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Alive 13

The Genocidal

by DHS

        One of the things I learned at Outline (since it was the very 
        first party I attended) is that you never know what you are 
        going to see next.

        I mean, I saw quite some entries before they were displayed on
        the big screen. For example Cyclone's boot sector, Paranoid's
        screen, Paradize's intro (it helps if you're in many groups ;)
        and all of the games (as I, more or less, participated a bit in
        the making of them, bar BackGLash).

        In addition to that you can never be sure who is going to send
        an entry remotely, i.e. one who's not attending the party.

        To be honest, after DHS supplied the Outline invitro I was left
        with the impression that this was the demo they were going to
        present at the party. I was pleasantly surprised to learn
        otherwise, when CiH's ct60 was set up to show the demo. As we
        saw on the big screen, the demo is not finished, so I'll try to
        keep it in mind while writing.

        Perhaps I should mention that I'm watching the video again,
        since my CT63 still hasn't arrived yet :(. But I did watch it on
        a real CT60 at the party :)

        Anyway, a formerly black screen starts flashing while the DHS
        logo (stylish as always) remains black. It tries to sync with a
        buzz that changes pitch up and down, but doesn't quite get it
        (half finished version I presume). At least the bit when the
        logo flashes and gets proper colours is synced ok with the music
        change :)

        Then the first real effect is (almost ;) synchronized with the
        change of music: A black and white textured floor and ceiling
        moves in a circular fashion as some alpha blended intro text is
        displayed (gee, sometimes I miss scrollers :P)

        A fadeout leads us to the next effect, which is a picture
        displaying the name of the demo. Of course it is distorted in
        all kinds of weird ways. The extra horsepower of the 060 gives
        the two effects mentioned before an extra nice feeling, as it
        they are done a lot smoother and with bigger resolution than

        Now DHS have had enough with the old (new)school effects (what?
        :), so they try something fresh (old :) : a texture mapped 3D
        scene. This one is composed of a floor, a sky, and 4 staircases
        (made of stone presumably) in the middle. With the steps of each
        staircase being aligned at 90 degree intervals, such as all of
        them are joined at the top step, The camera starts far away from
        the stairs, but then closes up so we can take a better look at
        them. One other thing to mention is that the steps are not
        perfectly aligned, so they give the effect of being old and

        A flash gives us another effect in this scene: we get three PIP
        (picture in picture) small boxes that render the same scene in
        blue-black. Then another three and then another three.

        A short while after the boxes disappear and an alpha blended 3D
        DNA-like spiral is drawn bit by bit at the top step going
        upwards. Then we get a close up showing that the elements of the
        spiral are made of alpha blended spheres instead of pixels. Neat
        :) At this point the music has gone completely haywire, as to
        increase the tension!

        Afterwards it softens down a bit, and we quickly proceed to the
        next effect, a 3D starfield (yay!). Oh, it has a rendered 3D
        face in front of it as well. Again, much smoother and detailed
        that most of the stuff we've seen on Atari so far.

        Then... darkness... A bubbly tune starts playing, and we get a
        reprise of the demo: The face, the DNA spiral thingy (although
        it seems to be made up of alpha lines and bobs are only present
        at the joints) and the 3D starfield. Also, we get a flashing
        "The end" text in the bottom left. Aaaaahhhhh!

        Comments? Well, the title suggested weird things, the whole
        feeling was set up, the music was gradually building up, we were
        expecting to see some epic 3D scenes with sacrifices or battles
        or something but that's where the demo ended! Perhaps this was a
        good thing, as I'm personally getting sick of too-much-design-
        random-stuff-happening types of demos :)

        So it's short and unfinished had some synchronisation issues
        here and there, but despite it all: I like it!

                                           GGN/KUA for Alive, 2006-06-02

Alive 13