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Alive 13

                O U T L I N E      R E L E A S E      R E V I E W


    It's another  Outline  release I'm gonna review again, but this time we are
dealing with not a dying specie but a kind of prod that has grown rare over the
last years. Except for the YM ROCKERZ  prods, we haven't been  given many music
disks what may  sound a bit odd since we've met new and talented musicians, not
to forget  so many 'new school' sounds  courtesy of  sceners like Dark Angel or

    But let's try to avoid a boring theory about dying species and get into the
real things ! Double-click on the prg and soon enough we  face the intro screen
displaying a greysih codebar first reading 'Alive Jukebox' soon replaced by the
names of  the people  involved in  that  prod. Every name  is spoken  through a
digitized voice, a cool start !

    If you feel lazy - or  like me  are writing a  review at the same time :) -
just let things go their way, otherwise you  can use the numeric keys on top of
your keyboard to launch the  other tracks.  Of course, if anyone wasn't already
aware of it, this jukebox is the Atari 'porting' of dropdabomb's mini CD called
"3chnls4bit" which  is reviewed somewhere else in the mag. Hence I'm not coming
back on the tracks quality, besides it's also a matter of taste :)

    It's not  easy to  describe a musicdisk : okay  sometimes they  only need a
common  interface, titles  names  and the  traditional scroller  reading a nice
story. But this time CXT  has done a lot  more since every  tune enjoys its own
show. It's not very colorful but perfectly fits the 'cybernetic' feeling. Let's
try to give you a random list of effects included : you'll find bouncing 1 plan
scrollers, 1 plane motives blinking to the music, equalizers sometimes vertical
sometimes horizontal... What else ? Spectrum  analyzers, zooming bees and other
odd creatures :)

    Most important in such a kind of  musicdisk in the  syncing between fx and
msx and it totally rocks here ! Fx may look a bit  simplistic but they fit the
music style and atmosphere and they go fast, following the crazy beat of every
tune ! We are given a more than decent variety of fx and themes  so that every
video is enjoyable from the start to the last beeps !


    What else could I add ? I could say this prod sucks  like hell but for sure
the main editor of this mag would instantly delete this line (most lines you've
read  have surely  been  rewritten  against  my will  and  knowledge ! :). More
seriously I just love this  musicdisk which reminds me of some  Acid demos with
fast'n crazy animations here and there, going  wild when the music requires it.
But I guess  everyone  has  already  downloaded it so  why am I wasting my time
here, can you tell me ?

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Alive 13