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Alive 13
                O U T L I N E      R E L E A S E      R E V I E W


    After their sweet  contribution to  the "20 years  megademo"  PARADIZE have
decided to strike back with another sweetie that may have been part of the 96Kb
compo tho it's only 45Kb big. Dma Sc joins Cooper once  again and for the first
time we can enjoy  really cool gfx by Minz. I know he's been working on another
project and I truly hope that we can enjoy more gfx by him soon !

    Anyway leeeet's get started ! After some words  seemingly  dedicated to the
gfxman gf (hehe) we reach the first and only screen. The upper part features an
awesome colorful logo by Minz ! To be  honest the first time I saw it I thought
it was Exocet's work ! Tho the  logo is static, some fake sparkles will give it
some life here and there reminding of such effect in intros of cracked games :)
The rest of the screen  shows  a Disco  dancefloor with  coloured tiles and the
Black version of John Travolta in 'Saturday night fever' :)

    While a happy tune by Master DmaSc is playing our dancer is moving his head
to the beat adding  some up and down swinging of his arm later on. To add a bit
of life and to  follow  the Disco tradition (seemingly so dear to Cooper :) the
tiles are changing colors after a few seconds.

    Only thing left to entertain you, a small textbox on the righ showing a few
messages like greetings and credits. It won't take long  before this text loops
so that you'll soon wrap.


    This  intro is  clearly  stated  to be  done for  fun and to  use Minz gfx,
nothing more. And I think it  clearly works this way. Of course  the dancefloor
could have  been better  designed, it looks  too flat  as it is and the textbox
could have read some nice story as in  their previous prods. But... it's just a
Freshtro and indeed it's cute, happy and...  fresh ! Nothing  technical, just a
state of mind. I like it and truly hope to see more stuff especially using Minz
skills ! Yeah groovy baby !

------------------------------------------------- Sts for Alive 13 ------------ 

Alive 13