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Alive 13

Gloky Screens

              by MJJ (

        We are used to watch GFA BASIC stuff by MJJ Prod. And usually 
        it's just some slideshows and perhaps some simple effects. 
        Therefore it's always nice to see something going beyond that. 
        As it stands, we have five screens from Gloky which are said to 
        be pretty old, and have been created around 1990.


        Well, not an easy way to describe it, but I'll give it a shot:
        Some small ellipses dance around the screen and their main axis
        rotates and changes their lengths. (it seems to be done by
        XORing sprites in strategically clever places :). It's also the
        only screen that plays some music. Sticking to MJJ-Prod style
        the resolution was not restored upon exit.

        Well, it's 50 Hz stuff...


        A shape resembling the letter C (which is made of dots) is
        arrayed circular around the Z axis and rotates on screen. The
        effect erases and plots pixels as it goes (more XOR stuff).
        Also, we get two palette changes, which show the amount of CPU
        consumption, which is quite low I guess. However, don't run it
        from med-rez :)

        Well, it's more 50 Hz stuff...


        A flexi scroller. It claims to be 4bpp (I couldn't say really).
        It's actually pretty good, but lacks any design.

        A plain effect...


        Goodness, no black background! And some nice colours to go with!
        It's a plain sinus dot curve. However, the wave is very
        pleasant, the dots don't have the same colour and in the bottom
        right corner we have a small text that tells us what the effect
        is called! Yay!

        Best of the bunch, this one!


        Sprites. 16x16. Curve. Make a demo out of these ingredients.

        Well, sprites... :)


        Well, the screens themselves are of fairly good quality but they
        are half- (or perhaps even un-) finished. If those screens had
        been tidied up at the time they were coded, they would have been
        really impressive. What's lacking here is some shiny graphics
        and of course a good bit of design.

        To bad, this way we got five isolated screens instead of a funky
        demo. Which means it's Boredom 1 - Atari 0 once again, I'm

                                           GGN/KUA for Alive, 2006-06-03

Alive 13