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Alive 14
The Dreamcast is still ALIVE!
The year 2007 is going to start good for us Dreamcast fans, it
starts off with 3 new shooters for the console.

First out is an conversion of the game "Last Hope" which was 
originally created for SNK's awesome Neo Geo, which was for sure 
the most advanced console of its time. Screenshots and in-game-
videos have "R-Type-Clone" written in neon letters all over it. 
Like you would expect from a decent shooter the game will run at 
60 fps however it looks really oldskool due to the absence of 
any alpha channel FX. Release is announced for January 2007, and 
the price will be around 35 USD. Another interesting fact might 
by the Rafael "it's all about the melody" Dyll appears in the 
credits with some freelance Music contributions.

A month later a game called "Trigger Heart Exelica" will be
released. This game is the new NAOMI shoot-em up by Warashi (of
Shienryu fame). It is currently making the rounds in the
arcades. On November the 28th 2006, Warashi announced that the
game would be ported over to Dreamcast and released on February
the 22nd, 2007. Judging from the screenshots and in-game-videos,
this one is going to be really WILD! So better get your
Jaegermeister ready :) There will be two versions of the game
for sale, a normal and a limited edition. Prices are set to
53.00 US$ for the normal version and 73.00 US$ for the limited
edition one.

The third game is called "Karous" and is the new arcade game 
from Milestone Inc. Karous is a cel-shaded shooter just like 
Milestone's last game called "Radilgy". The screenshots of the 
game look very much like "Radilgy". Release date is set to 8th 
of March. The price tag is still unknown to me.

The homebrew scene still seems to lack any important news for
2007 but I am confident this will change quite soon.

And for those who missed out on the cool stuff that was released 
towards the end of 2006 should check this out:

The Sandman Dreamcast Demo Disc Vol 1 contained several demo

Featured Games :

    * Alice Dreams by Patbier & Poche

    * BlockSmash by Florian Zitzelsberger (aka ZMaster)

    * Burger DC by Warmtoe, Krut & DaMadFiddler

    * Cool Herders by Harmeless Lion

    * DCastle by Heinrich Tillack (A128 Software)

    * DC Squares (2 Player Version) by Sam Steele (aka c99koder)

    * Drill by Handmade Videogames

    * Feet of Fury by Cryptic Allusion

    * Giana's Return by CHN, Kojote, op3rator, Arthus, Myth

    * Inhabitants by S+F Software

    * Joggle by Warmtoe & SeGaFrEaK NL

    * Maqiupai by JMD

    * Melchior by Anton Norgren (aka TVspelsfreak)

    * MSK-XT by Eytan Kaziberdov (aka Kamjin)

    * NOIZ2SA by Kenta Cho & Chui

    * Outbrk (aka brkout) by Jim Ursetto (aka Jimitha)

    * T-Two (aka Tetris 2 CD) by Victor Gars (VG Software)

Download an iso file at

For all you Quake fans there was a special edition released at 
the end of 2006.

QuakeDC - Manoel "Fragger" Kasimier Edition contains the
shareware version of Quake. This release allows you to play the
complete first Quake episode, 'Dimension of the Doomed' as well
as a huge (more than 300 maps) selection of deathmatch maps
running a heavily optimised version of Titanium Studios'

Download an iso file at

But not only games were released at the end of last year, the
first Dreamcast diskmag was released as well. Scenedictate is
the name of the diskmag.

Content issue 1

* Introduction
* Restoring Used Games
* Need for console only parties (includes statements from
  Psychad / organizer of the Deadline Console party in Stockholm)
* ScummVM
  o ScummVM interview with _sev and joostp (coders)
  o Inherit the Earth interview (including demoversion)
  o ScummVM 0.8.0 (latest version for Dreamcast)
* GamePark 32
  o GamePark 32, the developer's handheld! (article by Optimus)
  o GP32 demoscene, where is it? (article by Optimus)
* dcplaya (version 2.0 beta)
* The story behind SHizZLE (statements from Lupin of Team PokŽme)
* Capitalism influence in free culture (article by ps)
* Scene demos (demos which can be run right off)
  o Hex Pistols
  o Jenny Thinks
  o One Day Miracle
* 8 and 16-bit videogame charts
* Credits

For a download visit: 

The future looks quite bright for our beloved console and I hope
to keep you all updated with more news during 2007.
Crazy Q for Alive, 2007
Alive 14