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Alive 13

IRC Live Interview


Marcer / Elite

        cxt: Hi Marcer, you are a long time scene addict from the land 
        of Moose, Volvo and Ikea. You have already been interviewed some 
        years ago for Alive 3 and so we are aware of the fact that your 
        hobbies are partying and drinking, what else can you tell us 
        about yourself?

        Marcer: Hi Cyclone, I'm soon becoming a father and beside that I
        started to play around with chip trackers :) but your probably
        know that already. Of course I am also working on several Atari
        related projects. So a lot has changed since last interview :)
        for example I have entered two new crews: Paradize, for my chip
        music releases and Atari Legend, for doing similar things like
        Elite but in a better way using the WWW :)

        cxt: Does becoming a father comes with the full package (i.E. 
        marriage and such)?

        Marcer: Nope no marriage (yet). The new Atari guy will probably
        write his first "Hello World" program around March 07th 2007, if
        everything goes like it should :).

        cxt:You are known as the head of Elite, an Atari cracking group 
        that has become quite silent these days. Is Elite still kicking 
        or did all activities come to an end?

        Marcer: Elite, has not vanished completely. We still have some
        small releases here and there, Maybe you will see some more
        Elite related stuff in the future!

        cxt: That sounds a bit vague, can you render "more stuff" with a 
        bit more detail?

        Marcer: Nothing is yet certain. It can be a lot of releases or
        nothing. We got a huge pile of unreleased software, we just need
        it fixed and launched :)

        cxt: Ah good luck with that task then. How did you become head 
        of Elite? And who else is still upholding the group?

        Marcer: Elite, was left in a fragmented state when Sledge left.
        At first Stratagem was supposed to lead the crew. But instead
        Faramir became the new leader, somehow. This caused some guys to
        leave the crew. It got even worse when he started with his weird
        Microsoft conspiracy stuff. It was enough for me to decide to
        take over the crew. With people like Orby, who had just joined
        Elite, Pervert, who rejoined us, and Scorpio in my back I kicked
        him out and became the new boss. Well and referring to your 2nd
        question, the suppliers are upholding the group, you will surely
        understand that I can't give you any names or nicks. Perhaps
        this will be disclosed in the future.

        cxt: Sounds a bit like Paranoia, do you think software companies 
        still care about Atari warez?

        Marcer: Yes they do for sure! I have experienced a lot of
        trouble with the Atari Legend project. Believe me no company is
        eager about other people putting their old ST games online.

        cxt: Is that the reason why you use the account system at the AL 
        site, or is it simple to cut some traffic?

        Marcer: I wasn't member of Atari Legend when the decision was
        made so I can't really tell.

        cxt: Do you think that warez groups like Elite helped to kill 
        the Atari ST or were there other reasons for the downfall in the 
        early 90s?

        Marcer: I think they may have had some effect on the shareware
        producers. But that's about it. The ST platform never was so big
        in the game section. Lack of skills I believe.

        cxt: Lack of skills?

        Marcer: Just look in the whole ST game world. How much of those
        games is well coded and has shiny graphics and well composed
        sound? The Majority seems to be rushed crap.

        cxt: Why did you decide to join Atari Legend and what's your 
        role inside the AL team?

        Marcer: I quitted the Atari Scene in 2001. But I had the plan in
        mind to setup a web page with screenshots of each and every
        Atari game and of course to put the games online (that was
        around 2003). I also started such a project but then I stumbled
        upon the Atari Legend site by accident. I got a hook on it and
        asked to become a member to help them with screenshots and such!
        So from 2003-2005 I basically made a hell of a lot of
        screenshots, and also uploaded tons of PD games to the site.

        cxt: Your first machine was a C64 in 1984 and you mostly used it 
        for gaming. Why did you buy the Atari ST in 1988? Have you had 
        enough of gaming?

        Marcer: Actually I bought the ST FOR gaming! The Superpack had
        21 games! The Amiga package only had 4 games. :)

        cxt: You mentioned that the Atari had a weaker Soundchip than 
        the Amiga in an earlier Interview. With all these new and shiny 
        Trackers like mYM and MM around do you still think the YM is a 
        weak chip?

        Marcer: Things have changed for sure. The YM has finally got
        support by mighty timer FX. It has for sure proven that it
        belongs at the top of the world of chip music!

        cxt: You were playing around with real sound hardware like 
        synthesisers a lot and also had a record contract. Why did you 
        decide to create chip tunes instead? Did you get bored by the 
        mighty studio equipment? Or do you just ride the chip tune wave 
        because it's en vogue?

        Marcer: Unfortunately signed the wrong papers at a very bad
        record company, and had lots of trouble to get out of this
        contract. So currently I don't have much of a choice. I quitted
        the "real" music thing and got hooked with chip music when
        MusicMon 2.0SID was released :)

        cxt: In the meantime you made lots of tracks on the two most 
        important trackers for Atari, which one is your all time 
        favourite tracker and why?

        Marcer: That's an evil question, because my favourite trackers
        are maxYMiser and Music Mon 2.5.

        cxt: Which one would you pick if you had to decide for one only?

        Marcer: That basically depends on what I compose for.:) Let's
        put it like this: For demos and cpu and timer control as well as
        for effect tunes I use maxYMiser. When it comes to tunes which
        are build on my own sounds or which are made for non demo
        purposes I usually use MusicMon.

        cxt: Ok, let's make it a bit harder then. Imagine you are in a 
        burning building, which is about to collapse. For some strange 
        reason there are the two only remaining copies of maxYMiser and 
        MusicMon inside this building. And to make things even worse, 
        they are stored on two different disks which are kept in 
        opposite directions of the building. Given that you got only 
        time to collect one disk before the whole building comes down on 
        you. Which one would you run for ;)?

        Marcer: I'll probably pick maxYMiser.

        cxt: Some people said maxYMiser was superfluous, since MM2.5 
        came out almost at the same time, what do you think about that?

        Marcer: I don't agree, they are both good but in different ways.
        maxYMiser is very flexible but a bit hard to get into for
        newbie's since the sound is really "advanced". MusicMon is easy
        to use and comes with a powerful and intuitive Sound editor, but
        it lacks a track FX column.

        cxt: Would you pay money for maxYMiser?

        Marcer: I would pay for both of them, if it includes all future
        updates. :)

        cxt: Hehe, sounds like someone who has never coded anything 
        himself. Well I know better since you also tried to code a bit 
        in GFA and other basic dialects, did you ever gave Assembler a 

        Marcer: Yes, I did some weak tries. But I didn't get much
        further than to show some rasters on screen plus a text.

        cxt: What's the best program you ever wrote? "Hello World" 
        doesn't count here :)

        Marcer: For demos that would probably be the Everest demo which
        contained 16*3 colours, upper/lower border gone and some other
        crap :). When it comes to utilities, I would name a simple
        computer learning tool, I coded for my little sister. It
        included a keyboard piano, spelling tests, a math test etc... :)

        cxt: Woah, impressive :) Have you ever cracked a game yourself?

        Marcer: Not yet, I only hacked a couple of serials and did some
        patching here and there, but still it's not too late for that :)

        cxt: I heard you got a free ct60 from Art. What's your opinion 
        on accelerators like the ct60? Does it split the already small 
        scene or do you think it’s a good thing which just allows better 
        demos and games?

        Marcer: It was a great gift and I guess I have to thank to him
        once again! The ct60 boosts the Falcon far beyond anything else,
        it's TEH SHIT. However I don't think it will split the scene.
        Since many sceners still have their ST(E) within reach and if
        not, the ct60 has a switch to get back to a plain Falcon mode if
        necessary. Apart from that it's extremely nice to watch the
        great demos which have been released for this setup; I hope
        there will be some games in the future as well!

        cxt: Which other hardware could we possibly steal from your 

        Marcer: 7 St/Stf/STe's, 1 Mega ST, 1 Mega STe, 3*Amiga 500's, 2
        * C64, Atari Jaguar + CD, Snes and Nes, P4-3.2ghz, AMD 1.8ghz,
        and some crap PCs and also a lot of extra gear for my Ataris.

        cxt: So, what happened to your PSX then?

        Marcer I sold it due to lack of money.

        cxt: Ouch, so which is your favourite System amongst all these 
        consoles and computers and why is that?

        Marcer: The Falcon, is my favourite machine. . It's simply the
        best one, nothing more to say. However I do use my PC with STEem
        as well and of course it was a very happy day when I received my
        Mega STE.

        cxt: Since you mention STEem, what's your general opinion on 
        emulators and Do you use other emulators as well?

        Marcer: Emulators are a good thing for sure. However you never
        get the real thing feeling while using them.

        cxt: Since you own quite a few computers and gaming devices, one 
        might think that you are still into games. Can you name your top 
        three games for each platform you own?

        Marcer: This might take a while…

        Falcon      Running, Ishar Trioligy, Conquest of Elysium

        Atari ST    Dungeon Master, Wings of Death/Lethal Xcess,
                     Lotus Turbo 2

        Amiga       Sword of Sodan

        C64         Kung Fu master, Who Dares Wins, Rambo 2

        Jaguar      Alien vs Predator, Sensible Soccer, Wolfenstein 3D

        Snes        Zelda3

        Nes         Zelda 1, Zelda 2

        cxt: Most games have already been cracked and released. So there 
        aren't much top titles remaining to be released in the future. 
        What's in the pipeline concerning Atari Legend stuff?

        Marcer: There are many games out there which are still
        uncracked, especially rare ones. Besides bringing those rare
        titles, we also track down bad cracks from the past and do them
        properly. To make it short expect a lot more from this crew! As
        noticed we also started to translate non-English games to
        English! And we currently have one big title and several others
        in work; they will be released very soon. We just need to finish
        the beta testing :).

        cxt: Atari Legend states it’s the No 1 Atari Resource on the 
        Web. Is that really the case? 

        Marcer: When it comes to games, it surely is.

        cxt: Well it looks a bit thin on the demo department :)

        Marcer: Maybe we are working on that, right in this moment.

        cxt: Well with brume onboard I wouldn't wonder about that. :) 
        But let's get back to games and cracking. What do you think 
        about other cracking or menu groups?

        Marcer: Cracking is great fun, and honestly I like competition.
        We don't know what the other crew has got or is working on, so
        it's always good for a surprise. In the past we had the race was
        Elite vs Vectronix, nowadays its DBug vs Atari Legend ;)

        cxt: Doesn't it feel odd to be member of a crew whose leader 
        admires your rival and in addition to that another member is 
        also part of your competitor's crew?

        Marcer: Well, just need to watch my tongue. The same goes for
        ggn. But hey Paradize supports Atari Legend as well; we got a
        couple of intros etc. from Paradize. There is really no big deal
        about it. We mainly speak about Crew internal stuff anyway.

        cxt: Ok let's get to something completely different then. You 
        probably know the Alive brainstorming test from previous issues, 
        so just type whatever comes to your mind for each of the 
        following letters. 

        Marcer: It's rather a brain killing test, eh?

        M: MultiTOS
        A: Atari STE
        R: RAM
        C: Chaos Strikes back
        E: Elite
        R: Rulez

        O: Operation Wolf
        F: Fear the Power of ct60

        A: Afterburner sucks on Atari
        T: TOS 1.02 the most compatible one
        A: Alien Thing DC release I did as my first release under
           Atari Legend / Elite :)
        R: Rocking Trackers
        I: Impact, an old Compact Crew

        L: Legends still Alive
        E: Express yourself with YM Rockerz
        G: Ghost'N'Goblins
        E: Ecstasy Demo
        N: Night Breed had dual releases Action and Adventure
        D: DBug Menu Crew…

        cxt: Wow, you didn't mention maxYMiser, MusicMon nor Atari 
        Legend, how comes?

        Marcer: It's between the lines :)

        cxt: And again its time to leave, so if you want to greet your 
        little sister or want to get rid of some special message for our 
        beloved readers, shout it out now!

        Marcer: I want to send greetings to the people reading this mag,
        which means they show interest in Atari releases and products.
        Keep up! And finish your own projects asap! I want more stuff to
        play with!!! :D

        cxt: Thanks for this nice interview and for all the tracks you 
        supplied to us, see you with next Alive

        Marcer: Thanks to you! I was happy to help!

                                               cxt for Alive, 2006-08-07

Alive 13