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Alive 13

Outline Invite 060

                  An '060 powered Outline 2006 DHS invitro..

It  didn't take the combined forces of the Dead Hackers Society too long  to
respond  to  the new wave of Falcon demos.  This deceptively blandly  titled
'Outline  2006 Invitro' was an unexpected showcase for their talents on  the
'060. You know what you generally get with a party invitro, a couple of fair
to  middling screens,  and a load of dull textual mcguffin at the end  about
the party, which you already read earlier in the ascii version. But somehow,
this manages to be much more than just a standard invitro!

It starts off with some swirling loops which appear in a very faded fashion.
These  get better defined as the music strengthens.  Then they get a  lovely
golden  texture and look very solid and well defined.  The crew member names
appear  and  fade downscreen,  before the 'Outline 2006 Invite'  title  text

This  blinks  out,  then  we are hit with an awesome 3-D scene.  This  is  a
screenful of pure '060-ness,  with them showing a wild collection of heavily
textured  rocks  and boulders,  suspended in mid-air over a cold  chessboard
marble floor! The camera spins around all of this, making sure we get a good
eyeful. This really sets the scene, and gives notice that the '060 is a demo
platform to be reckoned with. It hints of what is to come next from the Dead
Hackers,  some  of which we saw at Outline,  and the best of all a bit later

                 A Virtual Rock-Garden up in the air...

There is something of an oldschool Amiga moment next.  A huge sineous wobbly
text flies onto the screen, with blue blobs in the background, This resolves
into  something  more multi-bitplane solid and golden looking,  In  fact  it
might be the sort of thing that Jester/Sanity would have done next after the
Terminal Fuckup demo,  back in 1993!  But this is to praise this screen, not
to damn it!  The scroll is whip-fast and very smooth,  and the blobs go into
hyperdrive as well.

                      What Sanity did next in 1993?

There  is a quick appearance for the official chess-themed Outline '06  logo
painting,  sort of a compulsory bit, but not looking at all bad, and fitting
in well with the overall 'finish' of this intro.

For the final effects screen, there is a blue and blurry spinyball. This has
a  blunt ended variation on a common theme,  and trails itself in an endless
sea.  In due course, it gets fed up with the blue mood, and transforms to an
orangey-gold colour.

We're really at the end now,  as we can't put it off any longer,  and so the
functional  'invitro'  bit plays out,  where information about the party  is
scrolled  up  the  screen in an attractive font.  The chess logo is  in  the
bottom right hand corner of the screen.  Even this part manages to look good
and maintains the overall poise and finish of the intro as a whole.

Well  this  was a treat,  an unexpected invitro which managed to  raise  the
quality  bar  for invitro's as a whole,  and managed to hang together  as  a
decent  production,  whilst,  I  suspect,  using up some spare and otherwise
unconnected  effects.  Somehow  DHS make it look effortless!  I bet it isn't

Top finishing quality, DHS are the best!
Seemingly random material hung together and worked..
Great Timbral soundtrack!
Hits the heights for an invitro.
Nice warm fuzzy feeling of more and better to come!

Ultimately limited or constrained as it is an invitro..
Err, run out of quibbles!

CiH, for Alive Mag, July '06..

Alive 13