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Alive 13

                O U T L I N E      R E L E A S E      R E V I E W


    When first I read about this  96Kb intro done by MJJ Prod and Checkpoint I
immediately thought "woh, cool we'll see Defjam  and Gloky working together at
last !"... I was so wrong :) Indeed Tobe is responsible for the code while 505
and Exocet respectively handled msx and gfx.

    So let's see  what  this unexpected  collaboration  of talented  people can
bring. We directly go to  main screen  with a wood board as background, a funny
character on the left and a scroller below. Is that  all ? Of course not ! From
the intro name you can get that the main (and only effect) is inspired from the
lavalamps you can  buy in stores. Indeed merging bubbles  or blobs are swinging
in a window on the right of the screen. It surely looks nice and the great tune
by 505 adds to  the overall  quality. On that point  505's style  reminds me of
some other tunes he had done years ago, not meaning it's any bad, just nice to
see him remember the span of his skills !

    After maybe 10 seconds of reading the funny  scroller (Tobe and I seem to
share some hobbies here :) we move to another screen. It looks a lot like the
previous one, only with a different toylike character and blob pattern. Maybe
another 10 seconds or so and we move to a third screen  looking similar, only
changing gfx and  blob  pattern  again. Then it's already  time for the final
screen with the credits and the show is over...


    For sure this intro lacks diversity since there's actually only one effect
that slightly changes in the 3 screens. Still it  looks and sounds cool thanks
to a perfect  combination of stylish  gfx, smooth code and very pleasant tune.
not a sky rocket but definitely a very cool sweetie for your eyes and ears ! I
only have one regret : that  Gloky did not take part to this adventure !! I've
seen so many cool things from him, why can't we fully enjoy his code in a true
intro ? Instead he tends to release separate screens and that's too bad :(

------------------------------------------------- Sts for Alive 13 ------------ 

Alive 13