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Alive 13



        It is really funny, but when Sega first released their Dreamcast 
        console back in 1999 or so, it originally left me cold. Quite 
        highly priced at that time, combined with the fact that I didn't 
        have a great deal of spare cash around at that stage, meant that 
        I almost ignored the machine itself. I was never into consoles 
        that much and had sold an Atari Jaguar console a few years 
        earlier, on the grounds that I had not used it much and that it 
        was taking up space at home at the time. These things happen ...

        Fast forward some time to the second Jagfest weekend organised
        in the UK. This particular gaming weekend was rather good in
        that it mixed all of us general Falcon and ST users with Jaguar
        gamers such as Linkovitch, Tyrant & Stone amongst others. Also
        in the area was Mug UK and Nick Harlow, along with rather a
        number of Dreamcast consoles set up for free play on, courtesy
        of their various owners. I got sucked into this, and the rest is

        Jump a couple of months or so and within days of Gamestation 
        (our local retro gaming store that supports it to a good extent) 
        getting some Dreamcasts in stock, I bought one from them, paying 
        around 25 ukp for the console & all leads, including a gamepad. 
        The machine itself came with a copy of Chu Chu Rocket as well, 
        which was a personal choice from the games available on the 
        shelves at that point in time.

        Realising that quite a lot of good games could be downloaded
        from the 'net, this is mainly where most of my collection has
        come from as a result. Partly, even though the general quality
        on sale was ok, the better games simply were not available in
        any form on sale locally. I have yet to try the distributors in
        London, but Ebay tends to be a good bet to browse through
        original stuff too, having obtained the composite video lead and
        another 2 gamepads through the site.

        The games that I have so far are classic ones, titles like Soul 
        Caliber, Gauntlet: Legends, Virtua Tennis 2, Sonic Adventure and 
        quite a few homebrew discs, including a rather good version of 
        MAME, the multiple arcade machine emulator, with around 300 
        games or so included on the disc. UAE, the ultimate Amiga 
        emulator, is also available on a CD with quite a good selection 
        of games, but this tended to be a bit buggy. 

        The Dreamcast itself has become a rather good retro console,
        mainly because the quality of the releases was so high over the
        time. Even now, in 2006, games are still being released, Radirgy
        and Under Defeat are the newest games so far, I hope there will
        be more in due course. It's a shame in a way that Sega decided
        to stop producing the console, it could possibly have been a
        worthy contender to the Playstation 2, had it been marketed

        I'm pleased with the console so far & may get some time to 
        compete in some gaming competition at future Jagfest events in 
        UK. We'll see what happens, eh ;)

                                            Felice for Alive, 2006-07-30

Alive 13