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Alive 13

DiamJag Review

        DiamJag is a freeware game for the Jaguar. You can download a 
        binary to load it with the BJL or a full CD Image. 

        I downloaded the CD Image, to find out, that I have to download
        a demo of Nero for Linux as well. It works fine, and now I had a
        working CD for my JagCD.

        The game starts with a menu screen which explains the use of the 
        buttons (Button A for restart, button B for start or continue, 
        and Button C for ...) There is a hidden screen, but I did not 
        saw it so far (oh no, I'm such a lamer, I know)

        During the whole game including the menu there is a nice little
        melody playing in a loop. After I really missed sound in Atomix
        for the Jag, i enjoyed it much.

        The game play is quit simple. There are green balls in a room, 
        and you have to collect them all, to reach the next level. When 
        you move your player, it moves on, until it reaches a wall. Of 
        course the walls are located different on each level, which also
        controls the difficulty.Honestly the idea is not brand new, but 
        still enjoyable.

        The 28 levels are quite easy, so it is important, to finish them
        as fast as possible. Therefore you get a code at the end which
        you can enter on a web page to see if you are amongst the best
        players of this level. That is a very nice feature, because the
        stakes are already quite high, so you get a lot of motivation to
        do a level again and again.

        First I thought, well after five retries, you found the fastest 
        way, and then this level is boring, but then I found out, that 
        it takes a little bit longer to compete against the best players 
        on the net. So again, this is a great feature witch offers a lot 
        of long time play motivation.

        As I said, the sound is nice. The graphics are simple but you
        miss nothing in such a game. More or less you see the walls, as
        well as your player and the balls. In the background there are
        some nice clouds who scroll through the blue sky which looks
        very nice. The gameplay is motivating as I already said, so what
        else do you want? Please do more of these freeware CD's, but it
        would be nice to use the ISO format for increased platform
        compatibility. Also very nice, a cover PDF is available via the
        webpage. Including the reset pad compination # and * would be
        fine. This function is needed for a real Jaguar feeling.

                                             kRadD for Alive, 2006-07-31

        System:                  Jaguar
        Released:                27.07.2006
        Medium:                  BJL binary / CD Image
        Code:                    Orion_
        Graphics:                Orion_
        Jagware logo:            mariaud
        Level Design:            MetalKnuckles, Orion_, Meowcat & Ivan
        Music:                   marvin / skarla
        Music Player:            Sinister Developments
        Online HighScore System: RaZ & Orion_

Alive 13