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Alive 13


                 -: Realtime Article for Alive Magazine :-

        This is the Realtime machine where you can type whatever
        comes to your mind. Please add a time stamp and your nick
        and crew so our readers don't need to guess who wrote what
        :) Anyway i am confident you know the rules so enjoy...


One Day before Outline...

14:46   cxt (Cyclone^X-Troll^Alive-Team)

        It seems the realtime article machine is set up ok now, just
        need to get a SM124 to complete the setup. Will fetch that
        later today...

22:40   cxt

        The original realtime machine was somehow unreliable so i
        decided to use this STE instead hopefully it will run nice
        and smooth during outline and even more important i hope it
        will also survive this trip, since its one of the machines
        that was used in the creation of Lethal Xcess...

2006-06-02 Friday

16:15   cxt

        I just managed to set up the realtime machine, after i found the
        party place somehow. It seems the instructions from the outline
        website refer to another route or something, however i never found
        the 2nd "roundabout" or any viaduct. Lucky enough i just asked
        some locals and they pointed out i just need to look for a big
        chimney. piece of cake.

16:58   ggn

        Just saw the machine being set up, so I thought I'd add a small

17:00   Grazey

        Nice! Just seen a dead fox with a stuffed bird in it's mouth.

17:44   cxt

        Finally all my stuff is set up and seems to run fine, i have
        already met most of the RG guys and earx, who looked a bit
        tired, perhaps he spent too much time in the bar :)

18:10   earx(0r)

        It's getting more crowded here.. most guys are just sitting
        outside. why not, it's good weather for a change (wow).
        going back to the party now!

19:00   baggio

        So we've finally arrived at De Panoven. Actually we arrived
        about an hour ago but we had to cool down with a couple of
        beers before touching any computer. Nature arrived approx
        30 minutes after us and they were looking horny as usual.
        Soon we're off to get some food and snacks. Weed is already
        secured thank to our good drugdealer Wiztom :) Tadaaa....

19:03   exocet

        more people in now, starting to feel like the usual party...
        weather was nice was nice this afternoon, so it was nice just
        to explore the surroundings of the party place and have some

19:14   defjam

        ahhh.. finally the realtime machine has arrived - we did the
        same after a long trip to the city

19:37   no

        heinz just convinced me to add a note here... all i can
        say is that i enjoy outline very much - it is a pleasure
        to meet all the atari crowd and also seeing new faces :-)

19.50   CiH..

        Got here about fuck-knows-hundred hours. About fifty percent
        of the Dutch population were occupying the motorway in some
        obscure "festival of the traffic-jam" right in front of us.

        Some initial observations about the party. I've run into lots of
        previously missing people like the RG's, GGN, Defjam etc. We
        found the site in spite of Havoc's slightly vague instructions
        and our cultural resistance to treating an industrial estate
        as a right of way.

        The sleeping accomodation is a surprise, as we have been located
        in some indian style teepee tents. In fact, the whole venue seems
        to be very dependent on the fact that it really had better not
        rain over the next three days, or we'll be eating mud for Xmas!

        This realtime is a bit strange, located on an STe with a german
        kezboard (last typo deliberate!) It is also a bit nannying in
        attitude, constantly auto-saving after you type in more than three
        words, and telling you off in German if you exceed the specified
        line length. No auto text wrap on this baby! Still, CT60 survived
        the trip, and the last couple of really nasty speed humps...

        Back laters, still finding my way around this rather barn-like

20:50   MUG U.K

        Got here at 10am or there-abouts with Cal & Grazey.

        Just finished discussing the difference between UK beers and the
        proper beer sold in Europe with some of the Belgian guys and their
        attempt at an empty Guinness can mountain.

        They were a little taken aback that their national brew (Stella)
        is so abused by our non-educated tracksuit trash in the UK where
        it's also known as 'Wife Beater'!  I'm to include a website for
        their reference when they read this so visit:
        for a complete guide to our chavs :-)

20:59   Felice

        Got here a little while ago, chilling out nicely, have brought
        my MegaSTE for a change, in order to write some more articles
        for Alive while I am here. Pizzas have been ordered, hopefullz
        the wait should not be too long as some people's stomachs are
        rumbling ...

21:32   Grazey

        Seen a rusty crane made by Priestman's, worth the ferry crossing

23:07   505

        nice place and nice people.

23.10   CiH..

        A Chuck and Dune in the building, also pizza's been and gone down

23:54   Havoc

        No realtime article without some input from the main organiser...
        So here goes. The party started yesterday for me, since then I've
        driven over 700km to pick up the audio and network equipment,
        several visitors and loads of food. So I'm dead tired, and hardly
        able to keep track of all the stuff that we still plan to do
        before the day ends... But what the hell, the visitors seem to
        enjoy the party so far,and that's the only thing that really
        counts for us :-)

2006-06-03 Saturday

        sh3-rg says helll... this keyboard is teh suxxor. I <3 rg, j0!

01:06   skrebbel

        It's like full of atari sceners here! And they're all british, even
        omfg, this computer just went automatisch speichern or something
        like that. Well, okay. We had some hassles getting this party built
        up decently, but i think that we managed quite well in the end.
        doing the beamer stuff now, maybe we'll even find time to announce
        the schedule before this day ends :-)

01.15   CiH

        Item one on schedule = sleep! Perhaps, but I'm in the wild west
        sleeping zone, so I might have dreams of a vengeful General Custer
        coming to burn down my tent!

01:58   Kaiz0r cHe3ks of teh Dild0 F4twa

        Deadline is st!ll aGes ahead and me 1337est skillz have mad3 me
        create da biggest achiv3ment in da histroy of da Amiga ST: me
        skrolling b0otsektor will totally blow the competi0n away.

02.00   Charcole of the Dildo Fatwa.

        Hi, Charcole speakinge. Just to explaine that we haf a new member
        caled Kaizer Cheekes. He is our German penpall who lieks to kode
        stuff. Appart from our propre demmo, he's doen a litle surprise!
        Cool or wot? This Geran kezboard is strange!

03.14   mnemonix of the itnernet.

        hellos i am on the computer machines. i would to say that this
        kezboard is totallz crap! also i am verz vrz drunk.
        goodbze to zou.

02.30   CiH..

        You are also very out by an hour ;->
        Okay, time to call it a night, and struggle to the tents,
        seeya in the morning?!

04.14   Tinker

        Havoc is struggeling with some cables.
        *Burp* he says... Where is that switch..

04:36   cxt

        It seems history repeats itself, again our sleeping places have
        been hijacked by some snoring guys. Just great! Seems to become
        another night in the car...

09:30   baggio

        Well, we (nature brother, evolution & wiztom) woke up about an
        hour ago and started queing up for the showers. We were hoping
        there would be an breakfast buffe waiting for us when we got here
        but apparently it is still another hour away. I guess we should
        try to hook up the computers today. All we did last night was being
        social ie talking to all atarigeeks and drinking alot of beer.

09.39   CiH logon..

        It is the first night of teh tent!

        In actual fact, I'm guessing there's not much difference from the
        cabins, which would retain their heat for 0.0003 seconds longer
        than the tent. It was moderately cool, not down to Mekka Symposium
        arctic trauma levels, but then again, it is bloody well June!

        In fact, with very few people seeking out the teepee dorm, it gains
        some advantages in relative comfort and privacy. There were only
        three people in ours. One guy was so teepee-phobic, he even went
        as far as sleeping outside it in the open air. For the benefit of
        the aracnophobic (excuse spelling glitch!) party visitors, we're
        also sharing the tented accomodation with some insy-winsy spiders!

        I think I got to bed at 03.30 this morning, having got held up in
        some long semi-drunken chats with various people.

09.57   p01

        A few words while the coffee machine is at work. The place and
        sleeping facilities are unusual, in a good way. I hope I'll be
        slightly more efficient today and complete ( at least the gfx )
        my bootsector intro. ... time to go back to the coffee machine.

10.07   cxt

        Just awoke, from a very short night in the car, when someone banged
        his car door into mine. Dooh! Better get a shower and change of
        cloth now...
        Deez is reassembling his ct60 and harddisk into his Falcon MK X.
        Paranoid seems to be coding and besides talking to Norman, CiH and
        Felice are also around and seem to be busy with something.

        Hmmm, the beamer displays some information about breakfast for a
        limited amount of people in the bar, perhaps that would be a good
        idea for later. Off to the shower now...

10.34   ggn

        Got up early in the monrning actually, because there are no
        curtains in the hut :) Anyway, took the camera and I've taken some
        pictures of the surroundings. Rana is currently editing some of her
        gfx in my laptop, so I guess I'd go check out the bar and see if I
        can buy a T-shirt or something. (also, it's breakfast time in there

11.10   deez

        Just got my ethernat! havent tried it yet but im sure it will work!
        (famous last words...)

11.17   CiH..

        Teh breakfast rUlerZ!

11.25   cxt

        My ct60 has just been reprogrammed for the EtherNAT, and i am quite
        confident to leave outline with one working board.

11.35   gwEm

        Just arrived. Driving in Germany in the rul0rz, no speed limits!!

11.59   p01

        indeed the breakfast was ueber nice.

12.47   cxt

        My EtherNAT is safely fitted inside the case and the machine still
        boots, just need to get the driver now.

13:24   Melcus

        just started hacking around in Stardust.. seems not that hard in
        the first look.  btw.. we (the ecg) now also have joined D-Bug,
        so stay tuned for more release of some more or less good games
        the weather is just fine here - the sun is shining and only a few
        clouds are showing up....

13:27   MadDonna

        hi, just brought Muguk some nice TT's and saw that it is very fun
        to be here. I have to go now again to catch a Korg Poly800...

13.40   CiH...

        Been to town, usual pleasantries, fine weather, very distant
        supermarket, Felice only just remembering at the last minute that
        we didn't have a car with us ;-) Walked off the extended breakfast
        by now. There are a lot more people here, the party is beginning
        to assume a more crowded vibe.

13:55   kRadD/.tSCc.

        Just arrived, some guys who left half an hour bevor us arrived
        later :-)


         some more guys from germany are late: twh, remo, mlp :)

15.09   CiH..

        Gad, it's been quiet on here? Graphics and music compo's later on
        today, I've been doing my other report, so off to see what is
        happening around the party.


        Outline hunt for tables has started. We found three tables in the
        trash behind the partyplace. Outline turns out to be a adventure
        holiday :) - Lotek, in case he forgot to tell you!

15:15   ggn

        At least I've got SOMETHING running for the bootsector compo now :)
        Cyclone is bringing me the 65XE right now, going to set it up now..

15:20   baggio

        Me and Deez just realized we were eating quite alot of snacks atm
        which usually indicates that one is hungry. So now we're going into
        town to see if we can find something eatable once again.

16:40   MUG U.K

        Popped into the town centre with Grazey & Cal from PHF and GGN's
        girlfriend, Rana (The Assassin) aka Rana Croft!  Wandering around
        the town, we almost got run over several times by the cyclists and
        the people in the motorised chairs.  Had a lovely cappucino and
        omelette at a cafe whilst an Umpah band played next to us.  On the
        way back from the town centre, we went looking for a skateboard
        half-pipe that Cal had seen on our way to Outline.  We found it and
        Cal had a go (after cleaning it) at doing some turns etc.  Grazey
        chickened out at having a go from the top of the half-pipe for
        some reason :-)

        cracked bz limp ninja


        hm.  I notice there is a soldering iron next to this atari.  I
        wonder why.

17:50   Felice

        There's a good reason for this :)
        Anywayz, had a couple of wanders into town to get some supplies,
        as the belief seems to be that the stores may well be closed on
        Sunday, unlike our equivalent back home. Still, we can't complain.

18.03   CiH..

        Quiet time, some people working, more outside. Some Limp Ninja guys
        and girls have set up a separate coding area in the bar, totally
        self-contained and separate from the main building. This is the
        non-focused bit of the party, the lull before stuff happens, which
        is likely to be in the order of Pizza, then some compo's later on.

18:20   Stratagem

        still waiting for Pizzas...

18:15   Cal - PHF

        Finalising last levels of GLobotWars PC version of Geometry Wars
        apologies for more PC st*ff. GJ+Rana Croft helping out with last
        few levels. Watch out for the youve been Muggd level. Party is
        excellent weather is fab wish you were all here.

        BackGLash (PC remake of Backlash) may see entry into comp will
        have to see how we are for time. Time to code and maybe have
        a little drinky now, ask me for some Rutlandberry, the
        finest Eldeberry wine from Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorks. Cal ;-)

geen idee - I don't have my watch on.

        I just finished my msx. 505 stole my headphones, so if he enters
        the chip zik msx compo and wins, I blame that.


18:39   xBore / TBC

        Just in case you don't find your watch next time, there's one in
        the top right corner of the screen :)

20:09   Baggio

        Just enjoying a few drinks together with Cih, Felice, Kradd and
        the naturebrothers outside. Been a really nice party so far and
        tonight i guess there will a few competitions to look at. I think
        i am going to stop the drinking for now so i won't fall alsleep.

20:18   exocet

        it's getting chilly outside so i'm coming back in. moreover the
        chiptune compo should start shortly... i entered an unfinished
        picture in the 16-colour compo. I'll probably need a few more
        months to finish it :) Great party so far, and there's still
        lots to happen!

        hello everybody I love you all !!!
        (written by gay author <== doh... no I'm not gay... :((((
        But you are!!! :))

21.04   cxt

        Music compo is running since half an hour and there were really
        nice chiptunes by msg, sh3, marcer and yerzmyey... I have to admit
        that marcers tune really blew me away, even though the others were
        also great. yerzmyey's tune somehow sounded very familiar i guess
        it was a medley.

        Now the oldschool music compo is running and so far there was no
        track that reaches up to the quality of the previous sound, the 2nd
        song was completely odd, something seems to be wrong with the
        audio equipment, YAI!


        What a pity that we must look at a boring windows notepad! this
        suxx. i want to see atari ...

21:19   baggio

        Ok, so the chipmusic compo went fine but when they switched to
        the oldschool compo apparently something with the audio-equipment
        fucked up. The tune we're currently listening to has been played
        3 times now. It's probably a good thing that the author is not
        here :)

21.4   Numtek

        hum.. got a 64k intro that's 66kb now,.. and a lack of sleep,.
        gotta find some energydrinks.

22.17   CiH..

        Smaller competitions out of the way, with some complications on the
        part of the oldschool modfile compo. Not a huge number of graphics
        entries, but decent quality on the 16 colour compo. A live act has
        been threatened for the next item.

22.25   CiH..

        Erm, no live act after all.

22:56   MUG UK

        Just took a break and had a beer with Cal to pass some time after
        the compos for tonight.  Done some nice logos/text bits for his
        Globotwars game (PC) using a nice Logo Design tool I had lying
        around.  Done nothing in the way of ST stuff except hacking out
        a Quartet tune on Disciples of Steel.  If I see Lotek before I go
        back home tomorrow I'll mention it as it can go towards his next
        Fading Twilight CD.

23:05   Stratagem

        Somehow, Cyclone XT has always ...... right. Specially with a beer
        in his hand ;)

23:22   frost

        Chuck is approaching with his camera...

2006-06-04 Sunday

00.00   CiH..

        Wahey, it's Sunday!

        The gwEmster is running his ST-DJ set at warp speed.

02.45   CiH..(again)

        Hmmph, no-one else has been on as yet. I'm off to the enjoyable
        wild-west themed sleeping place shortly!

02.45   earx

        it's calming down now. today had it's hairy moments with
        audio fuck-ups and such. for the resst it was great. especially
        gwem's mixing session was great to hear. for the rest the usual
        party feeling dominates: lack of sleep, loads of things to
        think over (fx ideas), beer, golden spower... blah .. gurgll..

08.05   cxt

        Just got up from another refreshing sleep in the car, and I will
        try to finish my stuff for the compo now, still about 2 hours left
        till the deadline

08:34   baggio

        Got a wee bit drunk last night and when i woke up this morning i
        still felt drunk. Nevertheless this was no day to stay in bed as
        i had promised to hand in DHS democontribution in time and as
        i am writing this it is still safely on my mobile phone :)

09:23   exocet

        Woke up and had a (non-golden) shower a short while ago. Just spoke
        with p01 who's stayed awake all night to finish his boot sector
        intro - now that's dedication! Yesterday night was good with the
        first compos and a really cool ym mixing session by gwem!

09.47   CiH..

        I've just had something which felt a lot like a golden shower! Well
        it's a normal shower which feels it should have a starring role in
        a fetish porno. Please clarify CiH? Well it was a shower block with
        no place to hang your clothes, so they went on the floor. After
        5 - 10 minutes of lukewarm shower enjoyment later, I exit the
        shower to find that most of the clothes were soaked, due to the
        huge amounts of water that escaped from the shower. I was due to
        change this clothing anyway, ah well...

09.58   sh3-rg

        Wow! I'm so pleased to announce the new direction of the MegaMighty
        Reservoir Gods crew! Yes! The news you have all been waiting for!
        RG is now officially a Nintendo DS crew! We will no longer be
        making lame atari warez, instead we will just play games on DS!
        Expect to see us at all the main DS game parties next year... we
        could probably manage at least 4 games per party in between heavy
        bouts of sleeping and procrastinating... ok, time for a little lie
        down I think to prepare for some wifi Mario Kart against some .jp
        teenagers - this is what life is all about. greets to comrade dma!

10.03   ggn

        What? It's noon in Greece! Anyway, just got here with Rana, and
        we put some music on, I turned on Grazey's machine on and started
        fiddling around with it (I love it :). I couldn't contribute so
        much to this article so far because I was so rushed to do
        everything at once that I only managed to write one or two
        sentences each time I tried. Hopefully today I can relax a bit
        and watch the compos in peace....

10.04   cxt

        I have just uploaded everything to that stupid compo system, but
        there are no organisers to be seen anywhere...

10.05   Bonjour Messieurs

10.10   Kaiz0r gE3ks of teh megamigthy dIldO fAtWA

        Chuck and the rest of the Frenchies stormed teh building...

11:29   p01

        After a few dozen hours and coffees, my bootsector is
        ready. It's not as nice as I'd like to but I guess it's ok.

        Kudos to Cyclone for his invaluable help.

        Oh, and Gwem's mix and 303F's live were great!

12:55   First night done. Slept quite well. loddek :D


        Sleeping facilities not so good, no beds :/ slept in car...
        Also, the secret of voting on the compos is not revealed so far.
        But anyway, despite these

        things, a great party. Good party atmosphere, and great weather has
        been organised ;) Had lots of nice talkings with everyone, and
        watched Deffy code shortly. Going outside for some summer weather.
        Looking forward to the compos, it should be a great night in store!

13:42   Aproxima

        It's very nice weather right now, yay. Sleeping was cool, had a
        very good rest at night. Now I'm bored :( So I'll go away and do
        something interesting now!!! bye bye
        =xxx= :)

14:10   Felice

        Winding up nicely with the day itself, it started well with a
        good brunch and now people are mainly just chilling out. People
        now also don't appear to be as tired as they were, which is a
        good thing, I guess :)

14.30   cxt

        Deez and the Nature Brothers are helping with my MinT install and
        thanks to that the EtherNAT seems to be configured now, just need
        to check for some speed issues...

15.00   CiH..

        Been taking some away time from the party, also to tidy up my
        sleeping arrangements, so I'm not having to struggle to find it
        in the dead of night with only the backlight from my phone to
        search by!

15:05   baggio

        Compos starting in about one hour so i guess it is time to get
        something to eat rather soon. A pizza could actually work today
        since i have a light hangover from the intense beer-drinking
        last night.

16.05   cxt

        Grazey and Mug UK have already left the place since they have to
        catch their ferry, too bad that they miss the upcoming compos now.

16.15   cxt

        The compos have been delayed by 30 mins, so there won't be much
        happening until then. Deez and the other swedes are depleting the
        pizza stocks they fetched from town, perhaps no bad idea to shorten
        the time till something happens. Anyway time to chill a bit in the

16.36   CiH..

        Atari Bootsector compo is running first,
        The line length has been set to a very
        small value, I guess to give the
        impression of more lines of text?

17.24   ggn

        Damn it! I missed the BS compo :( I'm trying to find out if someone
        can spare an ST and some disks so I could watch them....

19.09   CiH..

        Pizza's ordered, waiting for things to happen, just keeping this
        RTA alive as well.

19.12   moz

        cricket is the sport of gods

19.21   p01

        I really liked Cyclone's plasma boot. It looks and sound nice.
        Btw, ggn, normally Cyclone have all the bootsector entries.

20.59   CIH..


21:44   baggio

        4k compos is about to start. Should be interesting. We haven't
        done anything useful today except playing games and drinking beers.
        This has indeed been a fun party :)

00:02   p01

        gwEm rocked the 4k compo. There was some cool intros and demos too.
        :( I'm literally falling asleep.

01:05   gwEm

        Super cool wild compo, I think Cxt has it with his music disk
        though, fantastic stuff. Skrebbel ruled as compo organiser. Superb

01:10   Cooper

        Nice atmosphere, nice partyplace, and cool people... the true Atari
        Spirit ;)

01:12   Felice

        Another good party rolls to an end - great time had by all (hic)
        Some ppl are packing up, others have toddled away to bed, as
        some of us will be riding the autobahns in a few hours ...

01.19   CiH..

        Another party over with, bar the recriminations ;-)

        There was a plentiful series of competitions, the highlights were
        the DHS CT60 intro, and gwEm's rather rocking 4ktro, not to mention
        his FPGA soundchip. Prizegiving to follow, and any appearances
        tomorrow will be rather brief, as it looks like we are departing
        fairly early, if we are going to the residence of the Karsmaking

01:55   exocet

        Finished voting on the ber prtymeister system (gtt mke
        se f thse extr chrcters on german keyboards). Lots of
        good stuff, especially small-sized releases on ST. Really
        impressive stuff from gwem especially... but also a fair
        amount of dutch texts or reference in pc demos which make them
        somehow cryptic for us foreigners...

02:32   gwEm

        Sat in the bar, somehow quite nice to seperate the serious business
        of coding with idle chit chats ;)

02:33   Shifter

        Jesus. I havent touched an ST since 1996, and that was as a
        chair rest. Oh well, the people are waiting for the ceremony to
        start. Oh wait, 02:30 just became 02:45. Good old demoparty
        mentality :)

        Anyway, the atari people are neat. I get a bit taken aback by the
        fact that some Falcons apparently require a goddamn ATX PSU, making
        them look like atarian frankensteins, but hey, that's coming from a
        huz who thinks xboxes are neat.

        Dip, please take over before I kill again~

02:40   Dipswitch

        Okay here we are waiting for the pricegiving. Greetings from
        Jurassic Pack (Amiga) to Alicve Magazine (Atari)! It's my
        first Atari party ever and I must say, I really enjoy it.
        The Atari scene is extremely friendly and there is a whole new
        new scene world opening up infront of me. It feels good
        to learn new scene aspects, doesnt happen with me too often
        anymore... =) I'm here for only one day and I for damn sure
        dont regret coming.

        __\!_    !
       _)   /

       \   _

        Okeay I give up trying to do Amiga ascii on Atari and rarther
        leave it to Lotek... :P

02:50   cxt

        Exactly at this point the power went down permanently till the
        end of the party, so it wasn't possible to add any more text to
        the realtime article. Lucky enough the autosave feature of the
        ancient tempus editor avoided any losses. I hope you enjoyed it

        The whole pricegiving was held in the dark, only illuminated by
        a few flashlights :)

                                  Outline Visitors for Alive, 2006-06-03

Appendix A

                        L i n e o u t   p r e s e n t s

                                 ____        ____
         _________________ _____.\  /________\  /__ ______
  .______\       _.      /      |/              __/      /  _\__ _________
  |       \      \|                             \        | /__\/          \_.
  |        \____________________.       .________\       |                  |
  |                             |_______|        /_______|       2 O O 6    |
  |               _____            __      ________        ____             |
  |_        ______\  _/_______ ____\/______\  ._  /____ ___\ _/_ ______     |
    \_______\        \|      /      \         |/      /      __/      /     |
             \_                               /              \        |_____|
               )______.      ._______________/       ________/        |
                      |______|              /________\      /_________|
      __/                                                               __/
   __ \/ ______________________________________________________________ \/ __
      /                                                                 /
                     Outline 2006 - multiplatform demoparty

                       Friday, June 2. - Monday, June 5.

                      Panoven, Zevenaar, The Netherlands
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                                 FINAL RESULTS
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                                  PC/MAC DEMO
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         01   154 Tik Tak - Flaming Marshmellows
         02   117 Out of Touch / ECFh - Smoke/Mnemonix/Avoozl/Okkie
         03   101 Up and Down - random
         04   100 Flow - Affinity
         05    68 Verscheuren - Solenoid & Pluisje
         06    54 The Erotic Story of Chris and Hank - The Onions

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                                ATARI 96K INTRO
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         01   149 The Genocide (Falcon Intro) - Dead Hackers Society
         02   135 96 Shades of Grey - Paradox
         03    97 Lavalamp - MJJ Production & Checkpoint
         04    95 Freshtro - Paradize + Sector One

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                                PC/MAC 64K INTRO
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         01   118 Scary Dinosaur - The Bobby Davro Snooker Experience
         02   100 Obsoleet - Inque
         03    88 (terug naar de) Grondtoon - Numtek^Guideline

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                                ATARI 4K INTRO
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         01   162 4gEtful - gwEm
         02   115 4kker - defjam/checkpoint
         03   107 world domination part deux - max power / limp ninja

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                           __ __________________ __

         01   185 GLobotWars - Cal/Calsoft - The PHF
         02   129 #atariscne card battle ex plus alpha - sh3-rg
         03    77 BackGLash - Cal/Calsoft - The PHF

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                                  WILD DEMO
                           __ __________________ __

         01   169 Hardware music - gwEm
         02   125 Alive Jukebox - Cyclone^X-Troll
         03   117 Acid Burn Demo - Defjam/Checkpoint
         04   107 zompige zoomer 001 - renhoek / guideline
         05   104 We Dreme of Atari - Dildo Fatwa

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                               ATARI BOOTSECTOR
                           __ __________________ __

         01   113 Boot-Plasma - Cyclone^X-Troll
         02    99 TERRA - p01
         03    76 The Bootshitctor - GGN
         04    52 Dildo Fatwa kills da Bootsekt0r - Kaiz0r gE3ks and
                  Charcoal of teh Dildo Fatwa
         05    30 TBC Bootsector - Alone1^TBC

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                           NEWSCHOOL/STREAMING MUSIC
                           __ __________________ __

         01    86 is there something ? - manou
         02    80 life is serializable - cosmictrance
         03    79 Die Klaenge der Neutrinowolken - Lotek Style
         04    76 a bit of nostalgia - cyrex
         05    73 Mad - Jay
         06    70 Acid saves lives - izard | inque
         07    62 disco in a nutshell - johnny t & the swinging dutch
         08    42 poep - ernie
         09    41 de Dakpan Tidal wave - Dutch Posse
         10    35 perpendicular triangelation patterns - darmluft zwei

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                                OLDSCHOOL MUSIC
                           __ __________________ __

         01    70 Tears came to her eyes - Fby
         03    56 Nadir - Fby

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                                  CHIP MUSIC
                           __ __________________ __

         01   100 Street Robots - Dma-Sc
         02    96 g - Crazy Q / DHS
         03    93 rewols yb liboj - sh3-rg
         04    80 omtrek/uit/lijn - msg / reservoir gods
         05    68 Breath outline - marcer / atari legend
         06    60 hotrs - shPEA
         07    55 ymix4 - yermzyey
         08    51 folk off 'round the fields - kenny d

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                           16 COLOUR PIXEL GRAPHICS
                           __ __________________ __

         01   106 Battersea - Exocet
         02    92 Hero - sh3-rg
         03    87 bob dylan - sarah-rg
         04    69 spider - sarah-rg
         05    53 Summoning - Rana
         06    49 Kotek - HABIB/HOOY-PROGRAM

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                          RAYTRACED/RENDERED GRAPHICS
                           __ __________________ __

         01    19 Calimero strikes back - izard | inque
         02    19 Zwart Wit Grijs - Numtek^Guideline
         03    18 fuzziness - TheBat^Guideline

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   __ \/ ______________________________________________________________ \/ __
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                           __ __________________ __

         01    68 Skate Frenzy In Zevenaar - Cal - PHF
         02    44 Loituma - Dutch Posse

Alive 13