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Alive 14
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                    We're taking the emulator challenge!

It's  been  a  lazy few months,  followed by a busy few weeks.  I've  finally
started  to get my contributions to Alive into shape,  and in the dying  days
before Xmas, I'm getting there at last.

Now  one  of the challenges I set myself was to see how far I could  go  with
making Alive without an original machine. So why is this? Well for one thing,
I  remember  wearing out a keyboard on my CT60 Falcon doing the  editing  and
formatting for my Alive issue 13 stuff! I've got a nice replacement keyboard,
thanks very much,  but I'm getting more aware of the age of my tribe of Atari
hardware, and getting a bit protective of them from over-use.

Also,   the  main  MacOS  Atari  emulator,  Hatari,  has  been  getting  more
interesting.  In this issue,  we even get to see a pre-release CVS build beta
with Falcon 030 emulation included in action! Yes, at last, the emulator holy
grail is in sight at last!

So  I  decided  to  take  a closer look at  Hatari,  which  I  considered  an
interesting toy, and place of first resort to try out new ST-based downloads,
but  not in general use as a serious tool.  My process of creation for  Alive
was  split  evenly between the Mac and my Falcon.  The Mac for  initial  text
creation,  and the Falcon for final editing,  formatting,  and preparation of
screengrabs.  This time I decided to see if I could do it all between the Mac
and Hatari.

It  has  been  generally  ok,  once I worked out the quirks  of  Hatari.  The
facility  for extended GEM modes was a big help for tasks like text  editing.
even  gave  GGN's Kolour Tagger a spin,  which worked nicely on here  too.  I
still resorted to the Falcon for one article,  the 'Imponance' Ascii cartoon,
as  the keyboard mapping on Hatari isn't quite right,  or set up incorrectly,
and has some missing keys.

The  process of sorting out screengrabs came from a combination  of  grabbing
from  a variety of sources.  The Mac has its own screengrabber built into the
'Preview' picture displayer. The 'Gimp' image processing and painting package
came in useful to scale and resize pictures, and Imagecopy in Hatari was used
to make the final Alive shell friendly Degas images.

The  Alive  test shell runs under Hatari,  and this is the final frontier  to
cross, but it seems that it is possible to avoid using an original machine at
(almost) every stage of article creation.  I'd still be more comfortable with
the  slightly saggy-keyed certainties and comforts of the Falcon  though,  so
maybe a return to old methods is on the cards for the next time.

And what is coming forth from this issue? Well there's no really big breaking
news,  but  lots  of  small to medium sized snippets of interest.  A  Jagfest
report  from the wild north,  a sample chapter from the "Epic" (as in delayed
game from Digital Image Design sense of the word!) History of the Atari  demo
scene.  There is the first look at a working Falcon 030 emulation,  more from
the  world  of the Enterprise 128,  a bit of a zombie theme in the books  and
movies department, and more!

And some other people, (Hi GGN, Cyclone!) have written some stuff as well.

What more can I say, but enjoy!

There's  one last little thing,  I found this random image on Pouet,  and I'm
putting it in here, because I like it!

Ok, that is really it for this time!

                                                                   CiH, Dec '06.
Alive 14