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Alive 14
Double Feature No. 1


        The latest release by the "German Jaguar god" Matthias Domin are 
        two games combined on one CD. The first one is a "Reversi" clone 
        and the second one a "Connect Four" conversion called "Connect 

        The CD which is sold for 25 Euro comes in a DVD cover and has
        professionally done cover graphics on both sides. Besides the CD
        you get a 25 pages manual in English and German.

        After starting the CD, you can choose between the two games. 
        Well I guess Reversi and Connect Four are rather well known so I 
        won't need to explain the game principle.

        Both games look very polished and professional, they feature
        fantastic graphics and cool music by 505. The computer enemies
        of both games are quite hard to beat. "Reversi" has six
        different difficulty levels, "Connect Them" even one more.

        I am quite ashamed that I have to confess that I even failed to 
        pass even the easiest difficulty level from time to time, so if 
        you like these games, you will have a lot of fun and desperation 
        while trying to beat them in single player mode. Of course it's 
        also possible to play the games in two player mode.

The bad Things

        - doesn't support the jagpad key combination for reset

        - not very original to say the least

        - only for "Reversi" and "Connect Four" fans

The good Things

        - both games show that professional homebrewed software on the 
          Jaguar is rising

        - professionally made cover and packaging

        - a real manual

        - a nicely labelled CD

        - 5 different languages are supported (Dutch, English, French, 
          German and Italian)

        - fantastic menu graphics

        - fine sound by grandmaster 505

        - intuitive game control and hard computer opponents

        - Encrypted CD (runs without need for special boot ROM)

        - BJL loader included

        - supports saving to the memory tracker (not tested)


        This review was quite short, but I think it's quite hard to 
        write hundreds of pages on a "Reversi" and "Connect Four" clone. 
        The strength of this release is surely the professional quality 
        of all the surrounding elements. Even the in game enemies are 
        rather well done, but it's still just another board game.

        If you enjoy these games you should try "Double Feature #1", if
        not you better stay off them. Personally I hope Matthias Domin
        will work on more action based titles in the future.


        System:                 Jaguar
        Released:               04.11.2006
        Medium:                 JagCD
        Code:                   Matthias Domin
        Graphics:               Johannes Graf
        Music:                  505 / Paradox
        Music Player:           Sinister Developments

                                                   kRadD for Alive, 2006-12-20
Alive 14