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Alive 14
Not entirely unexpected and certainly not what we would call a 
"natural" death, after all, he was executed at dawn, Baghdad 
time on December 30, 2006. The official footage of him having 
the noose put around his neck looked rather dignified, but the 
unofficial footage, released by someone handily still having a 
mobile phone with a camera on it, showed just what did happen, 
and it wasn't pretty ...

We're not providing a direct link or hosting a copy of the 
unofficial execution footage on the Alive website as we rather 
value our sanity, however, there's always Google if you must :)

"How many folks were in Times Square for the New Year's Eve
celebration? Here in the US, they celebrate by dropping a ball
off a roof. In Iraq they celebrate by dropping the dictator
through the floor." - David Letterman

Many of you will remember the hilarious Dirk and related 
articles in the Maggie diskmag over the years - well, we're not 
about to repeat those here but you get the gist. Those original 
articles should at some point hopefully be online, when I get my 
butt in gear !

While he was, initially, a friend of the West (if I recall
correctly, we helped him to buy weapons during the Iran-Iraq
war), he turned against all of that when he invaded Kuwait, back
in 1990.

There's been quite a bit of a strange feeling however, now that 
he has gone. Some people are saying good riddance, while others 
are not so sure.

I doubt he'll be missed that much ...
Felice for Alive, 2007
Alive 14