trip,  probably
another edition of Outline,  making use of an alternative reality version of
Havoc,  who isn't quite ready to commit to Breakpoint just yet. We will also
assume that the bigger venue at De Panoven is available as well, with a less
prattish management than was actually the case.  This party is pre-announced
some  time  before,  so people have plenty of time to get their  productions
ready for Easter,  and no excuses!  Amazingly (we are still in fantasy land,
after all!) the majority of people who pre-promise themselves actually  turn

The invites are issued as for our timeline,  with a really cool invitro from
DHS  on  the  '060 ,  and also a nice intro demandling less  total  hardware
committment from Lineout.  These intro's are exactly the same as the ones we
got.  Expectations  are raised very high with the release of both of  these,
within a fortnight of each other in early March.

The party itself lives up to expectations,  with a relaxed atmosphere, and a
strongly Atarian presence.  There are no pc people just yet, this is planned
for a new summer version of Outline,  but that won't be until next year.  It
is still too early in the year to suggest using the indian style teepees  as
sleeping accomodation, and we all reflect on a lucky escape there!

The four days are brilliantly fun, but it is the compo's we are waiting for,
the  true  indicator  of the state of health and  commitment  level  of  the
Atariscene. We are not to be disappointed!

After  a graphics and music competition which reflects more or less how  the
real  Outline  '06 went,  we are into the first major demo compo,  the 4ktro
category.  This  is  most notable for a two-way standup fight between gwEm's
4K made for all systems from ST upward,  and a quick '060 4K made by Evil at
the  party.  (Yes,  in  this  reality,  some more Swedes made a  road-trip!)
Although quickly done, it is very good and indicative of the overall quality
coming  from  DHS.  As  Evil  subsequently dominates the 96k  and  big  demo
categories, the final vote narrowly goes gwEm's way. In this compo, there is
also a Defjam quick 4Ktro, identical to the one he made for the real Outline
'06, which still attracts some happy noises from the audience.

The  Bootsector intro competition is run as for our Outline '06,  and proves
to  be a popular category for time-strapped coders,  the entries and results
are identical to the original Outline '06.

The  96ktro  compo  is the next big effort.  This is dominated by  DHS  with
'Genocidal'  for  the '060 fanatics,  with Paradox and their '96  Shades  of
Grey'  intro  following  closely,  and  the two  other  Outline  06  entries
'Freshtro'  and  'Lavalamp' bringing up the rear.  This compo would also  be
identical  to the real-life version,  but with a non-absentee Evil  watching
with interest.

Where  we  get  a  major  digression from  reality  is  with  the  big  demo
competition.  This actually has the entries which were released piecemeal at
different  locations last year all in one venue.  There are two '060 entries
from Evolution and DHS going head to head. The demos known as 'Supernatural'
and  'Derealisation'.  After  some agonizing on their part,  the  organisers
decide  to merge the competition with the only standard F030 demo  which  is
ready in time,  'Menace' from Mystic Bytes.  Yes, as as well as some Swedes,
some  other  Eastern European people made the trip too!  Thoughts turn to  a
vodka-induced  hangover after an interesting Friday night spent for far  too
long in their company!  There were preview screens on view at the party of a
new Lineout F030 demo,  but in the end, there was nothing ready to go into a
competition just yet.

After  rather less agonizing,  the Dildo Fatwa fake demo does not go in  the
big  demo competition.  The end-voting is split accordingly between the  060
and F030 camps for their favourite.  It is too close to call for a time, but
'Derealization'  comes  out the eventual winner.  'Menace' gets  a  deserved
second  place,  and  'Supernatural' third,  but there really aren't too many
points between them.

The  wild  competition  is mostly as for the  real  Outline  '06,  including
Defjam's  conversion  of  Acid Burn for the Game Boy  Advance,  gwEm's  FGPA
project, the Cyclone Alive music disk, and Dildo Fatwa's "attempt" at a real
demo called 'We Dreme of Atari'. I'd also throw in a hypothetical extra fake
demo  from MJJ Productions made in-party,  and the addition of the  Chosneck
'Supplement'  mag,  which manages to get Mystic Bytes into two  competitions
with  the  same production!  (I remember originally that there was a lot  of
work  to get it to a release state for the party,  but there were still some
articles  missing,  and  the actual release was not until some  weeks  after
Easter.)  The  results  are more or less as before,  with  the  fake  demo's
fighting for joint bottom place, and Chosneck placed quite highly.

In other news...

The game competitions are as for the original Outline party Atarian entries,
including  the Reservoir Gods 'Atariscene Card Battle' game,  but also  with
the addition of a nicely done release from Paradize Computing called 'Znax".
PHF do turn up to this party and manage to win the competition with a rather
non-Atari  but  retro-themed 'GlobotWars',  which is identical to  the  real
Outline '06.  Away from the competitions, Mikro is also showing off an early
version  of his Quake '060 port,  and is talking about porting Duke Nukem to
the CT60 as well.

Also  seen at the party,  Defjam and Dune/Sector One are all working on some
new  and  interesting  ST stuff.   Again there is nothing ready to  show  in
competition,  so  this  will have to wait for the future.  There is also  an
advanced preview of the YM-RockerZ latest music disk being shown,  or rather
heard a lot, but this isn't finished and properly released until the summer.

As  for  other party happenings,  we don't get many of the pc  people  (Limp
Ninja  etc)  here,  nor the envigorating presence of BeerTBP,  but there was
plenty  of  hardcore  accoustic guitar action from the likes  of  Chuck  and

Well I hope you all enjoyed this trip to an alternative Outline '06, and one
which is plausible and not too far removed from reality, notwithstanding one
or  two  small  tweaks in the timelines and  additions  to  the  competition
entries! Or to put it another way, looking back at 2006 like that, it really
wasn't too bad a year last year.
CiH, for Alive Mag, April '07.
Alive 14