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Alive 14

        Releasing games has always been the domain of the Reservoir 
        Gods, unfortunately they seem to hibernate since last outline. 
        But since our platfarm is far from death, there are also other 
        crews working on games for the Atari ST range of computers. The 
        name Paradize should ring a bell here. Paradize brought us some 
        mediocre games in the past, probably mostly with the aim to 
        learn and improve. Then the blockbuster Pooz hit the streets and 
        Cooper scored a lot for Paradize, lifting the bar for quality 
        puzzlers for all follow up's. Now Simon Sunnyboy takes his turn 
        to release the long awaited action puzzler "Nuclear Waste Dump". 
        Let's see how dumping nuclear barrels in your backyard works as 
        a game principle...

        The concept of the game is a bit the opposite of most other
        puzzlers, where you have to try to combine objects of the same
        colour or shape to win the game. If you try that in Nuclear
        Waste Dump you will immediately cause a nuclear explosion and
        face sudden death.

        Nuclear Waste Dump confronts you with the unique challenge to 
        pile up barrels of nuclear waste without ever putting two 
        barrels with the same tag next to each other. As simple as it 
        sounds, as addicting is the game principle.

        You basically have four different types of nuclear waste and on
        top of this Simon Sunnyboy has added some bonus barrels. For
        example there are the explosive TNT barrels which blow up if hit
        by another barrel.

        Another extra is the freezer barrel, which deactivates it's 
        direct neighbours and allow you to dump any other barrel on top 
        of them 

        Last not least we shouldn't forget the weight barrel which
        simply falls down straight and squishes all barrels in its way.
        This comes in handy if you have already used most of the empty
        space in your dump.

        In the beginning you have lots of time to arrange your dump 
        location. However as the game commences your options start to 
        fade. The same happens to the remaining time to make your move. 
        This way the game gets harder and harder each time. Nuclear 
        Waste Dump is a no win game, you can only try to achieve a 
        higher score but the game will beat you when the remaining dump 
        time decreases more and more and you will be forced to release 
        your barrels faster and faster.

The Bad Things

        If you have to mention the dark sides of Nuclear Waste Dump, the
        first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the program was
        initially released in a somewhat buggy state, which means that
        several unfixed bugs were included. Some of them were really
        annoying like the medrez bug or the jagpad-problem on MSTE.
        Since these two have been fixed in the meantime, there is no
        real reason to complain about it anymore and besides the only
        other option would have been to wait much, much longer.

        However, there is one thing left which could have been handled 
        better. Of course I am talking about the random function. 
        Sometimes Nuclear Waste Dump keeps throwing out lots of barrels 
        of the same colour directly after each other. If you have 
        already dumped a lot of barrels it can get really hard to get 
        rid of them without triggering an explosion.

What could be improved?

        A bit more surrounding code and effects for high-scores etc.
        would have been nice and would surely have lifted the game just
        above the commercially published titles from the old days.

        With some additional game modes and proper game options Nuclear
        Waste Dump would have been able to compete with today's puzzlers
        and even outrank them.

The good Things

        Nuclear Waste Dump is a really fun and addictive game, besides
        it contains some ace tracks by Marcer and Crazy Q, also the
        graphics by Minz are awesome, so Nuclear Waste Dump has all the
        features of a good game. I wholeheartedly recommend playing NWD
        to anyone who is slightly interested in gaming and perhaps it
        should be considered to port the game to other platforms as

Lessons Learned

        - Nuclear Waste Dump is a great game

        - Put a small "public beta" behind an intial release to avoid 
          people complaining about bugs ;)

        - Marcer's and Crazy Q's tunes rock

        - Add a few more game modes to get in line with today's standards

        - Using Minz to improve your game's graphics works pretty well

        - Paradize is becoming the number one game-factory for the ST(E)

                                                   Cyclone for Alive, 2007-01-04
Alive 14