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Alive 14
Justification, Art,
Styles and Methods
1. J U S T I F I C A T I O N

After the release of Alive 13, which contained my article about 
graphical methods I had contact to several graphic artists men 
in several ways. But all those encounters had one thing in 
common each of them seemed to have a different and - if you ask 
me - wrong picture about what the text was about.

This article is my desperate attempt to make things clearer.
Though I fear it might lead to the exact opposite. Besides I
will try to push my thoughts a bit further.

Where can I start ? Well, first of all I think it is important 
to state that my previous article was not meant as an accusation 
of anyone even though I have to admit it can be read like that.

What went wrong? I believe my main mistake was, to add personal
emotions and comments to the introduction that was meant to
explain the reasons for my opinions about creating graphics. The
whole part was not meant as an base for judging everything which

Instead I rather tried to analyze the various methods and their 
pros and cons. I tried to be as neutral as I could when judging 
that, because I wanted to find out which method I want to use 
and perhaps to give an explanation to it.

And after I found out, my aim was to share my thoughts with
other pixel artists. Hopefully helping them to find their
personal method and last not least to help the non-pixel-pushers
to judge graphic productions more easily.

Anyway, it seemed I failed and I got that feeling that the whole 
stunt ended up in a mess. One guy feels sorry for what he did, 
another one blames me for accusing people and the like. Reason 
enough to clear things up now.

The article was not about downing people for what they do. It
was not meant to tell anyone to do a certain way. I am not
against any single method if others use them - I just choose the
ones with the pros I prefer. If you disagree on a pro or a con,
let me know, its interesting for me as well. Also if the pros or
the cons make you feel a method is lame - well its up to you to
judge, don't blame me for it.

Besides I noticed people mix certain things, which I think they 

There is a difference in art, style and method, at least I think
so. And now I try and tell you what I feel is the difference for
these things

2. A R T

Art is a very far reaching term. I read many attempts to define 
what art is and you always find someone to feel another way. Art 
is about feelings. Feelings when doing something and feelings 
when consuming art. And as feelings depend on the individual, it 
leads to the conclusion art also depends on the individual. And 
that's what makes things very difficult. What is art? It depends 
on whom you ask. One will claim you need high skills, the other 
wants weird ideas. A third one wants both combined.

Now to get a personal touch in here I state that I am open to
many forms of art. Just because I don't like something (because
it lacks e.g. quality) does not mean I feel its no art. Its
simply no art I would appreciate.

3. S T Y L E S

Now a style as I understand it is a certain way of expressing 
himself. There are again as many ways to do that as there are 
people. One likes comics and uses the colour pattern that is 
typical for it. Another one goes for photo realism and tries to 
rebuild exact lighting to create the illusion of a photo rather 
than a drawn/ray traced picture. Others seek new ways to express 
themselves like doing only black and white stuff or by refusing 
vto keep basic forms the way they usually are (e.g. making curved
things look square ).

To make it a closed style certain basic characteristics have to
be found in the works of the artist. E.g. the way you paint
parts of a character (eyes etc.) or the colours you prefer. Even
in photo realism you still choose a lot of things (lighting,
time of day, colour of light-source etc.) that can be quite
typical for your works.

But to develop your very own style you need to do stuff that 
comes from yourself. Its linked together.

And as with art its the same with styles you like some, you may
even hate some. Its a matter of individual taste.

4. M E T H O D S

Methods as described in Alive 13 are just ways to reach a 
certain goal. I am NOT against a single method at all. 

If you convert stuff, it is fine if it fits. And some guys
really do a great job that way, providing masses of graphics and
secure high quality illustrations to certain productions. I even
feel its important to the scene to have a source for that. I
also have to add a skill for converting stuff - you need to have
an eye for the right stuff if you provide a production.

If you copy I see no problem with that. I just don't feel very 
good if people, who obviously used references act like they 
invented everything and tell me what fine artist they are. If 
they talk freely about their method there is no reason for 
thinking they suck. Some of them really to amazing jobs there. 
In the end copying has a long tradition in art, I even think 
most paintings were copies of real things in the past centuries.

The other two methods if well done are of course cool things and
I will always like to see stuff someone has created on his own.

5. E N D

Please excuse my English, I feel its not good enough to discuss 
stuff like this, yet I cannot help it but doing it anyway.

Now you can once again blame me, shout at me and praise me. :-)

Just drop a mail to
Zwf for Alive, 2006-12-12
Alive 14