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Alive 13


                           OMG! Here be '060 Demos!!

This is not funny,  this is way beyond a joke,  and this is my third attempt
at writing an editorial now!

The  blame for me having to junk the previous summer heat  themed  ramblings
can be laid squarely at the large coding hands of the Dead Hackers  Society!
For they only went and managed to release their biggest demo they have  done
for the last five years, in the dying moments of finishing my contributions.

This is already on top of a remarkably upbeat and productive few months,  as
we  already have the first big '060-based demo from Evolution,  plus a bunch
of  great  intro's for the enhanced machines,  and not forgetting a  rocking
return  from the Mystic Bytes for the standard Falcon '030,  showing what is
still possible for the ancient warrior.

Can we start to use the words "CT60 demo revolution"?  Well,  maybe possibly
we just about could!

It's all running in the direction of a Swedish dominance of the Atari scene,
at least for the higher level machines. C'mon, who's going to be next, who's
going to take them on!

Actually, I re-read my previous written-in-the-heatwave editorial, and liked
it enough to keep it in. So here you go.

                       The ambivalent charm of summer...

I'm  sitting and writing this in the HEAT of the summer.  It is a time  when
the  temperature reaches a scorching finger to point the thermostat  of  the
big trillion megaton nuke in the sky on to overdrive!

It is at times like these, that my motivation drops to the level of a heroin
addict, but without the fierce compulsive streak to get up and do stuff!

But there is still some unfinished Alive Mag business to conclude, including
this piece, so onward I must go.

And  it  is  not as if I've been totally unprepared for  this  hot  weather,
having  had  two  weeks  vacation time in a  very  hot  mediterranean  place

Ah,  but the difference is, that there are lots of factors to make your life
bearable,  such as wearing very little most of the time,  having a cool pool
to  splash in to your hearts content.  There are also fairly major  features
such as air conditioning make the night-time pleasant,  and of course, there
is  a constant supply of cool tall drinks brought to your table  by  willing
waiting staff.

And  if you are feeling very nasty,  you can always get a vicarious kick  of
pleasure  from  watching little Karl or Darren ignoring  the  holiday  rep's
first  day warning about NOT running by the slippery poolside,  and  missing
their  footing  as a result!  Don't head-wounds bleed a lot,  oh yes they do

My  resort  in the southern part of Turkey was a mixture  of  nationalities.
Nice  and well-behaved people the Germans are,  shame that the cliche  about
them  grabbing  the sunloungers with their beach-towels  at  stupidly  early
times in the morning still seems to be in force ;-) I hope Heinz manages  to
edit  out my joke where I said "At least they don't go around putting  their
beach towels on whole countries anymore!"

Ahh he didn't, oops...

But  once back at home and having to go back to work,  the heat seems to  be
a lot harder to avoid.

Anyway, I hear thunder now, so it might be time for this weather to break at

Well  what  of the rest of this issue of Alive?  There's a goodly  chunk  of
material,  as  quite  a bit has happened over the last few months.  We  have
reports  from both the Noise and Outline '06 parties,  with reviews of  what
came out from them as well.

There's a lot more,  he said in a vague and can't be asked to remember stuff
in detail sort of way, but I might take the chance to say a big hello to our
Pouet  readership,  who have picked up the Alive reading habit over the last
few issues.

It has really got dark now since a couple of paragraphs ago, so I can hardly
see  what I am doing,  so time to close down and hand over the rest of  this
editorial to the big Heinz dude.

See you all next time.

CiH, July 28th '06, with addendum from August 4th '06..

Alive 13