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Alive 13

Demo Secrets

Not so secret anymore

                                 Version 1.02

        Before you continue to search for the hidden screens of your 
        favourite demos please note that some of the keys given here, 
        need to be replaced since some of the information was retrieved 
        from the French disk magazine "Toxic" and as you might know 
        French keyboards have a very odd layout. Most information in 
        this collection has been found in Toxic Mag and Disk Maggie, the 
        rest is my own discovery :).

        Thanks for helping with translating the information from French 
        to English have to go to C-Rem/MJJ Prod, Cooper/Paradize and ST 
        Survivor. Hidden screens:

        And now you may search for your favourite demo secrets :)

A Grumbler in the rutting Season

        Alternative Menu - press help
        Hidden Screen    - copy the file "Loadthis.not" to another disk
                           and rename it to "Loadthis.prg"

Coding so Far

        Hidden Screen    - go right in main menu. Near the Mushroom at
                           the sign with the Data Disc, go left and 
                           press SPACE just before the 2nd little flower

Darkside of spoon

        Hidden Screen 1  - type ULm
        Hidden Screen 2  - in the door field use the last door in the
                           second row from the top, it has a slightly
                           different wood pattern :)

Delirious Demo 2

        Click on the O of OVR in title screen

Burning Illusion - DNT Crew

        In the 3D Boot Logo press your mouse key and the hidden screen 
        starts loading :)

Eternal Sound Demo 2

        Hidden Screen    - press H in last screen

MJJ Slideshow 2

        Hidden Things    - type any of these words in the main screen
                           FUCK, BEER, ALIVE, STS, MARIE, SEB, CREM, 
                           STRIDER, MJJ, LOVE, FREDDO, FROST
                           Click onto the C-rem signature in last screen

Gateway to Hexenland

        Hidden Screen    - After the big AVG near to a little box. Fly 
                           on top of this box and press space


        Hidden screen    - go to the level (3rd area) where the door on
                           the small island is. Go to the brick toward 
                           it and write: apricotjuice and the bridge 
                           will appear.

Another Illusion

        During the boot press CONTROL. the prg stops, then write: 

Atlantide Megademo

        Hidden Screen    - in the last screen of the main menu, on the
                           left side of the big lamer demo screen
        Reset Demo       - press ESC in the main menu


        In the 3d menu, Write PRARLAX and KRUZ FINLAND then press space 
        more or less between the 2 demos.


        Hidden screen: try to enter men's toilets then women's then 
        men's again. Cheat code for the game Smiley: During the intro 
        write: WEHAVETHETIME you can change level by pressing TAB.

Coding so far

        3 Hidden Screens - press space at the two small flowers, left 
                           to the coca cola box


        Hidden Screen    - press control during the demo, wait to the 
                           end to see the hidden screens. Other hidden
                           screens can be unlocked the same way by 
                           pressing 'c', 'esc' or 'enter' (you only 
                           need to read the zooming text to find out :)

CHOUCROUTE DEMO (French keyboard)

        Title            - Description

        Hidden Screen    - when reading the scroller of the VALINOR 
                           intro, it is said to type the following in
                           the menu => AVSHNGIKGHVBTKJHB,P:GJN,YOGHGKLH
                           (for me, it's a joke !!)

Cunning demos

        Launch Disk 2 and you will see an old demo!

Delirious Demo 4

        2 Hidden Screens 1) Philips razor (on the upper part, on the 
                            left) -> THURD demo
                         2) lu biscuit (on the left of the tequila 
                            screen)-> PAUSE demo after the fake crash 
                            while loading the intro (desk), press space 
                            to directly reach the menu or double-click 
                            on disk A to get the intro!

Electra Demo

        Hidden screen    - not found (clues in the greeting screen & 
                           the tube -> 7 letters to type in a screen 
                           (perhaps a joke ???)

Genius Demo

        3 Hidden Screens 1) in the main menu (mm), go down of the scale,
                            jump to the left then hit space on the rock.
                         2) in the main menu, go into direction of the 
                            LEGACY screen, go between the wall and the 
                            door, then go down using an invisible scale
                            and follow an invisible path (left-up-left-
                            up) which leads to a door called HS
                         3) watch all screens at least for 30 seconds 
                            (except for LEGACY, STE and the two hidden
                            screens mentioned above), then reach the 
                            top of the main menu and you'll find out 
                            that the way to the HS door is free !

         NB               - pressing TAB in the main menu shows CPU time

        2 Hidden Screens - To reach the first hidden screen, move close
                           to the LEGACY part (on the left). There's an
                           invisible way. Go down, then left and 
                           finally up to reach the door labelled "HIDDEN"
                           To open another screen you need to pick up a
                           strange item at the top of the menu. Please 
                           note that you need to watch all screens for 
                           about 30 seconds before that item can be 

Hier sind noch 2 platze frei

        Hidden Game      - in the screen by Questor/Inter, press HELP
                           to load a shoot'em up.

Kidney Bean Megademo

        4 Hidden Screens - which are accessible from the main menu 
                         1) Press 'space' when you're in the window
                            under the 'A' of 'GFA'
                         2) move to the extreme right part and press 
                            'space' under the DBA screen
                         3) Move to the extreme right part and press 
                            'space' under the HIFI screen.
                         4) Press 'space' on the 'G' of GFA.

Kidney Bean

        Hidden Screens   - in the main menu just hit bricks at random.
                           I managed to find 4 hidden screens this way!

Lamebrain Disk 2

        Hidden Screen    - in the main menu, choose GUEST SCREEN

Musical Wonder 91

        Hidden Sample    - press '#' and 'clr home' or go to the screen
                           where you can choose between '1','2', or '3'
                           and press 'Control' and '#' simultaneously.

NTM Demo:

        2 Hidden Screens in the main menu
                         1) press 'space' when you're under the big 
                            square with 5 dots that is located between
                            the SCR & ACF screens
                         2) press 'space' when you're under the big
                            square showing a dragon that is located
                            between the LOWER LEVEL & IMPACT AND 
                            GENESIS screens
         Unlimited Energy - in the ZUUL screen type 'JACKPOT'


        Hidden Screen    - walk below the "SPRITES" screen and reach 
                           the teleport. Just move right to it and 
                           press 'space'.

Ohh Crickey wot a Scorcher

        Hidden Screen    - use a sector editor like discdoktor and 
                           display sector 3 of track 0 then look for 
                           position 153 (99 in hexa): type '58' instead
                           of '5B'. Now the demo will directly boot to
                           the hidden screen. 
                           You can also type 'manchester' in the main 
                           menu and then use F1 to F8 to run screens.

Phaleon Gigademo

        2 Hidden Screens 1) Just reset after booting the demo.
                         2) go to the dungeon master menu and press 
                            'F1', 'HELP , 'ENTER' and type 
                            'APPELEZ MOI DBUG'. Then press 'HELP' once
                            again to display the dungeon map with all 
                            screens shown in red. The hidden screen is
                            in the upper part, on the right. 
                            Now comes a cheat code in the shadow of the
                            beast menu : press 'HELP', 'UNDO' then 'F10'
                            F1 takes you to the previous level while 
                            F2 takes you to the next one

Punish your machine

        Hidden Screen    - in the menu go to the title 'punish your 
                           machine' and type : HIDDENSCREENMAESSIG
        Hidden Pictures  1) launch the screen called "when colours are
                            going bang bang" and press '*'
                         2) in the second part of the screen called 
                            "there are many sheeps" type 
                            then press 'space'
        Hidden Scroll Text
                         - in the intro of "the best part of the
                           creation" press 'HELP'.


        4 Hidden Screens - go to the "bouncing arrow" of the main menu
                           and use a different key than 'SPACE' to 
                           change worlds:
                                          *      first hidden screen
                                          -      second hidden screen
                                          +      third hidden screen
                                          ENTER  forth hidden screen


        Hidden Screen    - go between the screens called 'magnifier'
                           and 'greetings', there's a mountain flanked
                           by two ladders. In between you'll find a
                           hidden path.


        Hidden Screen    - simply press 'A' in the second intro.


        Bonus Screen     - select all screens to unlock the bonus 
                           screen. You cannot use functions keys!

TCR Megademo

        Hidden Screen    - hold 'H' while booting.

The Wolverine Megademo

        Hidden Screen    - stop at the 'COCA IN' board, under 'TITANIUM'
                           and press RETURN.

Track DISK

        Hidden Screen    - in main menu hold 'SHIFT' AND '^' 

Transbeauce Demo 2 Disk 1

        2 Hidden Screens 
                         1) in the maze of the main menu, there's a 
                            ball at the end that cannot be reached; 
                            you can get it by walking through the wall
                            on the left
                         2) if you do it again you can load the second
                            screen. They are loaded at random!
                         - Pressing 'space' in the reset demo allows
                           playing around with the fractals.

Transbeauce Demo 2 Disk 2

       Suprise           - press 'Help' in the reset demo and you'll 
                           get a surprise (don't remember what exactly)

Ultimate GFA Demo

        Hidden Screem    - in the screen called 'schnufflepunkmeyer'
                           press F1 to run a shoot them up.

No Bomb

                          - In the menu go down the list and choose the
                            line "81 TRACK"
        Hidden Key        - type 'ACCS' to reload l'intro


                          - go to "THE BEAST ROOM" and get teleported 
                            to the closed room. Then jump onto the wall
                            (YES YOU READ ME RIGHT !!!). Now you should
                            have accessed the "HIDDEN SCREEN" room :)

White Spirit

        Hidden Screen    - press a specific key at the end of the intro
                           nope I won't tell you which :)

Brutal Techno 3

                         - when the demo starts and shows a "LOADING" 
                           logo, just reset to get the hidden screen

Gen 4 Demo (hmd)

        Hidden Screen    - type HMD in loader screen

Hemosound Demo 2

        Hidden Screen    - press UNDO in first screen

Hoby One Demo

        Hidden Screen    - type TV in main menu

Just buggin

        Hidden Screen    - type ACF
        Hidden Piccy     - press in the "just feel it" screen CONTROL.

Mathematica (aura)

        Hidden Text      - type NONSENS in the end part.

Poltergeist Demo

        Hidden Screen    - press help in the "Shoglo Screen", type 
                           these codes 27182, 12345, 98765, 31415
        Hidden Musix     - press F1-F10 in the "wings of death screen"

Rip Dis

        Hidden screen     - type NIC in the colour shock screen. 
                            Load another screen and you get hidden.

Swedish New Year Demo 2

        Hidden Screen     - press Left SHIFT when loading demo

Synergy Mega demo

        Hidden Keys       - press F10 in main menu (rotate cube faster)

Syntax Terror:

        Hidden Screen 1  - type "Gesichtkondom" in the intro 
                           (press shift on G)
        Hidden Screen 2  - type "HEMMELHERRGOTTSJESASWILLA" in main 
                           menu in empty field above credits

Def Demo (tlb)

        Hidden Keys      - go to music screen and press HELP or UNDO.
                           Go back to main menu. Quickly load the big 
                           scroll, now you can switch of the disc 
                           control routs by pressing help or undo.

Skidrow Demo

         Hidden Screen 1  - other side of ACF3 screen 
         Hidden screen 2  - other side of TRT1 screen

Bloodsucker Demo

         Hidden Screen    - press * 
         Hidden Screen    - press ESC while booting


         Hidden Screen    - climb the ladder as high as possible, then
                            walk to the right


         Hidden Screen 1  - enter vector screen and press reset
         Hidden Screen 2  - in Ghost screen press reset
         Hidden Screen 3  - in Fashion screen press reset

The year after

         Hidden screen    - type GIBS MIR in the hidden screen.

Ultimate GFA demo

       Hidden Screen 1  - type OVR in main menu
         Hidden Screen 2  - write MAGICMAD in the Intro
         Hidden Screen 3  - write STAN in the Vektor Ball screen

Union Demo

                         - go to TEX logo and press fire.

Vodka Demo

        Hidden Screen    - Steer the fighter into the top left corner
                           and shot above the NOT ES.

Yo Demo

        Cheat            - in pause-mode type TMR for invulnerability. 
        Hidden Screen    - at the end of the level shot up all ground 
                           stations > the credits arise press RETURN on
                           a defined place (and you will find a lamer 
                         - press F2 to change the music

Awakening of the gods

        Hidden Screen    - write "ZURK" in the main menu

Bird Mad Girl Show

        Hidden Screen    - press ALT in main menu

Expresso Demo

        Hidden Screen    - press H in main menu

Flip O Demo

        Hidden Screen    - type Flipo

Woodchopper Balls

        Hidden Screen 1  - press "*" in main menu
        Hidden Screen 2  - press "/" in main menu

Q-Lize Demo

        Hidden Screens   - The Lgion Rulz (all keys are hidden screens)
                           and more or less test all keys on your 
                           keyboard there might be even more hidden 

Virtual Escape

        Hidden Screen    - press ESC while booting

Atari 20years Mega Demo

        Hidden Screen    - between Marcer + NoExtra screen

Back In France

        Hidden Screen    - press help in main menu

Beyond Demo

        Hidden Screen    - between Parallax and KRUZ FINLAND, press ESC

Phatt Demo

        Bonus Tune       - press reset


        Hidden Screen    - select a song beginning with "G" and "R" 
                           and "Z", click the rasta guys right eye


        Hidden Tune      - type "Take IT"

Cracktro by Illegal

        Hidden Screen    - type "IBM"

Dbug 193

        Hidden Screen    - press Space on Disk 193A (main menu).

Synth Dream

        Hidden Key       - press "+" on the keypad for fast forward and
                           another tune in the Reset Screen.

                                            Marcer for Alive, 2006-07-30

Appendix A

                      French Keyboard Layout without Shift

[ F1 ] [ F2 ] [ F4 ] [ F5 ] [ F6 ] [ F7 ] [ F8 ] [ F9 ] [ F10]
[Esc]  [&] [] ["] ['] [(] [§] [] [!] [] [] [)] [-] [`] [Backsp]
[Tab ]  [a] [z] [e] [r] [t] [y] [u] [i] [o] [p] [^] [$] [   ] [Del]
[CTRL ]  [q] [s] [d] [f] [g] [h] [j] [k] [l] [m] [] [Return] [#  ]
[SHIFT] [<] [w] [x] [c] [v] [b] [n] [,] [;] [:] [=] [SHIFT]
        [ALT] [             Space             ] [CapsLock]

                       French Keyboard Layout with Shift

[ F1 ] [ F2 ] [ F4 ] [ F5 ] [ F6 ] [ F7 ] [ F8 ] [ F9 ] [ F10]
[Esc]  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [0] [] [_] [Pound] [Backsp]
[Tab ]  [A] [Z] [E] [R] [T] [Y] [U] [I] [O] [P] ["] [*] [   ] [Del]
[CTRL ]  [Q] [S] [D] [F] [G] [H] [J] [K] [L] [M] [%] [Return] [|  ]
[SHIFT] [<] [W] [X] [C] [V] [B] [N] [?] [.] [/] [+] [SHIFT]
        [ALT] [             Space             ] [CapsLock]

Alive 13