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Alive 13

Noise Realtime Article

13.04.2006 17:02

Hello this is the first message in this realtime text! MiKRO / Mystic
Bytes at the keys! This german keyboard rocks :)

[13.04.06 17:41]

And second message come from -XI-/Satantronic. We are here and we are
happy that we are happy ;)


[13.04.06 18:02]

Hallo this a third message from Expi :))) main sponsor of this action
I hope you will find our competition great and come also next year :)
Have a great and lots of FUN ...


I have a great and a lots of FUN :) Kamila

[13.04.06 23:00]

Hohoo, I've just installed clocky so you can see actual time all the
time :) However, I'm lazy to install english keyboard, bleh.

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes

[14.04.06 02:57]

kapitanov tu z Expim jebeme jak keketi z planety
mlokov a ostatni uz davno spia...:[
Inak hlaska vecera: "By ma zaujimalo preco sa tu hlavny organizator a
hlavny sponzor jebu zatemnovanim a ostany drichmu???" 8-)


[14.04.06 06:03]

All ppl on party place are still few minuts i
will come sleep too...may be ;)


[14.04.06 16:14]

WOW! First ppl already arrived! So it's definitely not Satantronic
and MSB party only :))


[14.04.06 16:56]

Kapitanov dennik...po dlhom cakani sme sa dockali a ludia zacali
pomaly prichadzat a problemy sa zacali trosku hromadit...ale je to
fajn...lepsie ako keby nikto neprisiel a problemy neboli ;)


[14.04.06 17:21]

Nase skupina ze stredni Moravy - Honza, Bohdan, Zdenek, Robert -
dorazila deset minut pred ctvrtou hodinou. Byli jsme tady druzi po
vyprave z Polska, ale nez jsme stacili nanosit sem a zapojit
nase systemy, prijeli lidi ze Svedska.
Vetsinu casu do tedka jsem ztravil premyslenim, co napsat sem do
RealTime textu.

Our group from middle of Moravia - Honza, Bohdan, Zdenek, Robert -
arrived here at 15:50. We were second past team form Poland, but
before we end connect and turn on our computers, did come peaple from
I spend most time till now thinking what to write here in RealTime


[14.04.06 18:14]

Baggio and Deez on the keys now. First of all, i hate this stupid
qwertz-keyboard...arggh. Anyway we have been here for a few hours
now and the party seems nice even tho there are not so much people
here yet. I sincerely hope there will be atleast a few more people
later on today. We are so gonna rule the realtime compo!!!

[14.04.06 19:07]

I just arrived. Hungry thisty ... where is pizza and beer? Lets part!!!
I hope I will survive until pizza delivery...


[14.04.06 20:35]

Pizza still not here.



mmm.. atari... i really miss my falcon but i dont trust the luggage
handling people at the airport so i brough a laptop instead.
boooring.. baggio told me he want to have a go at the realtime coding
compo but i dont think thats gonna happen, even though i have aranym
and devpac on my pc.



Finally, after the beer compo I eat whole pizza. So, my life was
saved. But what will be the next step?



So, crazy compos are over, namely Sticks compo and Beer compo... it
seems nobody can eat three pizzas in one hour??? However, there's
winner of beer compo from Poland but no winner of sticks compo...
well, 18 sticks in one minute is harder than it seems ;)



TWH and KRADD from Germany just entered the party area. Thanks
for the warm welcome :)


It is time to go sleep.


[15.04.06 04:06]

Fucking shit! Why the hell I decided "to try" realtime coding compo??
I'm organizer not competitor!! :))) Totally tired, but... 126 bytes.
Beat this :-P Going to sleep... tomorow I'm going to try ST version
and to make Baky and Sedma very very very unhappy ;-)))


15.04.2006  9:50

Ceska a nemecka skupina odchazi na prohlidku mesta. Doufame, ze
zajimave souteze nezacnou drive, nez se vratime. Mame 2 mapy mesta,
tak se snad nestratime.
Czech and Germany peaple are going for city visit. We hope, than
interest events here don't start before we are back. We have 2
cityplant and hope we don't lost.



Wow, I have just won MP3 player in Shot them all multijoy game
:-) It was not easy, but I have done it!


[15.04.06 15:32]

ARRRGH, I was the fourth! But I never played this game before so for
me it's my victory ;-) However, I killed some bytes from my RT compo
entry so it's now.... surprise ;)

mikro / msb

[15.04.06 16:47]

I finished my work on the new version of web portal for Czech (and,
of course, Slovak) users. The calendar, last problematic part, now
works fine. If the problems with MySQL server will be solved, we will
be ready to launch the portal next week.


[15.04.06 17:10]

humm...all visitors and co&organizers are now at bowling and eating
:) action and i'm now allone at partyplace...


[15.05.06 21:17]

twh: Yeah and we just came back. What a cool place! Lot of fun, great
people and you know what? the beer, I tell you fellows, the beer is
just so great. Sorry lamers back home that did not take
advantage to go to such a great place and enjoy those things goin'on
here, because you guys really misted some cool action.


[15:05:06 21:37]

I made an evening walk to the hill where the settlement of
Dargovskych hrdinov is situated. There is a nice view to the
center of Kosice and several inhabitted hills around, including the
settlement of Tahanovce, where Noise party takes place.


[15:05:06 21:46]

We have just returned from a bowlingplace very close to where the
party is and we surely had a great time there. They even had proper
Belgium beer there which i appreciated very much. The organisers also
had arranged a free buffe for us but there was enough food for about
40 people and i think we were maybe 25 or so. Hopefully they will
find some use for the leftover food. The party goes on, time for
another beer.

                                                -Baggio / Evo

[15.04.06 21:56]

OK, me and the rest of organizers are back too. Baggio, don't fear
about food it's here at the party ;) And what I should say... yes,
there was/is a food for _sixty_ ppl so you can imagine how much of
that fucking food we have to eat now ;))) And we're happy you liked
our action, it was pleasure for us, too -- just a great time.



Baggio won the bowling competition! Actually he came second but XI
(who won) was disqualified for being part of the org team.
Btw, our hotel is very nice and for some reason we reserved a double
room, each... anyway, plenty of space, enough room to swing a cat.
or even a tiger.. wouldnt want to though.. </alan partridge>.
Breakfast was nice, we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. I was
hoping more people would turn up today but no. Anyway, still a good
party, lots of fun!



so sedma nearly deleted whole realtime text but it's ok :)going to
sleep now...



Me too...                                        Zdenek


it is time to go sleep...


16.4.2006 [11:40]

Je to tu super, ti ktori neprisli mozu lutovat!



To je ale hrozne, spal jsem temer az do poledne. Nastesti jsem
se vzbudil aspon tak, ze jsem stihl prvni verejne hrani
Thorstenovi nove hry pro Falcona, inspirovane hrou Cervi od
Radka pro male Atarka a Multijoy.
Thats terrible, I was sleaping till to noon. At last I wake up
at time of 1st public use new game of Thorsten for Falcon,
which is inspired by Cervi from Radek for small Atari and Multijoy.


[16.04.06 12:40]

We are just about to hand in our humble contribution to the
democompo. We are hoping that there will be some more demo but
according to Mikro we should get our hopes up. I have
proclaimed this day to be a beer-free day because i had a bit
to much of the good stuff yesterday. Soon time to go to the
supermarket and get something to eat since the pizza-delivery
is not operational today thanks to easter celebration. They
really take this whole easter-thingy serious but i guess it is
part of their culture & religion.

                                                Baggio / Evo

[16.06.06 13:20]

we screwed up my 8bit - fuck. my holy grail does not work
anymore. it has been my all time favourite and many people
spent a lot of work into it. I remember that XI installed his
1MB Simm upgrade when we were to that summer party in poland. hope
the friends of C.P.U. can fix it. I really hope it :(


[16.04.06 14:22]

Say me about that easter-madness. Completely not understable from my
point of view. But thanks to that christian stuff we've got vacation
so I find it good ;) But closed shops & everything is real shame...
By the way compos will be interesting but not as complete as we could
wish :( And the rest of MSB guyz (when you'll read this): I TOLD YOU
SEND YOUR STUFF WEEK AGO! And you just started to work on that week
ago.. ;) That's the reason of MSB demo delay...



tWh's 8bit wis working again! :-) So it is right time for beer.



Prave jsem nasel schema zapojeni od rozsirujici desticky Thomasova
atarka zastrcene v moji mape Evropy. Vcera si ji prohlizelo vice lidi
a zrejme to tam nekdo nechal zalozene. Cas pro dalsi pivo, ale ja ho
nema rad a nepiju ho.
I did find circuit picture of expanded small card from Thomas'
computer hide inside my map of Europe. Yesterday more peaple looked
in that map and probably somebody put it inside. It is time for next
beer, but I don't like it and don't drink it.



It seems the polish people has already left us. It kinda feels empty
here now but we are still trying to keep the party alive for a few
more hours. Even if there are few people left i still look forward
to the compo to see what few contributions that has been handed in.
I have almost managed to keep my promise regarding the beer, i have
only had 1/2 beer atm and i just opened a bottle of pepsi...

                                                        Baggio / Evo


Das Spiel ist fertisch fuer heut. Das hat mal wieder laenger gedauert
als beabsichtigt, ich schwoer

                                                        kRadD / .tSCc.

[16.04.2006 17:33]

Thanks to Mikro I successfully configured my CT60 Falcon accelerator,
so now I run MiNT 040, XaAES, network and the time also works. I am
realy happy with that.


Main compos are over, now is the right time for some pizza


[16.04.2006 20:47]

Yeah, compos are over, now we're waiting for counting votesheets
since some ppl want to left in early morning hours. We've seen cool
demo by Evolution, nice skin for mxPlay by krupkaj, great 16col
picture by vulgar and some other entries which i'm not able to
describe :) I hope our MSB demo will be released until one week since
grey / msb seems to make a common msb members suicide if not ;)

mikro / msb

[16.04.2006 20:47]

It seems I have prepared the OSMD (my SpareMiNT installer) version
0.9 for release. This party is really the place where problems are
beeing solved and projects thus successfully finished :-)



Jaa, genau... real life version of Numen on the big screen, r0xxors :)



The result have been announced and it is clear that Evolution kicked
ass in the democompo which really was not a compo at all since we were
the only contribution :) Anyway, we recieved most votes of all
productions in all the different categories. The prizes were
incredibly good....we won a 17" flatscreen, one eiffel, several t-
shirts and coffemugs. I think the real winner was me since i did not
almost do anything for the demo and deez slaved away like the good
biatch he is :) (And i got my share of the prizes :)) Anyway, soon it
is time to leave this party for good and go back to the hotel to get
some sleep. It has indeed been a great party and i think the
organizers did a incredible job. If they arrange another gathering
next year i really hope more people will show their support and
actually show up here.



Yes, prices were indeed very good! Overall it has been a very good
party, too bad a lot of people missed out! I especially liked the
bowling competition, it was ace! Once again evo proved that we are
the best ;) A big thank you to the organisers!



I really liked this party and I was surprised by perfect organisation
and super prices. I will take part next year for sure. I hope there
will be more people comming. I enjoyed it very much, realtime compo,
bowling, beer and food party. I was surprised by good quality of
presentation stuff especially by Falcon demo from Sweden.
Thanks very much to all organisers - Expert, Micro, Xi and Baky.
See you on next party Atariada in Prostejov.



Damned, Sedma said allread that what I wanted to say, again the rest
of the world is faster than me :-) But again, fantastic oranisation,
great fun. I enjoyed it beeing here for 3 days. Now its time to go,
see you in Prostejov in 3 weeks (or next week in Paris).

                                                       kRadD / .tSCc.

17:04:06  7:06

Tak je to spravne, byt prvni vzhuru, kdyz chodim prvni spinkat, ne
byt tuhy az do poledne, jako vcera. Tedy prvni z pritomnych, kluci z
Nemecka museli vstavat driv, kdyz jsou jiz na ceste. Alespon
predpokladam, ze behem jizdy v aute nespi.
A hele, do dveri vstoupil Sedma.
This way it is right, to be first wake up when I went first to bed,
not to sleap till noon, as yestarday. Well, first among present
people, boys from Germany are on their way home now. At last I
suppose that they don't sleep in car while driving.
And look, Sedma is commig into hall.


[17.04.06 11:54]

ouch someone have restarted our realtime-text-comp so the time is
lost (i see 00.00.28 :) We just move and pack all the stuff. Czechs
are still here, everyone else is away yet. the mst funny things is
still awaiting for us - moving all tables into "eating room" 400m
away, that will kill all :)

mikro / msb

Somebody reset the realtime text machine, so I am retyping my final
Party is coming to an end. I must thank to all organizers for
having great time during our visit here. The party was great. I hope
for another Noise edition in some future years.


[17.04.06 12:44]

Now is END. Here are still some ppl from czech, they are helping us
with cleaning - thanx guys :). We are happy that there was great
party with great visitors, beacuse only great visitors make great
party! Thanx for all.


                |  |  |
                |  |  |                  |    |
                |  |  |                | ||| ||||,||, |||
                |  |  |          ---------- N O I S E -----------
               /   |   \                |  | | | | || | |,
              /    |    \                      |    |
           _-"     |     "-_

Alive 13