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Alive 14
28 Weeks Later

                The sequel to 28 Days Later is on its way!

Whilst  I've been on a Zombie vibe,  inspired by World War Z and the Zombie
Survival Guide, I found some news on this as well!

You  might  remember  the 2002 film '28 Days  Later',  a  rather  different
interpretation  of the Zombie theme,  directed by Danny Boyle and set in  a
contemporary UK overrun with hyperactive and hyper-angry people. So nothing
different  from  every Monday morning,  you might suggest,  but these  were
infected  by  a 'rage'virus created in a Huntingdon  Life  Sciences  style
biolab  (their  bad!)  which was released by a bunch  of  righteous  animal
liberationists (their stupid!)

The  more pedantic zombie geeks don't consider the  rage-infected  as  real
zombies,  as  they  aren't technically 'undead',  and don't shuffle around.
Actually  in the eye of the beholder,  the fast-running 'crazies' are a lot
more  bloody terrifying than the run of the mill zombie,  at least you  can
get out of the way of the latter. It is interesting that the 2004 remake of
Dawn of the Dead went for the more mobile running zombie as well.

Anyway,  to get back on topic,  the anticipated follow-up, '28 Weeks Later'
is  now  in production,  with an expected release of May 2007.  This  time,
Danny  Boyle  is  not  directing.  The  film is  directed  by  Juan  Carlos
Fresnadillo instead.

The previous principal cast members, Cillian Murphyand Naomie Harris, were
not available for the sequel,  but we do get Robert 'Trainspotting' Carlyle
and Rose Byrne.

We managed to find a picture, which you can see here..

We  do  have  a  little bit of a script spoiler for  the  first  act,  from
www.latinoreview.comwhich might be of further interest here.


"We  are  treated to a bunch of survivors in the pre  title  sequence  that
tries to make a getaway in a boat on the English Channel.  We find out that
the  United  States  has  intervened on the  infected  situation  in  Great
Britain.  The survivors spot an F-16 and wave to it for help.  Instead, the
F-16  blows them out of the water annihilating the survivors!  We see  that
the English Channel is littered with other bodies of escaping survivors who
tried to escape through the English Channel!"

 "Seven months later or 28 Weeks Later...we find out that the population of
Great Britain has been reduced to 7,000 people. 60 million people have been

 "On a passenger plane,  we meet 15-year-old DANNY,  his 17-year-old sister
TAMSIN.  They  meet DON their 45-year-old father on the tarmac at  Heathrow
Airport. The family was away when infection first happened and their mother
was  a casualty.  Now they come back to England and their father has a  new
29-year-old girlfriend named SCARLETT who obviously is going to have a beef
with  TAMSIN.  Scarlett  lost  her  family to the  infection."

"When  the  passengers?  get off the plane they receive booklets  entitled:
Coming Home, Guidelines for British Citizens."

"The  United  States  is  working  with  the  British  to  bring  back  the
infrastructure  and take advantage of the economic opportunities of  a  new
United Kingdom."

 "The marines are in Great Britain maintaining Law and Order."

"The  UK  has been divided into zones.  Green zones which the citizens  can
navigate  and red zones which are off limits.  Later,  GENERAL WESTMORELAND
and  PROFESSOR STONE hold a press conference in which we find out that  the
last  of  the infected died 28 weeks ago.  Apparently,  the infected  can't
survive  on  it's  own or without a new living human host  to  feed  so  it
supposedly died out."

  "That is until Danny finds an infected boy at the aquarium in the  water.
Stone and DOCTOR ROSS take the infected to a laboratory.  Because it is the
first live specimen, Stone wants to make an antibody."

  "It  isn't far away until all hell breaks loose in England where  we  see
much  of the same from the last movie where a bunch of survivors must  band
together in order to live."

  "The  difference between this movie and the first one  is  the  infection
itself - how people get it.  I won't say because it gives away the film and
it  is the big reveal,  which we don't find out till the 3rd act."

"Jeremy Renner's cool and badass character DOYLE,  a mercenary, former SAS,
doesn't make his first appearance till page 59."

There is even a teaser trailer at the following URL..

Well  with this,  and the film adaptation of 'World War Z' to come in 2008,
the  prospects  for enjoying a more cerebral take on the Zombie  genre  are
rather good.

                                  CiH, for Alive Mag,Nov '06.

Alive 14