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Alive 13

readers letter!

A reader writes! This one is from one of the Hungarian Enterprise scene
dudes, who read my fairly lengthy history of the machine from the last
issue, and decided to comment on it further. Welcome!

From: Németh Zoltán <>
Date: 16 January 2006 23:08:31 GMT
Subject: Enterprise


I read your article at here:


But  I  think,  you  don't know the whole story of  Enterprise  in  Hungary,
because you are not perfect in the Hungarian language :-)

Some additional information:

Many  Enterprise owners want to buy EXDOS card, but the official shops  sold
only a few cards :( this started the non official hardware developments.

Many EXDOS clone were born.

The  most  important EXDOS clone is the Microteam EXDOS. This is not  only a
floppy controller, it also has 512K RAM, and 3 sockets for EPROM's. Many men
copied this card pcb, and made very similar cards.  This is the most popular
card in the early 90's.Gyula Mészáros is the best hw developer for the Ep at
this  time.  He  developed the  Bus Extension card,  for  attaching multiple
cards to the EP. And many other cards: 1MB RAM extension,6 socket EPROM/SRAM
card,  Real  Time/Clock,  hw  RS232 port (can used with serial PC mouse), XT
keyboard interface card, and a prototype co-processor card.

You can see most of these cards here:

The 6 Mhz Turbo Card was developed by the SMD Team.

Only one official Hungarian hw was developed: The hw Spectrum Emulator Card,
developed by the 'a' Studio.  But because this card have many, many bugs, it
did not sell too well...

In 1993, I got a Spectrum Emulator Card as a gift :-)  So I disassembled it,
made some modifications to the hw and wrote a completely new sw.The modified
Spectrum Emulator is more compatible with the Spectrum programs,  and it has
more  features:  you can use the joysticks,  the card can be used with other
cards as well, for example the EXDOS...

...And yes,  you can load programs from floppy disk! An extra function too:
as you can save/load snapshot files!

My other hw things include: overclocking the Z80 to 7.12Mhz.

Overclocking the WD177x floppy disk controller chip, at 10Mhz you can format
the DD disk up to 13 sectors/track. And at 16 Mhz it can work with HD floppy
disks! (HD floppy drive, WD1772 chip, and 6Mhz boosted Z80 needed for this)

I replaced the 32K internal ROM to 64K EPROM,  and modified and extended the
EXOS  with many extra functions,  I named this version as EXOS 2.3,  You can
see this modified EXOS in some configs in the EP32 emulator.

The  most  important  programmer is László Haluska (Hsoft), he developed the
great file manager utility program, called as EPDOS:

This is the Norton Commander of the EP :-)

Another  great  program  of  Hsoft  is  the Heass editor and assembler. This
program can use all of the available memory! The previous assembler programs
only used about 64K.

And the HWP,this is a WYSWYG word processor program with many functions, and
using all of the memory.  (The internal WP only uses 16K!) This is the  Word
for EP :-)

Current projects:

I developed a prototype IDE interface card:

I've started writing driver software.  I  started  disassembling  the EXDOS,
and  discovered  a very important things:  the EXDOS from 1985,  can  handle
logical   disk  (at  this  time:   partitions)  up  to   32MB   without  any
modifications!!!  Only  the  require d low level driver program is needed to
extend the EXDOS.

This program is mostly completed, and working. You can use any EXDOS feature
at hard disk partitions. Because the EXDOS limitations (program from 1985!),
currently only a FAT12 filesystem is supported and a maximum number of 65536
sectors/partitions. But you can make 21 partitions (drive F: to Z:), I think
the total 672 MB disk space, is more than enough :-)

Some  special  hard disk utility (FDISK,DEFRAG,etc) will be written  in  the
immediate future. Now I working with Hsoft, on the EPDOS,  developing a hard
disk compatible version.

Last December,   I released a new version sw for the Spectrum Emulator Card,
this version can load  .TAP and  .TZX files, these are the most used formats
for Spectrum archives at the internet.

If you have zny more questions, please write to me!

Best Regards
Zoltán Németh

Ps: sorry for my poor english

That's alright Zoltan, I had a go at tidying it up! :-)

Thanks again for that update, and see you around. Hope you enjoy our continuing
interest in Enterprise stuff, and feel free to comment further :-)

CiH, on behalf of the Alive Team, June '06..

PS. Sorry for the delayed response, I don't know where time goes to!

Alive 13